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Events on May 03

1654 The first toll bridge in America opens in Massachusetts.

1788 The first daily evening newspaper, the Star and Evening Advertiser, is published in London.

1808 Above Paris, one of the contestants is shot dead in the first duel to be fought from hot air balloons.

1810 English poet Lord Byron takes one hour and 20 minutes to swim the Dardanelles strait in Turkey.

1917 The first US destroyers arrived in Britain to join the naval forces ranged against the Germans in World War I.

1958 Death of Henry Cornelius, South Africa-born British film director whose most notable films are the comedies Passport to Pamlico and Genevieve.

1969 Pop star Jimi Hendrix is arrested at Toronto airport for illegally possessing narcotics.

2008 More than 84,000 people die and many more are left homeless as Cyclone Nargis causes widespread devastation in Myanmar.

2010 Ajmal Kasab, the only surviving terrorist of the 2008 Mumbai attacks, is convicted of murder, conspiracy and waging war against India.


Niccolo Machiavelli 1469, Italian political theorist who wrote The Prince in 1532, in which he argued that all means are permissible to achieve a stable state.

Golda Meir 1898, Israeli politician who became prime minister at the age of 70.

Mary Astor 1906, American film actress most notable in The Maltese Falcon and The Great Lie.

Pete Seeger 1919, American folk singer.

Sugar Ray Robinson 1921, American world middleweight and welterweight boxing champion.

Peter Oosterhout 1948, British golfer.

James Brown 1933, American soul singer.

Quotes from Legend

In Flanders Fields, the poppies blow, Between the crosses, row on row, That marks our place.

- John McCrae, Canadian poet, written on this day, 1915.

Historical News on May 03

Best-Selling Romance for Hollywood?

1937 American writer Margaret Mitchell has won a Pulitzer Prize for her first novel, Gone With The wind.

The 1,000-page romance, published last year, sold a million copies in the first six months.

Set in Georgia, the novel portrays the destruction of the old South during the Civil War as wilful heroine Scarlett O’Hara struggles to regain her family’s lost possessions.

Her lovers, one a gentle aristocrat, the other as unscrupulous as Scarlett herself, are a symbol of the harsh new order’s triumph over the old.

There are rumors of discussion over film rights.

Czech Officials Made to Blush Over Pink Tank

In 1991 Czech President Vaclav Havel’s foreign ministry apologized to the Soviet ambassador in Prague today over the “vandalism” that had “desecrated” a Soviet war memorial in the city.

Two days ago an art student painted a Russian tank pink.

He said it was “out of place in the current climate of disarmament”.

The incident is a symbol of continuing Czech confusion over the Soviet role.

Prague remembers both the Russian tanks that crushed the “Prague Spring” of 1968 and those that liberated the city from the Nazis in 1945.

Today the tank was painted green, read for Independence Day.

Columbus China Trip Finds Jamaica Instead

Columbus china trip finds Jamaica instead on May 03
Columbus china trip finds Jamaica instead on May 03

1494 On his second voyage across the Atlantic in search of a westward route to the East, the Italian navigator Christopher Columbus today discovered Jamaica, a tropical paradise of forests and mountains.

But it is not the fabled Orient, and the fleet is turning back to Isabella, the colony Columbus Founded on Hispaniola last month. Columbus returned to Spain last year on his first voyage west, carrying gold and some of the native people, and claiming to have reached islands off the coast of Asia.

Encouraged, Queen Isabella funded the second voyage much more generously than the first, providing 17 ships and 1,500 men.

But Columbus has found no trace of the court of China and its gold, only a succession of beautiful islands people by primitive Indians.

The 39 sailors Columbus left on Hispaniola on the first voyage have been killed by the Indians, he has found very little gold, and the new colony is proving troublesome.

Columbus can expect a cool reception at court when he returns to Spain this time.

Bourbons Take The Biscuit

1814 France has a Bourbon king again after 22 years of revolution and conquest under Napoleon Bonaparte.

Louis XVIII entered Paris today and took the throne following Napoleon’s defeat by the allies and his forced abdication and exile to Elba last month.

When Louis wrote to Napoleon from exile 12 years ago, asking him to restore the monarchy, Napoleon replied: “You must not expect to return to France. It would mean marching over a hundred thousand corpses.”

But it is Napoleon that has left Europe strewn with corpses, and Louis returned without a fight.

He had fled France early in the Revolution and proclaimed himself king in exile when his nephew, Louis XVII, was guillotined.

Talleyrand is to be the king’s foreign minister.

Britain Fetes The New Elizabethan Age

Britain fetes the new Elizabethan age on May 03
George VI and Elizabeth opened the Festival of Britain

1951 The South Bank of the River Thames in London lit up this evening as King George VI and Queen Elizabeth opened the Festival of Britain.

The five-month festival is designed to disperse the grey post-war cloud with a bright vision of Britain’s future.

Clusters of illuminations and the revolutionary architecture of the Dome of Discovery and the Festival Hall have drastically changed the South Bank, which was destroyed in the London Blitz.

Festival entertainments include a large funfair, sculptures, a railway, and the Festival Pleasure Gardens.

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