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August 01

Events on August 01

1714 George Louis, Elector of Hanover, accedes to the British throne as George I on the death of Queen Anne.

1774 British chemist Sir Joseph Priestley announces that he has discovered oxygen.

1778 The first savings bank opens in Hamburg, Germany.

1798 Nelson attacks and annihilates the French fleet at Aboukir Bay, cutting off Napoleon’s supply route to his army in Egypt.

1914 Germany declares war on Russia.

1950 Australian Prime Minister Sir Robert Gordon Menzies promises to send troops to South Korea to join US forces in repelling the invasion by North Korea.

1969 The first pictures of the planet Mars are beamed back to earth by the US Mariner 6 unmanned spacecraft.

1985 America agrees to sanctions against South Africa in protest against apartheid and in response to violent race riots.

2005 US astronomers claim to have discovered a 10th planet in the solar system.

2000 30 Amarnath pilgrims are massacred by Kashmiri separatist militants in Pahalgam, Kashmir, India.

Famous Birthdays on August 01

Claudius I 19 BCE, Roman emperor who invaded Britain in CE 43 and made it a province.

Jean Baptiste de Lamarck 1774, French zoologist who coined the term vertebrate and invertebrate.

Francis Scott Key 1779, US poet, attorney and author who wrote the American national anthem “The Star Spangled Banner”.

Meena Kumari 1932, Indian actress often called the “Tragedy Queen” for frequently portraying tragic and dramatic roles in her movies.

Sam Mendes 1965, English stage and film director who received an Oscar in 1999 for American Beauty and married Kate Winslet in 2003.

Quotes from Legend

Anne... when in good humour, was meekly stupid, and when in bad humour, was sulkily stupid.

- T. B. Macaulay, English historian, on Queen Anne. She died today, 1714.

Historical News on August 01

Poles urged to overthrow Nazis

1944 Generał Tadeusz Komorowski, commander of Poland’s Home Army, has ordered his 40,000-strong Warsaw units to start fighting the German occupying forces in order to oust them from the city and, eventually, the country.

Radio Moscow has been broadcasting to the population of Warsaw, urging them to rise up.

The First Belorussian Army Group, under Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky, has advanced to the Vistula River, outside Warsaw, so help for the Poles seems to be close at hand.

1873 Hallidie’s Clay Street Hill Railroad Co promises to take the fatigue out of one of San Francisco’s most daunting inclines.

The new service, which opened today, has been made possible by the invention of the cable railroad This was patented some six years ago by local cable manufacturer and mechanic Andrew S. Hallidie, who made his start by designing and building ore cableways for gold mines.

Each of the new cable cars working the 2,800-ft (853-m) line is fitted with a device that grips a moving continuous cable embedded in the roadway.

Rush hour collapse

2007 13 motorists died when a road bridge over the Mississippi River collapsed during the evening rush hour in Minneapolis, USA.

The entire 150 m (500 ft) span of steel and concrete collapsed; a local journalist said the bridge “just snapped right in half”.

Rush hour traffic had been bumper to bumper at the time of the incident due to construction work.

As the bridge buckled, around 50 cars were hurled into the river 20 m (65 ft) below.

Some of the passengers managed to swim to safety.

A report by the National Transportation Safety Board found a design fault was to blame: metal plates used in the construction were not thick enough to bear the combined weight of the bridge and cars.

Lauda near death after inferno

Lauda near death after inferno on August 01
Lauda near death after inferno

1976 A 40-second inferno left world motor racing champion Niki Lauda fighting for his life in the intensive care unit of a German hospital this afternoon.

The accident happened on the second lap of the German Grand Prix at the 14-mile (22.5km) long Nurburgring. According to eyewitnesses Lauda’s car spun out of control in the treacherous conditions, bounced off a safety barrier, and then exploded.

The struggling Lauda was released from the blazing cockpit by the combined efforts of several of his fellow drivers, whose selfless act has given the 27-year-old Austrian a slim chance of survival.

In addition to burns to his face, Lauda has suffered a near-fatal injury to his lungs as a result of inhaling raw, unvaporized petrol.

The restarted race was won by James Hunt, Lauda’s main rival for this season’s drivers’ championship.

Britons Never Never Shall Have Slaves

Britons never never shall have slaves on August 01
Britons never never shall have slaves

1833 In a momentous move, Britain has finally ended its 400year involvement in slavery.

The act passed by parliament today freed all slaves in the nation’s territories after a five- to a seven-year apprenticeship. A sum of £20 million (837 million) has been earmarked to compensate slave-owners.

Today’s news marks a victory for the Anti-Slavery Society (formed in 1823) and their parliamentary leader, Thomas Fowell Buxton, who has campaigned hard for this amendment.

It also completes the work begun some 40 years ago by William Wilberforce.

Wilberforce’s bill abolishing the slave trade was eventually passed in 1807, after a series of setbacks to its progress since its inception in 1789.

The new bill is expected to put fresh heart into the abolition campaign in the United States.

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