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June 16

Events on June 16

1722 John Churchill, first Duke of Marlborough, dies aged 72.

1869 Charles Sturt, English explorer who discovered much of Australia, dies aged 74.

1880 Salvation Army ladies wear their bonnets for the first time as they march through Hackney in London.

1929 The first four places in the Le Mans 24-hour endurance test were won by Bentleys.

1948 The first air hijack occurs when Chinese bandits attempt to take over a Cathay Airways Catalina flying boat – the crew fight back and the aircraft crashes, killing all but the hijack gang leader.

1958 Yellow lines making no parking zones appear on British roads.

1963 Valentina Tereshkova of the Soviet Union blasts off in Vostok 6 to become the first woman in space.

1972 German police capture Ulrike Meinhof, the last member of the Baader-Meinhof group still at large.

1977 Death of Werner von Braun, German rocket pioneer who pursued his career under the Nazis and then worked on the US space programme after the war.

1990 Belgain police arrest IRA members suspected of killing Australian tourists in Holland.

2000 Archaeologists discover a 5,000-year-old gold treasure, from the Harappan Civilization, in the Mandi village of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Famous Birthdays on June 16

Gustav V 1858, Swedish monarch who reigned for 43 years.

Stan Laurel 1890, English born comedian who went to the USA and formed a successful partnership with Oliver Hardy to make films such as A Chump at Oxford, Hog Wild, Way Out West and The Flying Deuces.

Tom Graveney 1927, British cricketer who is considered to be in the top 10 best British cricketers ever.

Quotes from Legendary

We'll start shooting rubber bullets when they start throwing rubber rocks.

- Jimmy Kruger, South African Minister of Police, as the death toll mounts in nationwide riots, 1976.

Quotes from Legendary

I believe this government cannot endure permanently, half slave and half free.

- Abraham Lincoln in a speech at Springfield, Illinois, today, 1858.

Historical News on June 17

Europe Back in Space Business

1983 Everything went according to plan when the European rocket Ariane 1, blasted off from the French National Space Centre at Kourou.

French Guiana today.

Ariane launched the one-ton ESCI into an elliptical “transfer orbit”.

Early tomorrow the satellite’s booster rocket will be fired to thrust it into “geostationary orbit” 22,000 miles (35,000 km) above the equator.

Ariane’s future has been uncertain since it crashed on its second and fifth missions.

Today’s performance, however, means Europe is back in competition with the American space industry for satellite contracts.

Napoleon’s Troops Crush Prussia’s

1815 After a bitter and bloody battle the French scored a resounding victory against the Prussians at Ligny, in Belgium, today.

Napoleon opened hostilities at about 2.30 pm and by 3.15 pm the battle was fiercely engaged.

At about 7.45 pm a contingent of elite French troops broke the Prussian center.

The Prussian commander of the Lower Rhine, Field Marshal Blucher, responded by leading his cavalry reserve to stem the French advance.

There was a tense moment for the Prussians when Blucher was knocked from his horse and only the prompt intervention of his aide-de-camp, Count Nostitz, saved him from being trampled to death.

By 9 pm it was all over.

The Prussians lost an estimated 12,000 men, the French 8,500.

Ballet Star Nureyev Leaps to Freedom

Ballet star nureyev leaps to freedom on June 16
Ballet star nureyev leaps to freedom

1961 A star dancer of the Leningrad ballet, forbidden at the last minute to fly to London with the rest of the troupe, has asked for political asylum in France.

23-year-old Rudolf Nureyev was waiting to board the London flight at Le Bourget airport in Paris today when officials from the Russian Embassy ordered him to return to Moscow immediately.

He refused and ran to a police officer crying.

“Protect me!” Nureyev was immediately taken to the police commissioner’s office at Le Bourget where he made a formal request for asylum.

He was later driven to the Ministry of the Interior.

Roosevelt Takes on Depression

1935 President Roosevelt’s complicated “New Deal” legislative package which is aimed at tackling the severe economic problems of the American nation took another step forward today.

The Social Security Bill – embodying old-age pensions, unemployment insurance, and public health aid has been passed by the House of Representatives.

This important Bill with its far-reaching implications is now the unfinished business of the Senate.

A successful passage is predicted for early this week.

1835 In response to the widespread disappointment with the political results of the 1832 Reform Bill, social reformer Mr. William Lovett officially founded the London Working Men’s Association today.

Despite Bill’s famous six points for reform, Mr. Lovett claims that fundamental issues of social inequality are still not being addressed.

Sweden’s Queen Goes

1654 Queen Christina of Sweden abdicated today in favor of her cousin, Charles Gustavus.

Although respected by some for her patronage of literature and the arts, the general feeling is one of relief at seeing her go.

For many years there has been increasing discontent with her luxurious and wasteful lifestyle, open contempt of the protestant religion, and refusal to marry and produce an heir.

Her total lack of concern for public opinion and dismissal of the necessities of the state have also contributed to her widespread unpopularity.

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