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June 09

Events on June 09

1198 Otto of Brunswick is crowned German king and Holy Roman Emperor Otto IV.

1441 Death of Netherlandish painter Jan van Eyck, court painter and equerry to Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy.

1898 China grants Britain a 99-year lease on Hong Kong.

1899 US heavyweight boxing champion James Jackson Jeffries knocks out Britain’s Bob Fitzsimmons in the eleventh round, thus becoming world champion.

1908 King Edward VII of England visits Tsar Nicholas II on board the royal yacht in the Baltic Sea, the first meeting between a British monarch and a Russian tsar.

1959 America launches the George Washington, the first nuclear submarine with Polaris missiles.

1964 Death of newspaper baron Lord Beaverbrook.

1967 Israel seizes the Golan Heights on the fifth day of war with Syria, Egypt and Jordan.

1970 Bob Dylan is given an honorary degree at Princeton University.

1975 The BBC and LBC relay the first live transmission from the House of Commons.

1989 In China, show trials began for the leaders of the demonstration in Tiananmen Square.

Famous Birthdays on June 09

Peter I 1672, Russian emperor known as Peter the Great on account of the modernization programmer and many reforms he undertook.

George Stephenson 1781, English engineer who developed greatly improved steam locomotives.

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson 1836, English physician who, having had to study privately, pioneered the admission of women to the medical profession.

Kiran Bedi 1949, the first woman officer in the Indian Police Service (IPS) and an Indian social activist.

Quotes from Legend

Comedy, life sodomy, is an unnatural act.

- Marty Feldman, British comedian, 1969.

Historical News on June 09

A Celebrated Indian Artist Passes Away

2011 M.F. Husain, aged 95, died of a heart attack in London today and is scheduled to be buried there tomorrow.

Husain made his international debut in 1952 with a solo exhibition in Zurich, Switzerland, and soon established a worldwide reputation.

In 2008, he was the best-paid painter in India, with one piece fetching $1.6 million (£1.1 million) at a Christie’s auction.

Prior to his death, he had been living in Qatar in self-imposed exile from Hindu extremists.

His paintings, even during these exiled years, attest to his involvement and fascination with Indian mythologies.

By his own estimate, he had produced nearly 60,00 works.

This prolific output relied upon a demanding work ethic.

“All this talk about inspiration and moments is nonsense.”

Cricket Captain Run Out Over Bad Behaviour

1988 Two days of tabloid reports over sexual frolics during the first Test match in Nottingham have led to the sacking of England cricket captain Mike Gatting.

Gatting has denied the stories and has threatened legal action.

Although they have accepted his denials, the board of selectors feels that Getting behaves “irresponsibly” when he invited a hotel barmaid to his room for a drink and that the affair has tarnished the image of the game.

Four other players from the team have also been called to account for the allegations.

Gatting, who led the successful Australian tour last year, has asked not to be considered for the next Test.

His most likely successor as captain is said to be team-mate Mike Emburey, although nothing has been announced.

1993 Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan has celebrated his marriage in a splendid Shinto ceremony at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

The bride was Masako Owada, a former diplomat.

The couple has married amid mounting political tension.

1934 Mickey Mouse, the first character created by American cartoon king Walt Disney, has, at last, got some competition. Making his debut in The Wise Little Hen, Donald Duck is Disney’s latest creation.

Like Mickey, Donald has the gift of speech but his voice is contrastingly strange and “quacky”.

Audiences will have to keep a keen ear open if they want to understand just what he is saying.

Last Nuremberg Nazi Hanged

1951 The judgment of the Nuremberg court will be fulfilled today as the noose slips over the head of the last Nazi condemned to hang for “crimes against humanity”.

The trials, which took place between November 1945 and October 1946, were conducted by four judges and four prosecutors from the United States, United Kingdom, USSR, and France.

In all, 24 of Hitler’s top men were accused on a number of different counts, including conspiracy to wage wars of aggression, the killing of hostages, and crimes against peace.

Twelve men, including leading Nazis Goering and Ribbentrop, were given the death penalty a fate Goering only escaped by killing himself.

Dickens Dies in Mid-Classic

Dickens dies in mid classic on June 09
Dickens dies in mid classic on June 09

1870 Britain is in mourning today after the death of the nation’s best-loved author.

Charles Dickens, who died of a stroke at home.

He was engaged in his latest novel.

The Mystery of Edwin Drool remains half-finished.

The punishing schedule of Dickens’ last few years affected his health badly and is largely to blame for his sudden death.

While continuing to write he also made a series of tours of England and the United States in which he gave readings from his own works to enraptured audiences.

Dickens’ professional success was partly marred by personal unhappiness, he and his wife separated in 1859, and his sons failed to live up to his expectations.

He died at Gad’s Hill Place in Kent, the house he had loved from boyhood and finally owned.

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