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July 22

Events on July 22

1789 A mob murder the Bailiff of Paris.

1790 The French clergy are removed from the control of Rome and property is nationalized.

1932  Death of American impresario Florenz Ziegfeld, founder of the Ziegfeld Follies.

1950 Death of William Lyon Mackenzie  King, Candadian statesman and Liberal prime minister three times, his chief political aim being national unity.

1957 BP and Shell decide to quit Israel under pressure from Arab oil producers.

1969 Spanish dictator General Franco names Juan Carlos, grandson of King Alfonso XIII, as his heir apparent.

1969 Apollo II leaves the Moon.

1976 Death of Sir Mortimer Wheeler, British archaeologist known for his skill in interpreting archaeological strata.

2003 Saddam Hussein’s two sons Qusai and Udai are killed as American soldiers, backed by helicopters, storm a house in the northern city of Mosul following a tip-off from an Iraqi source.

Famous Birthdays on July 22

Philip I 1478, Spanish monarch known as Philip the Handsome, son of Emperor Maximilian I and Mary of Burgundy and husband of Joanna the Mad, she inherited the throne of Castile in 1504 but her insanity was such that Philip assumed sole control in 1806.

Gregor Mendel 1822, Austrian monk and botanist who discovered the fundamental principles governing the inheritance of characters in livings and summarized them in Law of Independent Segregation and the Law of Independent Assortment.

Selman Abraham Waksman 1888, Russian-born microbiologist whose search for antibacterial substances in soil microorganisms led to the discovery of actinomycin and streptomycin.

Terence Stamp 1940, British actor, nominated for an Oscar for his first film, Billy Budd.

Historical News on July 22

The Last Round-Up

The lastround up John Dillinger on July 22
The lastround up John Dillinger

1934 The short but spectacular criminal career of bank robber John Dillinger came to a bloody end today.

As Dillinger emerged from the Biograph Theater in Chicago he walked straight into an ambush sprung by a combined force of FBI agents and Indiana police.

Since escaping from Indiana’s Crown Point jail in March, Dillinger had led a charmed life, twice escaping FBI traps as well as shoot-outs with police in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

A tip-off by a mysterious lady in red ensured that the law enforcement agencies got their man this time.

Dillinger, 31 began his successful run as a bank robber last year, after finishing a nine-year sentence for a bungled hold-up in Mooresville, Indiana.

His “tutors” in prison had been some of the best bank-busters in the business in Indiana and Ohio before fleeing to Tucson, where he and his gang were arrested.

91 Killed in Jerusalem Bomb Explosion

1946 A bomb planted in part of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem left 91 people dead and 45 injured.

The target of the terrorist most likely the Jewish extremist organization Irgun Zvai Leumi was the British military HQ and the civil secretariat.

The extremist campaign against the British administration in Palestine seems set to intensify, assisted, either actively or passively, by the great majority of the Jewish population.

The long-awaited report by the Anglo-US committee of inquiry regarding the problems of European Jewry and Palestine recently concluded that any attempt to establish an independent state of states in the area would result in civil strife and that the mandate should be maintained.

Picnickers Watch Confederates Triumph in Battle

1861 The first major set-to in the American civil war ended yesterday in a bloody nose for the Union army under General Irvin McDowell.

Forced by his political masters into launching a premature attack against the Confederate forces holding Bull Run (or Manassas), McDowell found himself outnumbered by an enemy that had already received advance information of his battle plan.

The Confederates were only marginally more competent in battle than their adversaries, however, and had it not been for the resolution of General Jackson’s brigade all might have been lost for the southerners.

Confusion and an air of unreality were intensified by the presence of Washington sightseers, picnicking while watching the action.

A New Heir is Born

Princce William and Catherine on July 22
Prince William, Catherine, and George Alexander Louis child

2013 Prince William and Catherine Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have announced the birth of their first child.

George Alexander Louis was born at St. Mary’s Hospital in London at 16.24 BST and weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces (3.5 kg).

Both mother and child are said to be doing well.

As per tradition, a formal bulletin announcing the royal birth was mounted on an easel and displayed outside Buckingham Palace.

Among the numerous celebrations across the country, and the world, gun salutes signaled the birth in London, Bermuda, New Zealand, and in Canada, the bells of Westminster Abbey and many other churches were rung, and iconic landmarks throughout the Commonwealth such as the Niagara Falls and London Eye, were illuminated blue to signify the birth of a boy.

Prince George of Cambridge is now the third in line to the throne, behind his father William and grandfather Charles, the Prince of Wales.

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