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July 04

Events on July 04

1712 Nine whites are killed in a slave uprising in New York.

1761 Death of Samuel Richardson, a British writer whose novel Clarissa ran to seven volumes.

1829 The first horse-drawn buses go into action in London.

1848 The Communist Manifesto is published.

1892 In the British general election, James Keir Hardie won the Holytown constituency in Lanarkshire, Scotland, to become the first socialist MP in the House of Commons.

1934 Death of Marie Curie, the Polish-born scientist who discovered radium and won two Nobel Prizes, for Physics in 1903 and for Chemistry in 1911.

1934 French tennis star Suzanne Lenglen, winner of 15 Wimbledon titles, dies of leukemia at the age of 39.

1979 Algerian leader Ben Bella is released after 14 years in jail.

1986 New York’s Statue of Liberty gets a centenary facelift.

2001 India’s first private FM radio station Radio City was launched in Bangalore.

Famous Birthdays on July 04

Nathaniel Hawthorne 1804, American novelist best known for The Scarlet Letter and The House of Seven Gables.

Giuseppe Garibaldi 1807, Italian soldier who played a major role in the unification of Italy.

Stephen Foster 1826, American songwriter, composer of “Swanee River” and “Beautiful Dreamer”.

Thomas Barnado 1845, an Irish philanthropist who founded homes for destitute children.

Louis B. Mayer 1885, Russian-born Hollywood mogul and co-founder of MGM.

Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong 1990, American jazz trumpeter and bandleader, much loved for his appearances in films such as High Society and Hello Dolly.

Neil Simon 1927, American playwright of enormous popularity.

Quotes from Legend

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

- American Declaration of Independence, 1776.

Historical News on July 04

Billy The Kid Shot Dead

1881 Notorious outlaw William H. Bonney, better known as Billy the Kid, was shot dead today by lawman Pat Garrett as he tried to escape custody.

Bonney, aged 22, was under sentence of death for the murder of a sheriff but escaped while in custody killing two guards in his bid for freedom.

He was recaptured and shot while trying to escape again.

A native of New York, Bonney is reputed to have killed his first man before he reached his teens, becoming a legend in his own time with his daring hold-ups and robberies in the southwestern states.

Congress Accepts Declaration of Independence

1776 In a historic session today the Continental Congress accepted, with minor amendments, the Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson under the instructions of a five-member committee.

Although Congress voted on July 2 to declare independence, the declaration passed today formally severs American links with Britain.

It has come about largely as a result of the War of Independence, which has raged for over a year.

The document will be sent to King George III.

Dempsey is New Heavyweight Champ

Jack Dempsey is new heavyweight champ on July 04
Jack Dempsey is new heavyweight champ

1919 Boxing history was made today as Jack Dempsey beat Jess Willard in three rounds to win the World Heavyweight title.

In front of a record crowd of 40,000 in Toledo, Ohio, Dempsey took control of the match, knocking Willard down seven times in the first round alone, after three rounds the fight was stopped.

Hostage Ordeal Ends as Israeli Commandos Swoop

1976 While the rest of the world still debates the best course of action, a crack force of Israeli commandos has just made a daring midnight raid of Entebbe airport, ending this eight-day nightmare.

In a dramatic swoop, 200 commandos have freed all but three of the 98 hostages who have been held there by Palestinian terrorists since June 27.

The commandos arrived at the airfield in three Hercules C-130 transport planes and took just 53 minutes to complete their mission, overcoming airport guards and killing seven terrorists in the process.

The hostage drama began when Palestinian terrorists hijacked an Air France A 300-B airbus shortly after take-off from Athens airport and demanded to be flown to Uganda.

The passengers, a mix of Israeli and other nationalities, have been the pawns in an international drama that happily has ended in their favor.

Overjoyed that their nightmare is over, they have been flown back to Israel.

1826 American has lost two of its founding fathers today as Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died on the anniversary of the acceptance by Congress of their historic Declaration of Independence.

Both men were part of the five-member committee which drafted the original declaration.

Suffragette Appears in Trousers

Suffragette appears in trousers on July 04
Suffragette appears in trousers

1853 Controversial and outspoken suffragette Amelia Jenks Bloomer shocked her audience in Connecticut today by appearing in trousers while she delivered a speech denouncing the requirement that women should cover their legs.

Mrs. Bloomer has been appearing in this attire, a knee-length skirt combined with loose trousers bound in at the ankle and dubbed “bloomers” since 1849 as a form of protest.

The issues of women’s rights in general and the issue of dress reform, in particular, are ones that Mrs. Blommer holds dear.

She is the publisher of a reforming magazine titled The Lily and has shared a lecture platform in New York with Susan B. Anthony, The well-known campaigner for women’s suffrage.

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