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June 18

Events on June 18

1037 Persian philosopher and physician Avicenna dies, leaving an encyclopedia of philosophy, Ash-Shifa (The Recovery), and the Canon of Medicine, which has become a valued source of knowledge throughout the Middle East and Europe.

1155 1000 died in riots as the English-born Pope Hadrian crowned Emperor Frederick Barbarossa in Rome.

1583 The first life insurance policy was issued in London.

1789 Austrian troops occupy Brussels.

1858 Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi died while fighting British troops near Gwalior in India.

1902 Death of Samuel Butler, British novelist who wrote Erewhon and the autobiographical The Way of All Flesh.

1928 Roald Amundsen, the Norwegian explorer who reached the South Pole ahead of Captain Scott, dies in a plane crash while trying to rescue another explorer.

1936 Death of Maxim Gorki, Russian novelist and dramatist who became the first president of the Soviet Writers Union.

1975 The first North Sea oil arrives on shore in Britain.

2000 At Dover, 58 Chinese immigrants are found suffocated in the back of a lorry while trying to enter Britain illegally.

Famous Birthdays on June 18

Viscount Castlereagh 1769, British statesman who, as foreign secretary, played an important role at the Congress of Vienna which reconstructed Europe after the fall of Napoleon.

Ian Carmichael 1920, British actor who appears in light comedy roles on stage and in films such as Private’s Progress, Lucky Jim and I’m All Right Jack.

Delia Smith 1941, British cook and television presenter and best-selling cookery author.

Paul McCartney 1942, ex-Beatle and major British pop musician.

Quotes from Legendary

I shall earnestly and persistently continue to urge all women to the practical recognition of the old Revolutionary maxim, “resistance to tyranny is obedience to God”.

- Susan B. Anthony, American feminist, in court, 1873.

Historical News on June 18

First Woman to Fly Atlantic

First woman to fly atlantic amelia earhart on June 18
First woman to fly atlantic amelia earhart

1928 30-year-old Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly the Atlantic when the tri-motor Friendship, in which she was a passenger, landed at Burry Port today.

Miss Earhart, the daughter of a railroad attorney and graduate of Columbia University, is employed as a settlement worker in Boston.

Aviation is a passionate hobby with her, and she is a very accomplished pilot.

A plucky girl, Miss Earhart hopes to make a solo flight across the Atlantic herself one day.

1940 Charles de Gaulle, founder of the Free French in England, made a radio appeal from London today urging his fellow countrymen to continue to resist the Germans.

It was in response to Marshall Petain’s announcement yesterday that the French has approached the Germans with a request for an Armistice.

Elated Carter Turns SALT to SWALK

1979 The climatic signing of the Strategic Arms Limitations Talks took place at last in the magnificent State Hall of the Imperial Hofburg Palace in Vienna today.

President Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev shook hands, sat down, signed the documents, and rose again.

Then suddenly and elated Jimmy Carter threw pomp and protocol to the winds.

Taking a quick step towards the “Old Contemptible”, he threw his arms around his granite shoulders and kissed him Russian-style on both cheeks.

Brezhnev was totally taken aback, while the American Press Corps present responded with a gasp of stunned delight.

Napoleon Beaten in The Mire of Waterloo

Napoleon beaten in the mire of Waterloo on June 18
Napoleon beaten in the mire of Waterloo

1815 British and Prussian forces under the command of the Duke of Wellington and Field Marshal Blucher finally defeated Napoleon in a bloody battle at Waterloo, in Belgium, today.

The fighting started at about 11.30 am and raged ferociously all day.

Initially, Napoleon’s 74,000 men and 246 guns were pitched against Wellington’s army of 67,000 men and 156 guns, but at 1 pm Blucher’s army arrived to join the fray.

The water-logged state of the cornfields made combat conditions even more appalling.

Soldiers fell dead and dying at every turn and soon mutilated bodies were thick on the ground.

Napoleon’s first decided advantage was gained at 6 pm when Wellington’s position fell into his hands.

But the Iron Duke kept a cool head, quickly readjusting his lines and fortifying his torn center.

The desperate fighting was ultimately concluded by a British-Prussian victory.

The total number of casualties on both sides is estimated to be around 62,000.

Mexican Execute Corrupt Emperor

1867 Despite universal appeals for mercy, Emperor Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph was executed by firing squad in Mexico today.

Born in Vienna, the brother of Emperor Francis Joseph and Archduke of Austria, he accepted the crown in 1864.

The position was created by France following its invasion of Mexico in 1863.

Financially and politically, he was wholly dependent on France, and Mexico opposed him from the start.

He further antagonized the country of Mexico by his outrageous extravagance and the inefficiency of his corrupt, intrigue-ridden administration.

In October 1866, Maximilian fled the country with the intention of abdicating. Persuaded to return, he was soon arrested and court-martialled.

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