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June 10

Events on June 10

1190 Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I, who spearheaded the Third Crusade, is drowned in a river on his way to the Holy Land.

1727 King George I of England dies in Osnabruck.

1924 Italian socialist leader Giacomo Matteotti is assassinated by Mussolini’s Fascists.

1926 Death of Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi y Cornet, who worked exclusively in Barcelona where his church of the Sagrada Familia is his best-known building.

1934 British composer Frederick Delius died in France, leaving work such as On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring, Appalachia and A Village Romeo and Juliet at his memorial.

1965 A British European Airways de Havilland jet airliner flying from Paris to London makes the first landing by automatic control.

1983 Mrs. Thatcher’s Conservative party wins the British elections.

1985 Claus von Bulow is found not guilty of attempting to murder his wife Sunny by giving her an overdose of insulin in order to inherit her vast fortune.

1986 Irish pop singer Bob Geldof and American philanthropist John Paul Getty II are given honorary knighthoods by Queen Elizabeth II.

Famous Birthdays on June 10

James Edward Stuart 1688, Scottish son of the deposed monarch James II.

Gustave Courbet 1819, French painter with an innovative naturalistic style.

Andre Derain 1880, French painter, sculptor, graphic artist and stage designer.

Judy Garland 1922, American singer and actress best remembered for the films The Wizard of Oz, Meet Me is St Louis and A Star is Born.

Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh 1921, Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, who chairs the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme for 14 to 24 year olds.

Quotes from Legend

There were times my pants were so thin I could sit on a dime and tell if it was heads or tails.

- Spencer Tracy, American actor, who died today, 1967.

Quotes from Legend

We were the first fascists.. Mussolini copied fascism from me.

- Marcus Garvey, Jamaican born black nationalist, who died today, 1940.

Historical News on June 10

Witch Hunt Fever Sweeps Salem

Witch hunt fever sweeps Salem on June 10
Witch hunt fever sweeps Salem

1692 In the climate of fear that possesses the Massachusetts town of Salem, an ominous trail has been taking place and the first hangings were today.

The women hanged have been found guilty of witchcraft, the first victims of a witch hunt of such a terrifying scale that no woman can consider herself safe.

It all began when certain young girls from the area, after listening to the voodoo tales of a West Indian slave, Tituba, claimed that they were possessed by the Devil.

The girls accused three women, including Tituba herself, of witchcraft, and the hunt was on.

Accusations have been flying there and there has even been talking implicating the wife of the Governor, William Phipps. In the wake of the accusations, a special court presided over by judges Samuel Sewell, John Hathorne, and William Stoughton, was set up to investigate the affair, although the court is a civil one, it has the full backing of the clergy.

The trials began in May and are set to continue.

Bavarian King Saves Wagner’s Ring

1865 Tristan und Isolde, a work once regarded as too revolutionary to perform, receives its first airing at the Munich Opera House today.

Composed by Richard Wagner between 1857 and 1859, the three-act opera is based on a traditional English tale of lost love (life blends with the legend in much of Wagner’s work).

In Tristan’s obsession, there are strong echoes of the composer’s own hopeless love for Mathilde Wesendonck, wife of his former patron, that led to the break-up of his marriage.

And in the miraculous discovery of a new patron, the young King Ludwig II of Bavaria, Wagner has his own knight in shining armor.

Aged 51, penniless and facing financial ruin, Wagner was rescued by the King, who set him up in a villa, invited him to complete the unfinished Ring series, and enabled Tristan to be performed today.

Vaclav Havel June 10
Vaclav Havel

1990 Czechoslovak democrats have won a huge victory in the county’s first genuine elections for 40 years, with Vaclav Havel’s Civic Forum and its Slovak allies winning more than 170 seats out of 300.

The new parliament must steer the country through tough economic reforms.

1829 The rivalry between England’s two most prestigious universities, Oxford and Cambridge, look to the water for the first time today.

Two eight-man crews raced each other along the River Thames at Henley in south-east England in a contest of rowing power nicknamed simply “The Boat Race”.

After Six Days of War Israel Doubles its Size

1967 Six days of hostilities between Israel and its Arab neighbors ended today with a decisive victory for the Israelis, and a 200 percent expansion in the territory they hold.

The so-called Six-Day War has been a clear demonstration of Israeli air supremacy.

The war began on June 5, after Syria had asked for Egypt’s help in withstanding threatened Israeli retaliation against Syrian border raids.

Egypt’s President Nasser called for the removal of UN peacekeeping forces at Suez, closed the Gulf of Aqaba, mobilized the army, and moved troops into Sinai.

Israel’s answer was a burst of simultaneous air attacks on Syrian, Egyptian, and Jordanian air bases that decimated its enemies’ air capability.

In the week that followed, Israel went on to defeat all enemy resistance.

Air Base Empties as Volcano Erupts

1991 A mass evacuation of 14,500 US personnel is taking place at Clark Air Base in the Philippines after Mount Pinatubo erupted, raining a shower of ash and volcanic debris over the surrounding area.

The volcano was thought to be dormant.

US spokesman Lt. Col. Ron Rand confirms that the evacuees are being driven to the US naval base at Subic Bay, 30 miles (48 km) to the southwest.

There are a total of 40,000 US personnel in the Philippines, half of whom were stationed at the Clark Air Base.

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