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August 30

Events on August 30

1483 Death of Louis XI, responsible for the unification of France after the Hundred Years War.

1667 Charles II dismisses Lord Chancellor Edward Hyde over humiliating peace terms with Holland in the Treaty of Breda.

1860 The first trains in Britain begin running.

1862 “Stonewall” Jackson leads the Confederates to victory against the Union army at the second Battle of Bull Run in Virginia during the American Civil War.

1881 Clément Ader of Germany patented the first stereo system.

1901 The vacuum cleaner was patented by Scotsman Hubert Cecil Booth.

1937 Joe Louis flattens Britain’s Tommy Farr to win the heavyweight boxing title at Madison Square Gardens in New York.

1939 Children start being evacuated from cities as war between Germany and Britain seems imminent.

1941 The Germans surrounded Leningrad.

Famous Birthdays on August 30

Nuruddin Mohammad Jahangir 1569, fourth Mughal Emperor and son of Akbar.

He was born in Fatehpur Sikri, present-day Uttar Pradesh, India.

Jacques Louis David 1748, French court painter to Napoleon who was actively opposed to Louis XVI during the revolution.

Raymond Massey 1896, Canadian actor of stage and screen who starred as Dr Gillespie in the television series “Dr Kildare”.

John Gunther 1901, American author and journalist who wrote Inside USA and Inside Russia Today.

Ernest Rutherford 1908, New Zealand physicist who led the way for modern atomic science at Cambridge.

Jean-Claude Killy 1943, French ski champion who won all three gold medals – the slalom, giant slalom and downhill – at the Winter Olympics in 1968.

Quotes from Legendary

During the last few weeks I have felt that the Suez Canal was flowing through my drawing room.

- Clarissa Eden, wife of British Prime Minister Anthony Eden, as British and French troops sailed for Suez, 1956.

Historical News on August 30

All For Love

Mark Antony Cleopatra All for love on August 30
Mark Antony Cleopatra All for love

30 BCE The ruler of the eastern part of the Roman empire, Mark Antony, has committed suicide at the court of his Egyptian lover, Cleopatra.

He was 52.

Antony’s political demise was signalled last year with his defeat by Roman emperor Caesar Augustus, the ruler of the western part of the empire, at the battle of Actium.

The beautiful Queen Cleopatra was the cause of the break-up of the triumvirate Antony had formed with Augustus and Lepidus (the ruler of Africa) 10 years ago.

Antony’s loyalty to Rome was called into question after he made gifts of land to the Egyptian queen.

Cleopatra is understood to be attempting face-to-face negotiations with the resolute Augustus.

If she fails to mollify him, as seems likely, she will doubtless share a similar fate to Mark Antony.

Ayatollah's Regime Shaken By Bomb

Ayatollah's regime shaken by bomb on August 30
Ayatollah's regime shaken by bomb

1981 A wave of anti-government violence has culminated in the murder in Tehran today of the president of Iran, Muhammad Ali Rajai, and his Prime Minister, Muhammad Javad Bahonar.

The two were victims of a bomb planted in the premier’s office.

Three other men were also killed in the blast.

The government of Ayatollah Khomeini has been subjected to a series of violent attacks since the dismissal of President Bani Sadr two months ago.

The President’s dismissal was widely seen as a victory for religious forces over secular political forces in Iran.

The speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Hojatoleslam Rafsanjani (below), said today that it was up to the Iranian people to ensure that the revolution continued on its course.

Unions Score Victory Strike

1980 A little over two weeks after seizing control of the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk, Polish workers have succeeded in wringing significant concessions from their masters.

Among the terms agreed by the Polish deputy prime minister, Mieczysław Jagielski, are the right to strike and the establishment of trade unions independent of the Communist Party.

The government’s initial refusal to negotiate gradually eroded as more Poles downed tools in support of the initiative taken by the Gdansk workers under Lech Walesa.

He instigated a central committee to coordinate the country-wide strikes and draw up a list of demands.

It remains to be seen whether the Polish government will honour the agreement.

1963 A direct telephone line between the White House and the Kremlin became operational today.

The agreement to have a “hot line” linking the US President with his opposite number in Moscow was struck in April.

This may turn out to be a lifeline, preventing the delays in diplomatic communication which can lead to dangerous misunderstandings between the two superpowers – as occurred last year during the Cuban missiles crisis.

No One Wants Toxic Waste

1988 A West German freighter, Karin B carying 2,000 tonnes of Italian hazardous waste is anchored 18 miles (29 km) south-west of the British port of Plymouth awaiting news of its next destination.

The ship has been denied entry to ports in Spain, West Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and now Britain.

The toxic cargo was first shipped from Italy to Nigeria where it was illegally dumped before being packed off.

Britain’s rapidly growing toxic waste industry would have obliged had it not been for the public outcry against it.

Environmental groups say that the Karin B affair highlights the urgent need for an internationally agreed code of conduct for toxic waste shipments.

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