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July 25

Events on July 25

1554 The Catholic Queen Mary of England, known as “Bloody Mary” on account of her persecution of Protestants, marries Philip II of Spain.

1587 Christianity was banned in Japan and Jesuits accused of selling the Japanese as slaves were expelled from the country.

1835 Death of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, English poet and critic renowned for Kubla Khan and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and for his opium addiction.

1843 Death of Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh, inventor of waterproof clothing.

1909 French aviator Louis Bleriot becomes the first man to fly the Channel, travelling from Calais to Dover in a Bleriot XI.

1943 Italian dictator Benito Mussolini is forced by the Fascist Grand Council to resign following the Allied invasion of Sicily.

1985 Film star Rock Hudson is admitted to hospital suffering from the killer disease AIDS.

2001 Famed Indian “bandit queen” turned Minister of parliament, Phoolan Devi is assassinated by three masked gunmen in New Delhi.

2009 The last British veteran of the Western Front in World War I, Harry Patch, dies aged 111, a week after the oldest veteran Henry Allingham, 113.

Famous Birthdays on July 25

Arthur James Balfour, 1st Earl 1848, British statesman and Conservative prime minister and foreign secretary from 1916 to 1919, during which time his Balfour Declaration promised to support the establishment of a Jewsish homeland in Palestine.

Walter Brennan 1894, American character actor who won Oscars for Come and Get It, Kentucky and The Westerner.

Johnny “Rabbit” Hodges 1907, American jazz saxophonist.

Steve Goodman 1948, American songwriter whose “The City of New Orleans” gave Arlo Guthrie a hit.

Quotes from Legend

You cannot control a free society by force.

- Robert Mark, British police commissioner, 1976.

Historical News on July 25

Coup Attempt in Austria

1934 A group of armed men broke into the office of the Austrian Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss today and fatally wounded him.

Meanwhile, a second group took over the radio station in Vienna and announced the appointment of the Nazi Rintelen as Chancellor.

The recent upsurge in Nazi activity in Austria had given rise to speculation of a German-backed putsch.

The reaction to the crisis by the Austrian authorities has been swift, as befits a government that has already succeeded in crushing opposition from the other end of the political spectrum, the Socialists.

Mussolini, on whom the fascist government of the Catholic Dollfuss relied so much, has pledged his full support to help maintain Austria’s independence.

Deathbed Confession

1865 British Army surgeon Major-General James Barry could not take his most closely guarded secret with him when he died today in the London suburb of Kensal Green.

Conclusive evidence that the slightly built 5-ft (162 cm) tall septuagenarian officer was not what he seemed presented itself to the woman who laid out the body.

James Barry had been Miranda Stuart. Barry, an orphan, went into the army after gaining an MD from Edinburgh College.

In South Africa, the West Indies, and the Crimea, Barry built up a reputation as a first-class surgeon and an able administrator and ended a distinguished career in the office of Inspector General of all British hospitals in Canada.

Described as a “perfect gentleman” with an eye for ladies, he had a long-standing affair with Mrs. Fenton.

No one knows if he shared his secret with her.

Coal is Transported by locomotion

Coal is transported by locomotion on July 25
Coal is transported by locomotion

1814 Killingworth is the latest colliery to experiment with locomotives for transporting coal out of mines.

Their chief mechanic, George Stephenson, has built an engine that can draw eight loaded carriages bearing 30 tons of coal at four miles per hour (6.4 kph).

Stephenson got the idea for Blucher after seeing the “steam boiler on wheels” built by Matthew Murray for John Blenkinsop in operation at a neighboring mine.

Blucher is an adhesion machine with vertical cylinders.

A chain drive leads to the front tender wheels to increase grip.

Stephenson is convinced that Blucher’s power can be further increased, and is to continue experimenting with the engine.

Dance to Death

Dance to Death Mata Hari on July 25
Dance to Death Mata Hari

1917 In peacetime the French public might have raised a collective wry smile at the spectacle of a femme fatale dancer and courtesan called Mata Hari (Malay for “eye of the day”) being charged with employing her sexual charms to weaken French Army officers into betraying their country.

The exotic-sounding Mata Hari is a 41-year-old Dutch woman, Margaretha Geertruida Macleod (née Zelle), who agreed to spy for the French in enemy-occupied Belgium despite already working for the German consul in The Hague.

Apart from MacLeod’s own admission that she had on one occasion passed out-of-date information to the Germans, the prosecution could produce no firm evidence of her spying activities against France.

The trial ended today with the military court at Vincennes finding her guilty as charged. She is to be shot by firing squad.

Concorde Crash Kills 113

Concorde crash kills 113 on July 25
Concorde crash kills 113

2000 Concorde crashed minutes after take-off, killing all 109 passengers on board and four people on the ground.

The Air France plane, bound for New York, crashed into a hotel in Gonesse, 10 miles from Paris.

It is understood the aircraft, which had taken off from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport just two minutes earlier, fell out of the sky after one of the engines caught fire on take-off.

A spokesperson for Air France said all the passengers were German tourists traveling to New York to join a cruise ship bound for Ecuador.

Eyewitnesses reported a “huge fireball” followed by a cloud of black smoke after the jet hit the ground.

Within minutes of the crash, emergency services were on the scene searching through the rubble for survivors.

Flight AF4590 is the first Concorde in the aircraft’s 31-year history to crash.

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