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June 05

Events on June 05

755 CE English missionary Boniface, known as the Apostle of Germany, is murdered with 53 companions in Germany by unbelievers.

1806 Louis Bonaparte was declared king of the Netherlands.

1826 German composer Carl Maria von Weber dies in London, where he has been conducting his opera, Oberon.

1910 Death of American short story writer O. Henry.

1915 French sculptor and draughtsman Henri Gaudier Brzeska is killed in action in World War I, aged 23.

1967 War breaks out between Israel and the neighboring countries of Egypt, Jordon, and Syria.

1984 Indian commandos storm the Sikhs’ holiest gurudwara, the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, to flush out militants and other anti-government elements.

1988 Kay Cottee sails into Sydney harbor, becoming the first woman to sail solo around the world non-stop.

1989 Solidarity beats the Communists in the first free Polish elections since World War I.

1990 Iran demands that British author Salman Rushdie is handed over to British Muslims.

1991 The so-called “pillars of apartheid”: The Land Acts of 1913 and 1936 and the Group Areas Act of 1950 are nullified in South Africa.

Famous Birthdays on June 05

John Couch Adams 1819, an English astronomer who in 1845 predicted to within 2 degrees the position of the planet Neptune, which was certified in 1846.

Pancho Villa 1878, Mexican revolutionary who raided Texas and New Mexico with an irregular army and supported revolts against Mexican governments.

Federico Garcia Lorca 1898, Spanish poet and dramatist whose masterwork is the trilogy of plays Blood Wedding, Yerma, and The House of Bernardo Alba.

Quotes from Legend

The great nations have always acted like gangsters, and the small nations like prostitutes.

- Stanley Kubrick, American film director, on this day, 1963.

Historical News on June 05

War Chief Kitchener Drowns at Sea

1916 The long and distinguished military career of Herbert Viscount Kitchener was abruptly brought to an end today when the SS Hampshire, carrying him on a mission to Russia, hit a German mine and sank off the Orkney Islands, north-east of the Scottish mainland.

Born on June 24, 1850, near Listowel in Country Kerry, Lord Kitchener held many prominent poets during his lifetime, among them commander-in-chief during the South African War, when in one of the less savoury episodes of his career he herded Boer women and children into concentration camps in his fight against guerrilla resistance.

He will be best remembered for his leadership in World War I, which he predicted would be a long, drawn-out war, to be decided by the “last million men” that Britain could put into battle. He organized “Kitchener armies” of volunteers trained to a professional standard and on a scale unseen in British history, since when the general public has come to see him as a symbol of national victory.

Hot Air Powers Balloon Brothers to Success

Hot air balloon brothers to success Joseph Michel and Jacques Etenne Montgolfier on June 05
Hot air balloon brothers to success Joseph Michel and Jacques Etenne Montgolfier

1783 Astonished local government officials in Annonay, France, today watched as a “hot air” balloon made by brothers Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier slowly rose 6,000 ft (2,000 m) into the air, where it remained suspended for a full 10 minutes.

The balloon, made of linen and paper, was “powered” by an ingenious method whereby the heat from a fire on the ground warmed the air inside the balloon, thus causing it to rise.

Today’s demonstration is a culmination of earlier experiments by the brothers, working both together and independently, Joseph-Michel head of the Rives branch of the family paper-making business since 1770 devised an air pump for removing paper from molds and, in November of last year, found a way of inflating a small silk container by suspending it over a fire.

This was followed by a public demonstration with a larger, oblong-shaped silk balloon.

The experiments continued. Joseph-Michel is joined by his younger brother, who runs the family’s Vidalon factory.

The Academy of Sciences in Paris is likely to be extremely interested in the work of the Montgolfier’s.

2004 Former US President Ronald Reagan died, aged 93, after a long battle with Alzheimer’s Disease.

A former actor, Reagan was in power from 1981 – 1989.

Scandal-Scarred Profumo Quits

Scandal scarred Profumo Quites on June 05
Scandal scarred Profumo Quites

1963 In a dramatic statement today, British Secretary of State for War John Profumo has admitted that he lied to the House of Commons about his association with model Christine Keeler.

He has resigned from his parliamentary seat and from his Cabinet position.

“The Profumo Affair ”, as it has come to be known, has rocked the nation and has almost led to the downfall of the government.

At the time of John Profumo’s liaison with Miss Keeler, she was allegedly also involved with Russian diplomat Captain Ivanov, a former naval attache at the Soviet Embassy, a link which has caused very serious security concerns.

Bobby Kennedy is Shot

Bobby Kennedy is shot on June 05
Bobby Kennedy is shot

1968 Doctors are fighting to save the life of 42-year-old Senator Robert Kennedy, who was shot in the head and shoulder just after midnight this morning.

The shooting took place at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, where the Senator had been making a speech after winning the California primary election in his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.

He has not regained consciousness since being rushed to the hospital, and hopes for his recovery are not high.

The alleged gunman, a Jordanian Arab by the name of Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, has been arrested.

The shooting comes five years after the assassination of Robert Kennedy’s brother, President John Kennedy.

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