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August 04

Events on August 04

1060 Henri I, third Capetian king of France, dies after a 29-year reign and is succeeded by Philip I.

1940 The Italians invade the country of British Somaliland.

1954 Britain’s first supersonic fighter plane, the P-1 English Electric Lightning, makes its maiden flight.

1975 Robert Plant, the vocalist with Led Zeppelin, involved with his wife and children in a serious car crash on the Isle of Wight.

1987 Death of the “Vamp”, Polish-born silent movie star Pola Negri whose erotic performances in such films as Forbidden Paradise and Madame Bovary often had to be toned down.

1990 A multi-million dollar counterfeiting ring is smashed after a man is arrested in London with enough printing plates for producing dollar notes and enough security paper to print $25 million.

1990 Iraq installs a nine-man puppet government in Kuwait and sets up a new People’s Army.

1990 Naomi Christie, president of the British Women Pilots Association, celebrates her 79th birthday with a flight standing up on top of a Tiger Moth.

2002 One of the largest manhunts ever known in the UK is launched after two Soham schoolgirls disappear.

Famous Birthdays on August 04

Percy Bysshe Shelley 1792, English lyric poet whose poems include Prometheus Unbound and Adonais.

Kishore Kumar 1929, popular Indian film playback singer, actor, composer, producer, director and scriptwriter.

David Russell Lange 1942, New Zealand Labour politician and prime minister 1984-9, controversial for his refusal to allow nuclear-armed ships to dock in New Zealand.

Barack Hussein Obama 1961, elected the 44th President of the US in 2009, and the first African-American to hold the office.

Quotes from Legend

We draw the sword with a clear conscience and with clean hands.

- Kaiser Wilhem II, in a speech in Berlin, 1914.

Historical News on August 04


Hans Christian Andersen fairytale ending on August 04
Hans Christian Andersen fairytale ending

1875 The death was announced in Copenhagen today of Hans Christian Andersen, famed the world over for his fairy tales and stories.

He was 70.

Andersen was born into poverty in Odense, the son of a cobbler and a woman who was both superstitious and illiterate.

At the age of only 14, he left his job as a tailor’s apprentice and went to Copenhagen to seek his fortune on the stage.

The director of the Royal Theatre, Jonas Collin, took an interest in the boy, sending him to grammar school and eventually to university.

His first book of fairy tales, published in 1835, soon became a bestseller throughout the world.

His timeless tales do not pander to wish-fulfillment and leave the reader wiser rather than happier.

1955 The latest avant-garde play from Paris, Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, provoked a mixed response from its first-night audience in London last night.

About half of those present gave up on the nonsensical dialogue and absence of plot and walked out before the end.

Those who stayed until curtain down cheered their support for the play’s message – that the meaninglessness of life is reflected in our inability to communicate with others.

The play, Beckett’s first, was well received at its world premiere in Paris two years ago.

London playgoers, however, are wondering what Beckett can possibly write next.

All over by Christmas?

1914 The system of alliances by which the nations of Europe hoped to protect themselves looks set to bring about their destruction.

The latest recruit to the European conflict in Great Britain.

HM Government has given Germany until 11 pm GMT this evening to signal its willingness to withdraw from Belgium.

Confidence is high that the war if it comes, will be a short one and will possibly be over by Christmas.

Queen Mother Celebrates Centenary

2000 Celebrations have been taking place all over the country to mark the 100th birthday of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

She is the first member of the Royal Family to reach her centenary and is said to be “very pleased indeed”.

Many presents and cards have been delivered to Clarence House, the Queen Mother’s home in London.

Accompanied by Prince Charles, the Queen Mother made her way to Buckingham Palace in a horse-drawn carriage adorned with flowers.

More than 40,000 well-wishers gathered to watch the Queen Mother and her daughters step onto the balcony of the Palace.

This evening, the Queen Mother will attend a performance by the Kirov Ballet at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.

And it was not just in London that the occasion was marked.

A 21-gun salute was fired from the ramparts of Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, from Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland, and from Cardiff City Hall.

And at Glorious Goodwood, a race has been named in her honor.

Team GB's Super Saturday

Gold-Medal-Team GB's Super Saturday Olympic day in 104 years on August 04
Gold-Medal-Team GB's Super Saturday Olympic day in 104 years on August 04

2012 Great Britain enjoyed its single most successful Olympic day in 104 years, with gold medals in six events, including three in a remarkable hour in the Olympic stadium.

Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah, and Greg Rutherford added track gold to the ones won in cycling and rowing earlier in the day.

Ennis smashed her own British record in winning the heptathlon, while Farah has the opportunity to go for double glory when he attempts the doo two days’ time.

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