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August 12

Events on August 12

1791 African slaves in Santo Domingo, in the east of the island of Hispaniola, mount a violent revolt against plantation owners.

1848 Death of George Stephenson, who invented the steam locomotive “Rocket”.

1883 The last of the quaggas died in Amsterdam zoo.

1907 Prince Borghese of Italy wins the Paris-Peking motor race, having travelled 8,000 miles (12,874 km) in 62 days.

1955 Death of German novelist Thomas Mann, whose books include Death in Venice and The Magic Mountain.

1959 Parents and children in Arkansas riot over racial segregation in schools.

1960 Communications satellite Echo is launched at Cape Canaveral.

1964 lan Fleming, the man who created secret agent James Bond 007, dies of heart failure.

1964 Great Train Robber Charlie Wilson escapes from jail.

1980 The first giant panda born in captivity is delivered safely at a zoo in Mexico.

1983 in Santiago, Chile, 17 people were killed in a demonstration against military dictator General Pinochet.

2000 Russian nuclear submarine Kursk sank during training in the Barents Sea. After nine days of confusion and misinformation, an international rescue attempt to save the 118 crew is far too late.

Famous Birthdays on August 12

George IV 1762, English king whose dissipation, extravagance and cruelty towards his wife Caroline of Brunswick undermined the popularity of the monarchy.

Robert Southey 1774, English poet and writer, close associate of Wordsworth and Coleridge.

Dr Vikram Sarabhai 1919, Indian physicist who is often called the “Father of the Indian space programme”.

Mark Knopfler 1949, British guitarist with Dire Straits.

Quotes from Legend

Tiger! Tiger! burning bright In the forest of the night, What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

- William Blake, English poet and artist, died, 1827,

Historical News on August 12

Ford Jumpstarts Mass Motoring

Ford jumpstarts mass motoring on August 12
Ford jumpstarts mass motoring

1908 The car which some are predicting will revolutionize motoring started rolling out of the factory today.

The car in question is the Model T from the Font Motor Company, a sturdy black four-cylinder number that comes in two versions tourer and roadster.

Both are retailing at incredibly low prices, the roadster at $825 (£445) and the tourer for Just $25 (£13) more.

The key to Ford’s low pricing policy is volume production.

The company intends to concentrate its manufacturing muscle on the Model T, enabling it to utilize standardized parts and employ an assembly-line method of production.

The new car represents a gamble for company president Henry Ford.

Such is his faith in the Modell and the concept of motoring tor all that he has parted company with Ford’s erstwhile major backer, Detroit coal dealer Alexander Y. Malcolmsen, who favoured an expensive car as the next project for investment.

Truth will out

1990 The Communist Chinese government’s attempt to restore its tarnished image after the slaughter in Tiananmen Square has received a severe setback.

The riols which broke out last March in the Tibetan capital Lhasa were brought under control relatively painlessly, according to Beijing.

Official documentation of the disturbances now reveal that more than 450 were killed, the majority by bullets, 750 injured and 3000 detained.

More embarrassing still for Beijing is the revelation that the riots were provoked by members of the People’s Armed Police.

Dressed as Tibetans, these agents provocateurs attacked and burned shops, offices and food stores, providing the authorities with the excuse they needed for cracking down on a native population whose resentment against Chinese rule was reaching boiling point.

1865 During an operation at Glasgow Royal Infirmary today British surgeon Joseph Lister, 38, demonstrated a method of preventing infection of an operation wound.

It involves the use of carbolic acid as an antiseptic to protect the patient against microorganisms.

Lister hopes that his method will lead to a drop in the current 50 per cent mortality rate among amputation cases.

At the cutting edge of hi-tech

1877 Thomas Edison, the 30-year-old wizard of new technology, is on the brink of developing his first wholly original invention.

A small group of people at Edison’s “invention factory” at Menlo Park, New Jersey, witness a public demonstration of the new device-a phonograph – which records the human voice.

They listened dumbfounded to a recording of Edison reciting “Mary had a little lamb”.

The phonograph has been ingeniously adapted from the telegraph repeater a telephone diaphragm connects to an embossing needle which impresses on a suitable material the variations of the human voice.

Mystery of Cabinet suicide

1822 The British foreign secretary, Lord Castlereagh, slit his throat tonight with a penknife.

He was 53.

Despite holding the portfolio for foreign affairs, Castlereagh received much of the blame for the repressive policy in home affairs presided over by the prime minister, the Earl of Liverpool.

He had a hard time of foreign policy matters, too, with few Cabinet colleagues understanding his aim of maintaining a balance of power between the leading European nations.

Severe in manner and a poor public speaker, Castlereagh was always unpopular.

It is unclear, however, whether political problems caused him to take his life.

Some sources suggest that he may have committed suicide rather than face exposure for sexual misconduct.

Blake's heaven

British artist and poet William Blake heaven on August 12
British artist and poet William Blake heaven

1827 British artist and poet William Blake has died.

He studied as a young man under Joshua Reynolds and became an illustrator, portraying Biblical scenes with prophetic vision.

He did not receive recognition until his final years with works such as Milton and Jerusalem.

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