June 24 in History Events, Birthdays, & News

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June 24

Events on June 24

1314 Led by Robert the Bruce, the Scots defeat the English army at the Battle of bannock burn.

1509 Henry VII of England is crowned.

1519 Death of Lucrezia Borgia, illegitimate daughter of Pope Alexander VI.

1917 The Grand Lodge of English Freemasons is formed in London.

1902 King Edward VII has an emergency appendix operation two days before his planned coronation.

1947 A pilot sees nine unidentifiable circular objects in the sky above Washington state.

1948 The Berlin airlift begins as the Allies fly food and essential supplies to Berliners after the Soviets blockade the city.

1953 Jacqueline Bouvier announces her engagement to US senator John F. Kennedy.

1968 British comedian Tony Hancock commits suicide in Australia.

1973 Eamon de Valer resigns as president of Ireland aged 90.

1978 12 white missionaries were massacred in Rhodesia’s bush war.

1983 Sally Ride becomes the first American woman in space when she blasts off in Challenger with four male astronauts.

1985 Keith Hard castle, Britain’s longest surviving heart transplant patient, dies six years after he received his replacement heart.

Famous Birthdays on June 24

Horatio Herbert, Earl Kitchener 1850, British secretary of state for war in 1914.

Jack Dempsey 1895, American heavyweight boxing champion.

Juan Manuel Fangio 1911, Argentinian racing driver.

Professor Fred Hoyle 1915, British astronomer and notable science-fiction writer.

Claude Chabrol 1930, French film director who is credited with beginning the nouvelle vague.

Quotes from Legendary

I don’t care for war, there’s far too much luck in it for my liking.

- Napoleon III, Emperor of France, following a narrow and bloody French victory at Solferino, 1859.

Historical News on June 24

Women Ordained Anglican Priests

1990 For the first time in the history of Europe two women deacons have been ordained priests of the Anglican Church.

The historic ceremonies were conducted by the Bishop of Connor and took place in St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast, today.

The women are Kathleen Young, a 50-year-old physiotherapist of Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim, and Irene Templeton, 49, from Belfast.

The ordinations follow a two-thirds majority decision by the general synod of the Church of Ireland last month to give women equal opportunity with men.

The Bishop said afterward that the ordinations heralded a new era for the Church.

Home Videos in Zero G

1985 The shuttle Discovery returns to Earth today, having taken millions of French and Arabic viewers on a televised tour of the craft.

Prince Sultan Salman Saud of Saudi Arabia and Colonel Patrick Baudry of Air France took it in turns to float around the cabin telling their respective audiences about the pleasures and peculiarities of the weightless life aloft.

The Prince confessed that praying to Mecca up there made him dizzy.

Colonel Boudry revealed that “in zero-G, you can put your trousers on two legs at a time.”

The shuttle had a flawless rendezvous with the satellite Spartan released into orbit two days earlier.

Spartan was videotaping observations of superheated gases in the constellation Perseus and at the center of the Milky Way.

Custer’s Last Stand

George Armstrong Custer June 24
George Armstrong Custer

1876 General Custer and his men were defeated today in a bloody battle with the Indian chief Crazy Horse and his Sioux warriors.

Custer had been ordered to take his regiment up the Rosebud Creek and into the valley of the Little Bighorn River to ferret out the hostile Indians believed to be camping there.

Early this morning Custer spotted a large Indian village and, unaware that it was harboring more than 1500 fighting men, decided to attack at once.

With Custer’s army totaling about 650 men, it was a lost battle from the start.

The General divided his regiment into four detachments and led his own detachment in an attempted strike on the village’s eastern flank.

He was unable to penetrate with mounted troops, however, and his cavalry was forced to dismount and fight on foot.

The 225 officers and men of Custer’s battalion were overwhelmed and every last one was killed.

Cabot Take Maine Chance

John Cabot sailed into Maine on June 24
John Cabot sailed into Maine

1497 John Cabot sailed into Maine with his sons today just 35 days after leaving Bristol in his ship Matthew.

Armed with letters patent from King Henry VII authorizing him to discover and possess lands “unknown to all Christians”, he immediately went ashore and finalized ownership.

Cabot’s real name Giovanni Caboto is a Venetian explorer in the service of the English crown.

Cabot’s mission, and the purpose for which he came to England in the first place, is to find an alternative westward route to “the Indies”.

1901 An exhibition of work by Pablo Picasso, a new young Spanish painter, opened at the Ambrose Vollard gallery in Paris today.

Because of the restricted space, the works have been hung from floor to ceiling.

There is some interesting work on display, notably the Old Harlot and Dwarf Dancer.

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