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June 07

Events on June 07

1566 Sir Thomas Gresham lays the foundation stone of the first Royal Exchange in London.

1631 Empress Mumtaz Mahal, wife of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, passes away a few hours after the birth of her 14th child, a baby girl named Gauhar Ara Begum.

1712 Philadelphia bans the import of slaves.

1905 Norway declares its independence from Sweden.

1945 Benjamin Britten’s opera Peter Grimes premiered at Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London.

1970 English novelist E.M. Forster, author of A Room with a view, Howard’s End and A Passage to India, dies aged 91.

1971 India seals its border with newly independent Bangladesh to keep out cholera-stricken refugees.

1977 Street parties are held all over Britain to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s silver jubilee.

1980 American novelist Henry Miller, author of Tropic of Cancer, dies aged 88.

1983 Rock ‘n’ roller Jerry Lee Lewis marries his fifth wife, Shawn Michelle Stevens.

1990 President de Klerk lifts the state of emergency in South Africa.

Famous Birthdays on June 07

Paul Gauguin 1848, French Post-Impressionist painter who went to live and work in the South Pacific.

Jessica Tandy 1909, English born American actress who in 1990, at the age of 80, became the oldest person to receive an Oscar for her part in Driving Miss Daisy.

Pietro Annigoni 1910, Italian painter who is chiefly known for his portraits and particularly that of Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince 1960, American singer and musician best-known for the film and album Purple Rain.

Mahesh Bhupathi 1974, Indian tennis star who was the first Indian to win a Grand Slam tournament (with Rika Hiraki in 1997)

Historical News on June 07

Israeli First Strike on Iraqi Reactor

1981 Israeli jets carried out a bombing raid on a nuclear reactor near Baghdad, Middle Eastern sources claimed today.

The raid succeeded in destroying the plant.

Prime Minister Begin justified the attack on the basis of the defensive “strike first” theory, saying that Iraq was planning to manufacture nuclear weapons to use against Israel.

The event comes at a particularly difficult time in Arab-Israeli affairs.

Negotiations, led by US envoy Philip Habib, are currently underway to prevent a further confrontation between Israel and Syria over the Syrian establishment of Soviet surface-to-air missiles in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley in April.

1970 New York’s Metropolitan Opera House, the temple of classical music, is ringing to the strains of a very different tune today as British group The Who perform their rock opera, Tommy.

The story centers around the experiences of the eponymous hero, a “deaf, dumb and blind kid”, and is an ambitious undertaking for any group.

This is expected to be the opera’s last performance.

Spain and Portugal Divide up World

1494 The ongoing dispute between Spain and Portugal over territorial rights was finally resolved today as ambassadors from both countries signed a treaty at Tordesillas in northern Spain.

The dispute goes back to last year when Pope Alexander VI set a line of demarcation running from pole to pole 100 leagues west of the Cape Verde islands off the African coast, giving Spain exclusive rights to the region west of the line, and Portugal rights to the east.

Both powers have sent expeditions to explore unknown territories, and the Pope’s ruling was an attempt to settle any rival claims to land.

While accepting the principle of demarcation, Spain has feared Portuguese incursions and there have been protests from Portugal that the division does not allow enough room at sea for her African voyages.

Today’s agreement has affirmed the papal division but has moved the demarcation line a further 270 leagues west of its original position.

The King’s Palace Opens to his People

Rock superstar Elvis Presley home June 09
Rock superstar Elvis Presley home

1982 The palatial mansion is known as Graceland, in Memphis, Tennessee, home of rock superstar Elvis Presley, who died five years ago today opens its doors to the public for the first time.

Thousands of adoring fans will now have a chance to see how their idol lived.

After his first hit of 1956, “Heartbreak Hotel”, Elvis dominated the pop music charts, having at least one, if not two, releases in the Top Ten for the next 16 months.

His gyrations during his performances drove teenage audiences wild and earned him the nickname “Elvis the Pelvis” but critics saw them, and his music, as signs of moral decline.

With his blend of white country and western and black rhythm and blues, Elvis was one of the key figures in the development of rock ‘n’ roll.

Those who make the pilgrimage to Graceland will be coming to honour the memory of a legend, a man who has become one of the icons of the twentieth century.

Siege of the Golden Temple

1984 Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, leader of the Damdami Taksal (a Sikh religious group), has made the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab, his headquarters after the assassination of Nirankari Gurbachan Singh four years ago.

He has gradually gathered armed followers into the temple compound.

On April 23, 1983, Punjab Police Deputy Inspector General A.S. Atwal was shot as he was leaving the compound.

This prompted the government to take strong action, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi asked the Indian Army to prepare for an assault upon the temple.

She was advised against it, owing to the temple’s importance to the Sikh community.

Four days ago, as part of the Indian military operation titled Operation Blue Star, curfew was imposed upon Punjab, and travel in and out of Amritsar was suspended.

The Indian Army stormed the compound on June 5, and today it has taken control of the temple.

Since the operation was conducted during an auspicious Sikh day, marking the martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev, the founder of the Golden Temple, an estimated 800 people have been killed.

The operation has incited widespread anger and criticism against the incumbent government, especially the prime minister.

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