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July 09

Events on July 09

1440 Flemish painter Jan van Eyck dies in Bruges, leaving the altarpiece of The Adoration of the Lamb at Ghent Cathedral and the double portrait Giovanni Arnolfini and His Wife as his main claims to fame.

1810 Argentina proclaims its independence from Spain at the Congress of Tucuman.

1850 Death of Zachary Taylor, American statesman and general, 12th President 1849-50.

1875 The Bombay Stock Exchange, the first in India, is constructed under the shade of a large banyan tree, in Bombay.

1992 18-year-old American swimmer Johnny Weissmuller swims 100 meters in 58.6 seconds.

1925 In Dublin, 22-year-old Oonagh Keogh becomes the first female member of a stock exchange.

1938 Thirty-five million gas masks go into the shops in Britain in anticipation of World War Two.

1943 British and US forces began the invasion of Sicily.

1957 Nikita Khrushchev, first secretary of the Soviet Communist Party, heads off a coup attempt and banishes ex-prime minister Georgi Malenkov to Kazakhstan.

1989 US President George Bush begins a tour of Europe, starting in Poland.

1990 Nairobi was closed down on the third day of rioting in Kenya.

1990 A 15-mile (24 km) stretch of the Cumbrian coast in northwest England is declared unsafe after items contaminated by the leaks from the Sellafield nuclear plant in 1983 are washed up on the beach.

Famous Birthdays on July 09

Elias Howe 1819, American inventor of the sewing machine.

Barbara Cartland 1901, a British romantic novelist who has written over 500 books.

Edward Heath 1916, British Conservative politician, prime minister 1970-4.

Quotes from Legend

Burke was a damned wrong headed fellow, through his whole life jealous and obstinate.

- Charles James Fox, on British political philosopher Edmund Burke, who died today, 1797.

Quotes from Legend

The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.

- Edmund Burke, British political philosopher, who died today, 1797.

Historical News on July 09

Sandinistas Overthrow Somoza

Sandinistas overthrow Somoza on July 09
Sandinistas overthrow Somoza

1979 The civil war in Nicaragua is over and the Sandinista rebels have overthrown General Somoza, prompting his resignation and flight into exile.

His family has ruled Nicaragua for 47 years.

The bloody conflict between the Sandinista rebels and Somoza’s army has cost the lives of thousands of Nicaraguans.

Somoza’s downfall was inevitable after he lost the support of conservatives, the business community, and his biggest ally, the US.

In fact, the US has been instrumental in helping to work out a plan to replace Samoza.

The man who will take Nicaragua through the transitional period is the new president Franciso Malians.

Lawn Tennis Championships Inaugurated at Wimbledon

1877 Harrovian rackets player Spencer W. Gore today won the first-ever men’s singles tennis title at Wimbledon in matches played on the top-quality croquet lawns of the All-England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club.

The club hopes that this championship will become an annual event open to the very best amateur players of lawn tennis.

Lawn tennis was invented in its current form only a few years ago.

Played on grass or on a composition court, today’s game is derived from the 12th-century French game of real (or royal) tennis – the method of scoring, the rackets used and the rules of the two games are very similar.

1902 A German pharmaceutical company has today taken out a patent on a new compound that will alleviate insomnia.

The company claims that barbituric acid, a derivative compound of malic acid found in unripe apples and urea, can be used as a sleeping aid, as an anesthetic for surgery, and to help control epilepsy.

Prolonged use may be addictive.

Lightning Causes York Minster Fire

1974 York Minster Cathedral was struck by lightning today, causing a fire in the roof which destroyed the south transept of the 700-year-old building, which was fully protected against lightning.

The fire was soon detected and the church clergy, working in relays, managed to save most of the treasures held in the building.

The rescue operation continued until blazing beams and debris falling from the roof made it dangerous to continue.

Some conservative critics within the Church of England have proclaimed the fire an act of retaliation by God over the consecration of Rt. Rev. David Jenkins, the Bishop of Durham, who has recently questioned some of the orthodox beliefs of the church.

Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Runcie has retaliated by saying that God must certainly have intervened on behalf of the cathedral since only the south transept was destroyed and the famous Rose Window was left intact.

Crime Writer Jailed for Contempt

Crime Writer Dashiell Hammett jailed for contempt on July 09
Crime Writer Dashiell Hammett jailed for contempt

1951 American crime writer Dashiell Hammett was jailed today for contempt of court when he refused to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Senator Joe McCarthy’s crusade against communism has led to the blacklisting of many in public life and the arts who are on the left of the political spectrum.

Hammett, a former Pinkerton detective, has virtually given up the writing on which his reputation depends (his crime classics include The Maltese Falcon and The Thin Man).

His partner, playwright, and author Lillian Hellman, is also expected to be called before the Committee to testify.

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