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July 16

Events on July 16

1791 Louis XVI of France is suspended from office until he agrees to ratify the French constitution.

1827 Death of English potter Josiah Spode.

1929 The Indian Council of Agricultural Research, a national organization which deals with the research and development of agriculture and allied sciences, is established in Delhi.

1945 The first atomic bomb exploded on the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, USA.

1951 King Leopold III of Belgium abdicates.

1953 A new world air-speed record is set at 716 mph (1,152 kph) by an F86 Sabre fighter.

1953 Death of Hilaire Belloc, British poet and essayist.

1967 The Biafran War begins as Nigerian troops march into the oil-rich secessionist region of Biafra.

1990 British explorer Ranulph Fiennes begins an expedition in Oman to find the lost city of Ubar, which has been buried for 2,000 years.

Famous Birthdays on July 16

Andrea del Sarto 1486, Florentine painter who excelled as a fresco decorator.

Sir Joshua Reynolds 1723, English painter who was the leading portraitist of his day and was the first president of the Royal Academy.

Roald Amundsen 1872, American actress whose long list of films includes The Bitter Tea of General Yen, Stella Dallas, Double Indemnity and Executive Suite.

Ginger Rogers 1911, American actress and dancer who partnered Fred Astaire in ten musical films.

Margaret Court 1942, Australian tennis player who won the Grand Slam in 1970.

Katrina Kaif 1983, British- Indian actress and former model.

Quotes from Legend

It is true that liberty is precious

- So precious that it must be rationed.

- V.I. Lenin flees to Finland after an unsuccessful revolt, 1917.

Historical News on July 16

Parisian Patents Idea for Reinforcing Concrete

1867 Joseph Monier, a Parisian commercial gardener, received a patent for his idea of reinforced concrete by embedding metal wires or rods in it.

Monier, 44, has little technical training.

Common sense told him, however, that his cement and concrete tubs and pots would be greatly strengthened by some form of iron-wire reinforcement.

The concrete and the reinforcement act in tandem, with the former taking most of the compressive forces and the latter the tensile forces.

Monier plans to show his invention at the Paris Exposition later in the year.

Reinforced concrete, he believes, may prove useful in the engineering industry.

Russian Royals Slaughtered

Russian Royals slaughtered on July 16
Russian Royals slaughtered

1918 The Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II, and his family were murdered today in the cellar of the house in Ekaterinburg where they had been confined since May.

Their bodies were then burned and thrown into a disused mine shaft.

The local Bolshevik commander is thought to have ordered the killings when it became apparent that his men could not hold Ekaterinburg against the approaching White Russian forces and prevent the family’s rescue.

The Petrograd Soviet and the Revolutionary Workers’ and Soldiers’ Council insisted, against the wishes of the provisional government of Prince Lvov, that the family is sent to an area where Bolshevik sentiment is blood red rather than be allowed to leave that country.

1970 The honeymoon period that new British governments traditionally enjoy has proved short-lived for Edward Heath’s Conservative administration.

Less than one month after being elected PM, Heath has declared a state of emergency in response to the national dock strike called by the dockers union.

Troops are on standby, ready to act should their labor be required to keep Britain’s ports open.

Industrialists have issued dire warnings about the consequences to Britain’s overseas trade should the strike drag on.

Mont Blanc Road Tunnel Opens

1965 The famous French engineer Lepiney suggested back in 1870 that it would be a good idea to link France and Italy by building a road tunnel through the Alps.

His vision has at last been realized with the official opening today of a road tunnel running between Barats, four miles (6.5 km) from Chamonix, and the village of Enreves.

It has taken a long 6 ½ years to complete the tunnel, which is 7 ¼ miles (11.6 km) long.

The estimated average traffic flow will be about 600 vehicles per hour in both directions.

Cure for Killer Disease Found

Cure for killer disease found on July 16
Cure for killer disease found

1885 French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur, 63, has confounded his critics by proving beyond doubt that his idea on the best way to tackle the killer disease rabies is correct.

Nine-year-old rabies victim Joseph Meister is now making a rapid recovery thanks to receiving a weakened strain of the virus administered by Pasteur ten days ago.

This latest success for Pasteur was only made possible by his previous research into diseases including micro-organisms such as anthrax and cholera.

Sheep and chicken farmers and indeed the animals themselves – have reason to be grateful to Pasteur for producing the diseases.

The vaccine against the disease.

The vaccine for rabies is obtained from the dried tissues of animals infected with the virus.

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