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July 15

Events on July 15

1685 James Scott, Duke of Monmouth and illegitimate son of Charles II, is beheaded in London for raising a rebellion against King James II.

1795 “The Marseillaise”, written by Claude Rouget de Lisle as “Le Chant du L’armee du Rhin” is officially adopted as the French national anthem.

1857 As the Indian Mutiny continues, 200 Britain men, women and children are chopped up and thrown down a well at Cawnpore.

1904 Death of Anton Chekhov, Russian dramatist and short-story writer whose major plays are The Cherry Orchard, Uncle Vanya and The Three Sisters.

1916 Edward Boeing sets up the Pacific Aero Products Company in Seattle.

1930 The British government orders 1000 Spitfire fighter planes.

1976 Death of American novelist Paul Gallica.

1986 Sandhya Agarwal, captain of the Indian women’s cricket team, sets a world record by scoring 190 runs in a Test match against England.

1990 In Colombo, capital of Sri Lanka, Tamil Tigers massacred 168 Muslims.

Famous Birthdays on July 15

Inigo Jones 1573, English architect whose best known buildings are the Queen’s House in Greenwich and the Banqueting Hall at Whitehall.

Rembrandt van Rijn 1606, Dutch painter, etcher and draughtsman whose most famous picture is The Night Watch.

Iris Murdoch 1919, British novelist whose books include A Severed Head, The Sea, the Sea and The Good Apprentice.

Julian Bream 1933, British guitarist and lutenist.

Harrison Birtwistle 1934, British composer whose works include the opera Punch and Judy and the chamber ensemble Medusa.

Quotes from Legend

We intend to remain alive. Our neighbours want to see us dead. This is not a question that leaves much room for compromise.

- Golda Meir, Israeli stateswoman, 1971.

Historical News on July 15

Britain Wins Rugby International in Australia

Britain wins rugby international in Australia on July 15
Britain wins rugby international in Australia

1989 The British Lions beat Australia by the narrowest margin one point in the third and final rugby international at Sydney today, winning the series by two matches to one.

They lost the opening match to Australia but came back to win the series for the first time this century the Lions have won after losing an opening match.

The victory, however, is not entirely down to great British skill, it was helped by an error on the part of Australia’s David Campese.

Instead of kicking into touch, he ran the ball out of defense and blew a pass, allowing Lions player Ieuan Evans to intercept and score.

Boeing 707 Makes Maiden Flight

1957 Boeing today launched themselves into the world of jet air transportation with the maiden flight of their new Boeing 707.

The new aircraft with its four engines hung on pods beneath the wings makes use of Boeing’s expertise in the world of jet bomber design.

The British-built de Havilland Cornet has shown the aviation world the advantages of jet travel.

The Boeing 707, with a wingspan of 130 ft (39 m) and length of 128 ft (39 m), has the capacity for 219 passengers at over 600 mph (960 kph).

Boeing has also developed the Boeing 707 in tanker form to be used by the military for mid-air refueling.

The US Air Force is now interested in the aircraft after early reluctance.

Crusaders Take Jerusalem

1099 Jerusalem, long under Muslim rule, has been seized by Christian Crusaders led by Godfrey of Bouillion.

The capture of this ancient city and the massacre of its Jewish and Muslim citizens is the culmination of the first armed pilgrimage organized by Pope Urban II to recapture places sacred to Christians.

The army of French and Norman knights assembled in Constantinople and proceeded to march through Anatolia, capturing Antioch on June 3 last year before moving on to Jerusalem.

The massacre of the Muslim and Jewish inhabitants will further harden Muslim feelings against the Christians.

Jerusalem is an important city to all three religious groups, for Jews, it is the focus of religious reverence and nationhood, for Christians, it is significant as the scene of Christ’s final agony and triumph, and for Muslims, Jerusalem was the goal of their prophet’s mystic night journey and is the site of the third most sacred shrine in Islam.

The city has been under Muslim rule since the 7th century, with access to religious sites freely open to other groups until the recent takeover of Jerusalem by Seljuk Turks.

The Seljuks have forbidden pilgrimages hence Pope Urban’s armed crusade.

New Record for Round The World Flight

Boeing 707 makes maiden flight on July 15
Boeing 707 makes maiden flight

1938 A new world record for round-the-world flight has been set by millionaire Howard Hughes and his crew of four.

Flying a twin-engined Lockheed, Hughes and his men completed the journey around the world in just three days, 19 hours and 17 minutes after takeoff from Brooklyn airport.

This cuts by half the previous record set by Wiley Post five years ago, with a time of 7 days, 18 hours.

Hughes 14,824-mile (23,718) flight via Paris, Moscow, Omsk, Yakutsk, Fairbanks, and Minneapolis was made at an average speed of 208 mph (333 kph).

He and his crew have been greeted in New York with a ticker-tape parade.

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