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August 16

Events on August 16

1886 Death of Ramakrishna, the Indian Hindu saint and religious educator who taught the essential unity and truth of all religions.

1886 Death of Ned Bunt-line, the American author who pioneered the dime novel.

1949 Margaret Mitchell, the author of Gone with the Wind, dies after being hit by a car two days previously.

1956 Bela Lugosi, the Hungarian actor who portrayed the vampire Count Dracula in such films as Dracula, The Death Kiss and Mark of the Vampire, dies – he is to be buried, according to his wish, in a Dracula cloak.

1975 Peter Gabriel leaves the band Genesis: his position as lead singer is taken over by drummer Phil Collins.

1979 Death of John G. Diefenbaker, Canadian statesman and Progressive Conservative prime minister who opposed nuclear weapons in Canada.

2009 Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt breaks the 100m world record at the World Championships in Berlin in 9.58 seconds. Two days later he would break the 200m record in 19.19 seconds.

Famous Birthdays on August 16

Georgette Heyer 1902, English novelist much loved for her witty romantic novels in historical settings and her detective stories.

Shimon Peres 1923, Polish-born Israeli statesman and prime minister of Israel 1984-86.

Menachem Begin 1913, Russian-born Israeli statesman who was prime minister of Israel 1977-83.

Ted Hughes 1930, British Poet Laureate best known for his collections Crow and Cave Birds.

Madonna 1958, American pop singer and actress who has had a string of hits with records such as “Like a Virgin”, “Material Girl” and “Justify My Love”.

Saif Ali Khan 1970, Indian actor who rose to fame after the movie Dil Chahta Hai.

Quotes from Legend

Elvis Presley, the Hillbilly Cat, Swivel Hips, the King of Rock and Roll, the King of Behop, the king of Country Music, simply, the King.

- Michael Bane, American journalist, on Elvis, who died today, 1977.

Historical News on August 16

1991 The credibility of the English Football League was dealt a severe blow today when the 22 clubs that make up the First Division resigned en masses.

Their intention is to form a breakaway super-league under the auspices of the Football Association.

The clubs believe that this would enable them to generate more revenue from television contracts and sponsorship deals.

The FA is in favor of the new league.


George Herman Ruth Babe strikes out on August 16
George Herman Ruth Babe strikes out

1948 “Babe” Ruth, the most famous baseball player of all time, died in New York today aged 53.

Baltimore-born Ruth (real name George Herman Ruth) will be chiefly remembered for his ability as a batsman.

He broke the major league home-run record in three consecutive seasons (1919-21), and again in 1927 with a staggering score of 60.

Cyprus is a New Republic

1960 The new republic of Cyprus came into being today.

The road to independence has been a tortuous one for the eastern Mediterranean island, which lies between Turkey and the Levant.

Led by Archbishop Makarios III, the Greek population (numbering some 80 per cent of the island’s total) had been agitating for enosis, or union with Greece, for almost 100 years, since Britain took over administration of the island from the Ottomans.

In return for independence the Cypriots have given undertakings not to participate in politics or economic union with any other state. Future partition into separate Greek and Turkish enclaves has been prohibited.

The King is Dead

1977 Elvis Presley, the king of rock ‘n’ roll, died today after collapsing at his mansion in Memphis, Tennessee.

He was rushed to Baptist Memorial Hospital but failed to respond to treatment.

Speculation is rife that the 42-year-old singer may have committed suicide.

Presley took the world of popular music by storm in the mid-50s with a potent combination of blues-style singing and a sexually up-front stage act; the 60s revolution in pop music owed a great deal to him.

Presley is estimated to have grossed $1,000 million (£540 million) from records, films and other merchandise in his lifetime.

Idi Amin dies

2003 The notorious former Ugandan President Idi Amin died today.

Amin gained control of Uganda in 1971 after overthrowing the government in a military coup soon after announcing plans to expel 50,000 Asians from Uganda.

By 1977 he was coming under increasing pressure from around the world amid accusations of mass murder, including that of the Anglican Archbishop of Uganda.

He headed a bloody incursion into Tanzania the following year but from his country a few months later when 45,000 Tanzanian troops invaded Uganda in revenge, ending his regime of terror.


1819 An orderly political reform meeting held in St Peter’s Fields, Manchester, broke up in confusion and violence today, leaving 11 dead and some 400 injured.

Magistrates, alarmed by the 60,000-strong crowd that had turned out for the event, ordered the Manchester yeomanry to seize the speakers, including fiery orator Henry Hunt.

When the yeomanry also started setting about those carrying “revolutionary” banners, the chairman of the bench of magistrates ordered the 15th Hussars and the Cheshire Volunteers to clear the crowd.

The incident is sure to aggravate the ill-feeling that exists between radicals and the Tory establishment.

The rally itself was intended as a high point in the political campaign for universal suffrage.

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