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June 04

Events on June 04

1789 The dauphin Louis, son of Louis XVI and heir to the French throne, dies at the age of seven.

1831 Price Leopold of the House of Saxe Coburg Gotha became the first king of Belgium.

1926 Death of Frederick Spofforth, the Australian cricketer known as the demon bowler.

1937 The first supermarket trolley bowls along the aisles of a supermarket in Oklahoma.

1941 Former German emperor Wilheim II, forced to abdicate Germany’s defeat in World War I, dies in exile at Doom in the Netherlands.

1944 Rome is liberated by the Allies.

1946 Juan Peron is elected President of Argentina.

1959 Charles de Gaulle stuns French colonists in Algeria by telling them they must integrate with the Muslim Algerians if they wish to stay.

1973 A Russian supersonic airliner built on the lines of Concorde explodes at the Paris Air Show.

Killing six crew and 27 onlookers.

1988 Death of Sir Douglas Nicholls, governor of South Australia, the first aborigine to govern a state and to receive a knighthood.

2007 The war crimes trial of ex-Liberian President Charles Taylor opens in the Hague.

Famous Birthdays on June 04

George III 1730, English monarch of erratic mental health whose mishandling of the American colonies was responsible for the War of Independence.

Stephen Foster 1826, American composer of songs such as “Swanee River”.

Rosalind Russell 1908, American actress who appeared in film and Broadway dramas and musicals such as Night Must Fall.

Nutan Behl 1936, Indian actress who starred in more than 70 films in a career spanning more than four decades.

Quotes from Legend

The war against hunger is truly mankind’s war of liberation.

- John F. Kennedy, in a speech at the World Food congress, 1963.

Historical News on June 04

Italian Seducer Dies

Giovanni Giacomo Casanova died today on June 04
Giovanni Giacomo Casanova

1798 Today sees the death, in Bohemia, of one of this century’s most flamboyant characters, Giovanni Giacomo Casanova, Chevalier de Seingalt.

Casanova was born in 1725 in Venice, the son of an actor.

His expulsion from the Seminary of St Cyprian for “scandalous conduct” launched him on a varied and infamous career, in which he was writer, traveler, adventurer, soldier, spy, diplomat, and dedicated ladies man.

One of the more daring exploits of this man of many parts was his escape under the nose of the Doge himself from Venice’s Piombi prison, where he was serving a five-year sentence after being denounced as a magician.

Among his writings are Icosameron, a futuristic adventure fantasy, and his fascinating memoirs, Histoire de Ma Vie.

Massive Train Explosion

1989 Over 460 people are thought to have died in a massive gas explosion that wrecked two crowded passenger trains about 740 miles (1,190 km) east of Moscow.

The accident occurred as the two trains, traveling on the Trans-Siberian railway, passed each other.

It seems to have been caused by sparks from the line that ignites gas leaking from the huge long-distance pipeline that runs alongside the track.

All that remains of the trains are the wrecked and blackened shells of the carriages lying overturned by the side of the line.

Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has been to visit the scene of the accident.

1844 Scientists are excited by the discovery today in Iceland of a great auk.

This large flightless bird, also known as the garefowl, was thought to be totally extinct.

Ragged Armada Rescues Allies

1940 As the might of the German army sweeps northwards through France, a massive Allied military operation has been taking place at the coastal town of Dunkirk in northern France.

In the small hours of this morning, under fire from German guns, a flotilla of naval and civilian craft completed the safe evacuation of some 3,35,000 out of a total of 4,00,000 Allied troops.

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill has hailed the operation as “a miracle of deliverance”, but admits that in military terms it is a massive defeat for the Allies.

Chinese Army Brutally Halts Democratic Revolt

Chinese army brutally halts democratic revolt on June 04
Chinese army brutally halts democratic revolt

1989 Up to 2,600 people are thought to have been killed and 10,000 injured as soldiers opened fire on student demonstrators in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, it was reported today.

Since the removal of moderate party chairman Hu Yaobang in 1987, the conflict between moderates and old-style Maoist hardliners has escalated to a crisis point.

In a massive demonstration for greater democracy, huge crowds of student protesters had, by last night, barricaded themselves into Tiananmen Square.

In a show of force, the government ordered the army into action.

Reaching the square from the Avenue of Eternal Peace, the troops showered the students with a hail of bullets, and their armored vehicles crashed through the barricades.

The square and surrounding city became a scene of horror and chaos.

Emergency services could not get through.

At one o’clock this morning, the soldiers only a day ago hailed as “brothers and comrades” made a final onslaught on those who were left.

Marching forward, they shot indiscriminately into the crowd.

In their wake came the tanks, mercilessly flattering all in their path.

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