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June 03

Events on June 03

1665 British naval forces under the Duke of York defeat the Dutch fleet off the Suffolk coast.

1864 In the American Civil War, more than 6,000 Unionists were killed or wounded in less than an hour at Cold Harbor.

1875 Death of French composer Georges Bizet, best known for his opera Carmen.

1899 Death of Johann Strauss the Younger, composer of The Blue Danube.

1946 The first bikini bathing suit goes on show in Paris.

1964 The Rolling Stones begin their first US tour.

1972 In Cincinnati, Sally Priesand is ordained as the first woman rabbi.

1981 Shergar, one of the Aga Khan’s many horses, wins the Derby – by a record 10 lengths.

1955 UN Rapid intervention force is sent to Bosnia.

2006 Montenegro declares independence from Serbia.

2009 Indian Member of Parliament Meria Kumar becomes the first female Speaker of the House of the People (Lok Sabha).

2013 Over a million people braved poor weather to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, standing on the banks of the Thames to witness a 1000-strong flotilla cruising past.

Famous Birthdays on June 03

Paulette Goddard 1911, American actress who starred in Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times and The Great Dictator and was married to the great comedian.

Tony Curtis 1925, American actor whose many films include Some Like It Hot, The Boston Strangler and The Vikings.

Allan Ginsberg 1926, American poet and leading light of the Beat movement.

Suzi Quatro 1950, American rock guitarist and singer.

Rafael Nadal 1986, Spanish world number one tennis player who won the French Open four years in a row from 2004.

Quotes from Legend

Of course, I do have a slight advantage over the rest of you. It helps in a pinch to be able to remind your bride that you gave up a throne for her.

- Ex-king Edward VIII, who married Mrs. Simpson today, 1937.

Historical News on June 03

New Ship-Based Planes for US to Crack Japanese

new ship based planes for US to crack Japanese on June 03
New ship based planes for US to crack Japanese

1942 The Midway Islands, lying about 1,150 miles (1,850 km) west-northwest of Hawaii, are the scene of a new kind of warfare airborne attack between American and Japanese carrier-based planes.

After last month’s humiliating surrender of United States troops under the command of General Jonathan Wainwright, the Americans hope that this bold, new-style offensive will help them to reclaim the Pacific islands from the Japanese, who have established a massive military presence there.

If hopes are fulfilled, the Battle of Midway as it is being called could prove a turning point for the Allies in the Pacific war.

Lovelorn Abelard Guilty of Heresy

1140 The controversial views of leading French scholar Peter Abelard have landed him in serious trouble, in a dramatic verdict, a church court today has found him guilty of heresy.

Abelard is no stranger to controversy and this is just one in a series of confrontations with the Church.

Personal tragedy, too, has brought him the fame of another kind, though his celebrated love affair with his beautiful pupil, Heloise.

The discovery of the couple’s liaison so enraged Heloise’s uncle that he ordered Abelard’s castration.

After this brutal attack, the couple separated.

Abelard to become a monk and Heloise to become a monk and Heloise to enter a convent.

They did manage to renew contact some years later, however, in a series of letters.

Edward Weds Wallis, his Crown Rejected

1937 Former King Edward VIII of Great Britain and Ireland married his American bride, Wallis Warfield Simpson, in a ceremony in Paris today.

The marriage marks the end of a Royal scandal that rocked the nation.

Edward and Mrs. Simpson met in 1931.

His relationship with her caused a major rift in the Royal family and outraged the Church of England hierarchy.

Mrs. Simpson divorced last October and in November Edward – realizing that he might have to choose between his crown and the woman he loved told Prime Minister Baldwin that if he could not marry her and remain king, he was “prepared to go”.

A possible solution was suggested that would have been constitutionally acceptable, the couple could marry but Mrs. Simpson would not be given Royal status.

Given time, the idea might have won popular support had the story not become headline news in the British press soon afterward, forcing an instant decision.

Only a week later, in December 1936 less than a year after he was crowned Edward signed the papers of abdication.

The couple is now known as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

Only the Duke, however, will bear the title.

1965 Joined to his Gemini 4 spacecraft by a Space Age “umbilical cord”, astronaut Edward H. White today became the first American to take a walk in space.

The walk lasted 20 minutes and is part of a program investigating the effects of prolonged space flight on man.

German Franz Kafka Died Today

Franz Kafka died today on June 03
Franz Kafka died today on June 03

1924 German novelist and short writer Franz Kafka died today in a sanatorium at Kierling, near Vienna after losing his seven-year battle with tuberculosis.

With his pessimistic view of the world and of the despair and alienation of modern man, Kafka characteristically saw his illness as psychosomatic, a conspiracy between his head and his body to put an end to his internal anguish.

Kafka was always reluctant to publish and before his death, he exacted a promise from his friend Max Brod not to allow the publication of any more of his writings.

If this promise is honored, much of the work of a potential literary giant may be lost forever.

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