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Events on May 02

1907 Riots broke out in Rawalpindi, British India, and spread to Punjab over increased land and water revenue and forced labor.

1923 Lieutenants Kelly and Macready make the first non-stop flight across America in 27 hours, travelling from Long Island to San Diego in a Fokker T-2.

1957 Death of Senator Joe McCarthy, who led the communist witch-hunts in 1950s America.

1965 The first satellite television programmer links nine countries and more than 300 million viewers.

1972 Death of J Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI.

1989 China imposes martial law as pro-democracy demonstrators camp in Tiananmen Square.

2011 President Obama announces that Osama Bin Laden has been killed by US troops in a Pakistan compound.

2012 Lionel Messi broke Guard Muller’s 39-year old record by scoring 68 goals in a single European football season.

Famous Birthdays on May 02

Catherine II 1729, Empress of Russia who gained the throne in 1762 in a coup in which her husband, Peter III, was murdered.

Theodor Herzl 1860, Austrian journalist who propounded the idea of a Jewish state and became first president of the World Zionist Organization in 1897.

Baron Manfred von Richthofen 1892, German air force officer who was nicknamed the “Red Baron” by the British because he flew a red Fokker in World War 1.

Bing Crosby 1904, American singer and actor whose “white Christmas” is the biggest-selling single ever recorded.

Dr. Benjamin Spock 1903, American pediatrician whose books influenced generations of mothers.

David Beckham 1975, English football player with 115 international caps, more than any other English outfield player.

Quotes from Legend

Jakie, is it my birthday, or am I dying?

- Nancy, Viscountess Astor, US-born British politician - her last words, said today to her son, who replied: “A bit of both Mum.” 1964.

Historical News on May 02

Renaissance Man Moves on

Leonardo da Vinci dead on May 02
Leonardo da Vinci

1519 The Florentine painter Leonardo da Vinci died at Cloux in France at the age of 67.

In an era of artistic genius he shared with the universally talented Michelangelo, the dazzling painters Titian and Raphael, and Bramante, the giant of architecture, Leonardo was perhaps the greatest of them all.

Born in Vinci, the illegitimate son of a notary, he trained in Florence under Verrocchio.

His most famous works are indubitably the mural The Last Supper and the portrait Mona Lisa.

Leonardo was a court artist to the Duke of Milan for 18 years as well as a civil and military engineer, and an expert mathematician and biologist, a grinder of lenses, a designer of clock mechanisms, of devices for transmitting energy, even of flying machines.

In his quest for understanding the natural world, he studied birds in flight, swirling streams, and rock strata, his amazingly acute eye freezing motion in sketches and diagrams.

After the French invasion of Milan in 1499, he returned to Florence, becoming a military engineer and architect to Cesare Borgia.

Leonardo was as great a scientist as he was an artist.

To him, art and science were one, part of the search for knowledge.

Seldom has a search been so rewarded.

Leonardo leaves an immensely rich body of work.

Furore Over Sinking of The General Belgrano

1982 The Argentine cruiser General Belgrano was torpedoed and sunk today by the British submarine Conqueror – 30 miles (48 km) outside the 200-mile (320 km) “exclusion zone” Britain has declared around the Falkland Islands.

Some 360 crewmen perished. The Argentinian government has denounced the attack as “a treacherous act of armed aggression”, but British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher insists that the cruiser posed a threat.

A Royal Navy task force set sail last month for the Falklands to dislodge Argentinian forces that occupied the British islands on April 4.

Last week a British advance force recaptured the island of South Georgia.

Argentina has for many years laid claim to the Falklands.

Pink Floyd’s Hit is Black Anthem

pink floyd's hit is black anthem
Pink Floyd's hit is black anthem

1980 British rock group Pink Floyd’s hit single “Another Brick in the Wall” was banned by the South African government today.

Rebellious black school children have adopted the song as an anthem.

The brutally suppressed nationwide riots of 1976 were started by black school children rejecting the racist government’s education system, which spends six times as much educating a white child as a black child.

Now the young protesters chant Pink Floyd’s lines.

“We don’t ” want no education, we don’t want no thought control.”

Banning the song is not likely to stop them singing it – nor meaning it.

1952 Jet-age travel was born today as de Havilland Comet jet airliner with 36 passengers aboard took off from London for Johannesburg on the first scheduled jet flight.

The British Overseas Airways Corporation flight is scheduled to take 18 hours, flying via Rome, Beirut, Khartoum, Entebbe, and Living-stone.

It made its maiden flight in July 1949.

Death of Osama Bin Laden

2011 Osama bin Laden, the former head of the Islamist militant group AI-Qaeda, and top of the US Most Wanted list, was killed in Pakistan by US forces.

The operation, code-named “Operation Neptune Spear”, was ordered by United States President Barack Obama and carried out in a Central Intelligence Agency-led operation The raid on bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad culminated in what was described as “a firefight”.

U.S. forces took bin Laden’s body to Afghanistan for identification, then buried it at sea within 24 hours of his death.

Announcing the success of the operation, Mr. Obama said it was “the most significant achievement to date in our nation’s effort to defeat AL-Qaeda”.

One of bin Laden’s sons was also killed in the attack.

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