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July 02

Events on July 02

1644 In the English Civil War, the Battle of Marston Moor turns the tide in Oliver Cromwell’s favor.

1778 Swiss-born French philosopher and writer Jean-Jacques Rousseau dies insane.

1843 Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, dies in Paris.

1881 US President James Garfield is injured by an assassin’s bullets.

1937 American pilots Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan take off from New Guinea on their round-world trip but fail to arrive at their destination, Howland Island in the central Pacific.

1954 Czech tennis player Jaroslav Drobny to take the men’s singles title after the longest ever Wimbledon final.

1964 President Johnson signs the US Civil Rights Bill, which prohibits racial discrimination.

1972 Following the Indo-Pak war of 1971, India and Pakistan sign the Simla Agreement, which converted the ceasefire line of 17 December 1971 into a Line of Control (LOC) between India and Pakistan.

1990 A 100 Muslim pilgrims die of suffocation in a tunnel in the Holy City of Mecca.

1997 Death of James Stewart, Hollywood screen idol who won an Oscar for his performance in The Philadelphia Story.

Famous Birthdays on July 02

Thomas Cranmer 1489, an English cleric who was consecrated Archbishop of Canterbury for his support of Henry VIII in the latter’s divorce dispute was burnt at the stake as a heretic during the reign of Queen Mary.

Sir William Henry Bragg 1862, the British physicist who won the Nobel Prize in 1915 with his son William Lawrence Bragg.

Hermann Hesse 1877, German novelist and poet best-known for Siddartha, Steppenwolf, and The Glass Bead Game.

Patrice Lumumba 1925, Congolese statesman and Prime Minister from 1960 to 1961.

Quotes from Legend

People will not readily bear pain unless there is hope.

- Michael Edwards, South African businessman, 1980.

Historical News on July 02

Pride Parades Across India

pride parades across india on july 02
pride parades across india

2009 The Public Interest Litigation (PIL), filed by the Naz Foundation (India) Trust in 2001 to repeal a British-era law criminalizing homosexuality, resulted in a historic judgment by the Delhi High Court today.

Section 377 of the Indian Penal code had criminalized sexual activity “against the order of nature”.

The judgment found that the application of this section to homosexual activity violated Article 14 of the Indian Constitution that granted equality before the law.

As a celebration of this repeal and the freedom it accorded to homosexuals all across India, there will be pride parades held in most major metropolitan cities of the country.

First Zeppelin Flight

1900 Aviation history was made today in Germany as Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin flew his first airship (a dirigible balloon with a rigid frame named zeppelin after its inventor).

A great pioneer of German aviation, Count von Zeppelin has devoted himself to the study of aeronautics since he left the army in 1891.

He began construction of his zeppelin in 1897.

Although the dirigible concept is not a new one a number of airships have been built by other designers based on the idea of a power-driven aircraft buoyed up by lighter-than-air gas, Zeppelin’s airship is the largest yet to be built.

The 420 ft (136 m) LZ. I flew for an hour and a quarter over Lake Constance driven by two 16 hp Daimler engines reaching speeds of up to 20 mph (32 kph) before its steering gear seized up.

Zeppelin has been hailed as a great master of airship design and plans to set up a factory to make the airships at Friedrichshafen.

Betty Grable Dies

Betty grable dies on July 02
Betty grable dies

1973 Hollywood star and American GI pin-up Betty Grable died today.

The bouncy blonde who was never at a loss for words reached the peak of her career in the 1940s with such films as Tin Pan Alley (1940), Moon over Miami (1941), and Coney Island (1943).

Her legs were said to be her best feature, so like any sensible young woman taking care of her assets, Miss Grable insured them for a staggering figure of $2,00,000 (£1,08,700).

Vietnam Reunified

1976 North and South Vietnam were reunified today in the aftermath of the fall of Saigon and the tragedy of the Vietnam War.

The division 22 years ago into separate states under the terms of the Geneva Convention (to ensure peace after the Indo-China war) resulted in continuous fighting and massive loss of life; the Communist Viet Cong within South Vietnam attempted to seize power from the government, aided by North Vietnam and China.

The US provided military support to the South Vietnamese government for a number of years and during the early 1960s their involvement increased and the war escalated.

The bloody war continued for many years at the cost of hundreds of thousands of military and civilian lives, devastating the countryside and laying waste to the economies of both countries with no definite winner or loser.

The US, unpopular with Americans for its part in the war, withdrew in 1973 in the most humiliating political defeat it has ever suffered.

A peace treaty was signed between North and South Vietnam in the same year, but in March last year North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam and Saigon fell in April.

The resulting Socialist Republic of Vietnam proclaimed today faces enormous economic and social problems.

1989 Russia’s longest-serving foreign minister, Andrei Gromyko, died in Moscow today aged 79.

Foreign minister for 30 years, he was also president of the Supreme Soviet for three years.

He became notorious in western diplomatic circles for his austere and humorless manner, pursuing the Cold War relentlessly.

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