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June 17

Events on June 17

1579 Francis Drake drops the Golden Hind’s anchor off the south-west coast of America and names the area New Albion.

1719 Death of Joseph Addison, English essayist, poet and Whig statesman who co-founded the Spectator.

1823 Charles Macintosh patents a waterproof material.

1867 In Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Joseph Lister performs a mastectomy upon his sister using carbolic acid as an antiseptic thereby becoming the first surgeon to attempt any form of antiseptic treatment.

1944 Iceland becomes an independent republic.

1950 The first Kidney transplant is carried out in Chicago.

1963 Death of John Cowper Powys, British novelist and poet.

1970 Edwin Land patented the first Polaroid camera.

1988 In Kingston, Jamaica, reggae poet Dennis Loban is found guilty of the murder of reggae star and ex-Wailer Pete Tosh and is sentenced to hang.

Famous Birthdays on June 17

Edward I 1239, English monarch who encouraged parliamentary institutions and subdued Wales.

John Wesley 1703, English religious leader and founder of Methodism.

Charles Gounod 1818, French composer whose most successful works were the operas Faust and Romeo and Juliet.

Igor Stravinsky 1882, Russian born composer who first found fame with the ballet scores Diaghilev commissioned for his Ballets Russes, which included The Firebird, The Rite of Spring and Petrushka.

Barry Manilow 1946, American singer and songwriter.

Leander Paes 1973, Indian tennis player who has won 14 doubles and mixed doubles Grand Slam titles. At 40, he is the oldest man to have ever won a Grand Slam.

Quotes from Legendary

Washington is the only place where sound travels faster than light.

- C.V.R. Thompson in the Reader’s Digest, 1949.

Quotes from Legendary

Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.

- American revolutionary soldier William Prescott at the battle of Bunker Hill, 1775.

Historical News on June 17

Break in at Watergate HQ

1972 Five men have been caught snooping around the Washington complex of flats, offices, and hotels known as The Watergate, currently being used by the Democratic Party as their headquarters during the election campaign.

The men were all equipped with electronic eavesdropping equipment.

It is rumored that the men were in the pay of the Republican “Committee for the re-election of the President” (CREEP).

A major political scandal is feared.

Cosmonauts Duet in Space

1963 Valentina Tereshkova, 26, and Valery Bykovsky, 28 liaised today for the world’s first-ever date in space.

Valery and Valentina made their link-up 30 minutes after Valentina’s launch at 10 am B.S.T. and are now circling the Earth just 12 seconds apart.

Colonel Bykovsky’s Vostok V had already been in orbit for two days and nights when Tereshkova’s Vostok VI streaked up to meet him.

In Moscow, there was dancing and singing in the streets to celebrate the historic event.

Battle of Bunker Hill

Battle of Bunker hill on June 17
Battle of Bunker hill

1775 The second battle of the American revolution commenced just before dawn today at Bunker Hill and Breed’s Hill, just north of Boston, Massachusetts.

After an unsuccessful attack on the American left flank, British general William Howe ordered his men to storm the central redoubt defended by 1600 patriots under the command of Colonel William Prescott.

The British were repulsed with blistering fire and only on their third attempt reinforced with extra troops from Boston did they succeed in capturing the position.

Although the British gained the military victory, the moral victory belonged to the patriots for the courage and discipline they displayed under fire.

The Americans lost around 400 men, the British 1,000.

Italian Banker’s Mystery Death

1982 A man was found hanging under Blackfriars Bridge in London today.

He was carrying £10,800 ($20,000) in foreign currencies, a fraudulent passport, and his pockets were weighted with 12 lb (5.4 kg) of bricks and stones.

Police believe him to be Roberto Calvi, a central figure in the Banca Ambrosiano scandal currently rocking Italy.

Calvi made a suicide attempt in July last year after being convicted of currency offenses and three days ago his secretary killed herself jumping from a window.

Archbishop Marcinkus, president of the Vatican Bank, is also implicated in the scandal.

World in Aids Fight

1991 Eight thousand scientists and researchers gathered today at Fortezza da Basso, Florence, for an international conference on AIDS.

The disease has now spread across 163 countries and is rife in Africa.

The World Health Organization estimates the true number of cases worldwide at more than 1.5 million, with a total number of people with HIV at between 8 and 10 million.

WHO predicts that by the year 2000, 40 million people worldwide may be affected by HIV.

AIDS has attacked more than 1,70,000 Americans since 1981, and another 6,000 develop the disease every month.

Britain did not have a single sufferer in 1981 but has since documented more than 4,500 cases of the disease.

Malvinas Loser Dumped

Malvinas loser dumped by Leopoldo Galtieri on June 17
Malvinas loser dumped by Leopoldo Galtieri

1982 Fourteen generals met at an Army base in Buenos Aires at dawn today and voted unanimously to sack Leopoldo Galtieri, the President who led Argentina into the Falklands war it could never win.

Air force chief Basilio Lami Doza, the only junta member to emerge from the war with credit, is expected to replace him.

It is understood that the new regime will declare all hostilities with Britain at an end, thus enabling the 10,600 prisoners on the Falklands to be repatriated.

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