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June 15

Events on June 15

1381 English poll tax protester Wat Tyler is executed at Smithfield.

1790 French Protestant militia massacred 300 Roman Catholics.

1813 Britain forms a new coalition with Prussia and Russia against Napoleon.

1825 The Duke of York lays the foundation stone of London Bridge.

1844 In the US, Charles Goodyear patented vulcanized rubber.

1846 The 49th parallel is proclaimed to be the border between the US and Canada.

1888 Emperor Frederick III of Germany dies.

1904 The paddle steamer General Slocum catches fire in New York Harbor, killing 693 people.

1933 China and Tibet end a two-year war with a treaty that agrees mutual respect for the pre-war border.

1934 In Venice, dictators Hitler and Mussolini meet for the first time.

1954 Atom bomb inventor Robert Oppenheimer is declared a security risk by Senator Joe McCarthy’s committee because of his opposition to the development of the hydrogen bomb.

Famous Birthdays on June 15

Edward The Black Prince 1330, eldest son of Edward III of England, who was renowned for his valour and gained his name from the black armour he wore in battle.

Harry Langdon 1884, American silent film actor who was at one time rated as one of the four top American comedians.

Erroll Garner 1923, American jazz pianist and composer.

Simon Callow 1949, British stage and screen actor whose films include Room with a View.

Courtney Cox 1964, American actress who starred in the long running TV series Friends.

Historical News on June 15

Marilyn’s Blonde Bombshell Rocks Hollywood

1953 Curvaceous blonde Marilyn Monroe has caused quite a stir in Hollywood in her first major starring role in the film comedy Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, released today.

The film is based on the bestseller of the same name by Anita Loos, and centers around the adventures of a “dumb blonde”.

Monroe, and a worldly showgirl, played by co-star Jane Russell, go to Paris in search of rich husbands.

Monroe, a former photographic model, made it into the movies after a nude shot of her was spotted on a calendar.

A succession of bit parts followed, then minor roles in The Asphalt Jungle and All About Eve, both released in 1950.

In Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Monroe reveals quite a talent for comedy, bringing a deceptive wide-eyed naivete to her character, the beauty without brains.

New School for Nightingale

1860 Nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale today opened the world’s first school for nurses at St Thomas Hospital in London.

The heroine of the Crimean War, Nightingale has done more than anyone to raise the standards of nursing and to improve the way in which the job is viewed.

During the war, she not only tended the sick and wounded in the most primitive conditions but pressed the British government for better food supplies and hygiene facilities.

The £45, 000 used to open the new school comes from the Nightingale Fund, established through public subscription to commemorate Crimea.

The school will provide nurses with their first formal training courses.

Alcock and Brown Cross Atlantic in One Swoop

Alcock and Brown cross Atlantic in one swoop on June 15
Alcock and Brown cross Atlantic in one swoop

1919 Aviation history was made today as Capt.

John Alcock and Lt Arthur Whitten Brown touched down on the green turf at children.

Ireland, thus completing the world’s first non-stop flight across the Atlantic.

Taking off from St John’s Newfoundland, yesterday, the two former World War I airmen completed their record-breaking flight – 1,960 miles (3,150 km) across the empty expanse of the Atlantic Ocean in only 16 hours 12 minutes.

Their aircraft, a Vickers-Vimy bomber, was kept aloft by two 350-hp Rolls-Royce engines.

Suffragette Sacrifice

1752 In a brave or perhaps foolhardy act, American founding father, diplomat, and scientist Benjamin Franklin today flew a kite in a thunderstorm to prove his theory that electricity and lighting are the same phenomena.

He also believes that electricity is “an Element diffused among, and attracted by, other matter, particularly Water and Metals”.

If it is, it should be possible to harness its power.

Barron Knights Sign Deal

Baron knights sign deal on June 15
Baron knights sign deal

215 King John and his barons met on the banks of the River Thames at Runnymede, near London, today to hammer out a new deal.

The document signed is called the Magna Carta.

Its effect will be a decentralization of power, taking total authority from the hands of the King and granting the people of England and particularly noblemen certain basic rights and liberties.

The barons have been pressing for the agreement in the wake of years of heavy taxation and increasing the power of the monarchy.

In a show of good faith, the King has agreed to a penalty clause, if he does not keep to the terms of the charter, a council of 25 barons is allowed the ultimate sanction of taking him to war.

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