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August 05

Events on August 05

1729 Death of Thomas Newcomen, the Englishman who invented the first automatic steam engine.

1861 National income tax was introduced in the US, initially to fund the Civil War.

1895 Death of Friedrich Engels, German political theorist and coauthor of The Communist Manifesto.

1914 The first electric traffic lights were installed in Cleveland, Ohio.

1965 Approximately 30,000 Pakistanis dressed as Kashmir locals cross the Line of Control and enter India.

1979 British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher says that rebel leaders in Rhodesia must hold talks.

1984 Welsh-born actor Richard Burton, twice husband of Elizabeth Taylor, dies of a stroke at his home in Switzerland.

1990 President Bush sends US marines into Liberia, capital of Monrovia, to evacuate American nationals and protect the US embassy.

1990 Iraq claims that its troops have begun withdrawing from Kuwait.

Famous Birthdays on August 05

Edward John Eyre 1815, English explorer, colonial administrator, and Governor of Jamaica who discovered Lake Eyre.

Guy de Maupassant 1850, French short story writer and novelist, who wrote Boule de Suif and Bel Ami.

John Huston 1906, American film director whose films include The Maltese Falcon and The African Queen.

Harold Holt 1908, Australian prime minister from 1966-7 who backed US intervention in Vietnam and sent Australian troops to fight there.

Neil Armstrong 1930, American astronaut and the first man on the moon.

Kajol 1974, Indian actress, best known for her roles in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Quotes from Legend

Everybody has a right to pronounce foreign names as he chooses.

- Winston Churchill, 1951.

Historical News on August 05

Brilliant Owens blows Aryan myth

Brilliant Owens blows Aryan myth Adolf Hitler on August 05
Brilliant Owens blows Aryan myth Adolf Hitler

1936 The German Chancellor Adolf Hitler today turned his back on a living refutation of his theory of Aryan superiority.

As a 23-year-old black American athlete, Jesse Owens was acknowledging the cheers of the vast crowd after his gold medal triumph in the 200 metres final of the 11th Olympiad, the disgruntled Führer left the stadium.

The multi-talented Owens has turned the Führer’s racist philosophy on its head by winning gold in the 100 metres, 200 metres and the long jump.

A fourth gold medal, in the 4 x 100 metres relay, is almost a certainty, too.

After the long jump, in which Owens smashed the world record, Hitler privately congratulated silver medallist German Lutz Long, ignoring the American.

The Führer’s pique at having a “black mercenary” – the name given to Jesse Owens and his fellow black Americans by propaganda minister Josef Goebbels – that threatens his party’s attempt to glorify the Third Reich, is not spoiling the genial American athlete’s fun, however.

He is revelling in the warmth of the Berlin crowd and his own hard-earned achievements.

Oh brother!

1100 Henry I, the youngest son of William the Conqueror, was crowned in Westminster Abbey today, three days after the death of his brother, William Rufus, in a hunting accident in the New Forest.

The 31-year-old monarch is not the rightful heir to the throne of England – that distinction belongs to Robert Curthose, Henry’s elder brother, who is currently away on the First Crusade.

He is not expected to return until some time next year.

Observers believe that Henry will try to buy off his brother, probably by offering his own territories in Normandy – Robert already possesses much of Normandy in addition to the region of Maine – and a generous annuity.

In an attempt to influence opinion in his favor, Henry has announced plans to issue a charter of liberties to end unfair taxation, the confiscation of Church revenues, and other abuses perpetrated by his late brother.


US UK Link up August 05
US UK Link up

1858 The completion today of the world’s first transatlantic telegraph cable is a dream come true for American financier Cyrus West Field, 39, who has sunk his considerable financial resources and mental energies into this monumental project.

The cable, which runs between Ireland and Newfoundland, was laid jointly by the naval vessels USS Niagara and HMS Agamemnon.

Later this month Queen Victoria and US President Buchanan will inaugurate the line by exchanging messages.

1958 The US nuclear-powered submarine Nautilus, under Commander William R. Anderson, has completed a historic 2,000mile (3,200-km) underwater journey from Point Barrow in Alaska to the Greenland Sea.

The 319-ft (97-m) craft passed directly under the North Pole during its five-day voyage.

The achievement makes an appropriate finale to the 1957-8 International Geophysical Year.

Sir Alec Guinness dies at 86

2000 One of Britain’s most famous film actors, Sir Alec Guinness, has died at the age of 86.

Sir Alec first made his name with classical roles in London theatre, but in a career that spanned nearly 70 years, he played comedy, tragedy, and farce.

His performances covered a wide range of roles – from adaptations of the novels of Charles Dickens to blockbuster films such as Star Wars.

He was always in demand during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, and built a close working relationship with British director, the late Sir David Lean, who directed him in Lawrence of Arabia.

Sir Alec won an Oscar for his performance as the British colonel in another cinema classic, The Bridge on the River Kwai.

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