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Events on May 04

1799 Tipu Sahib, the formidable warrior Sultan of Mysore in southern India. Fights to the death when the British overwhelm his capital at Seringapatam.

1839 The Cunard shipping line was founded by Sir Samuel Cunard.

1904 Charles Rolls and Henry Royce sign a provisional agreement to collaborate in the production of Rolls-Royce cars.

1970 Journalist Seymour Hirsch wins the Pulitzer Prize for his reporting of the My Lai massacre in Vietnam, when American troops killed the inhabitants of My Lai village, women and children included.

1980 Yugoslavian President Tito (Josip Broz) died aged 87, having ruled his country since 1953.

1983 President Reagan announces his backing for the Nicaraguan Contras in their conflict with the Sandinistas.

1989 Christine Jorgensen, former US Army private who caused a storm when she had the first-ever sex change operation in 1952, dies of cancer.

2000 The Love Bug virus wreaks havoc with computers all over the world.

Famous Birthdays on May 04

Bartolommeo Cristofori 1655, Italian harpsichord-maker and inventor of the piano.

John Manning Speke 1827, English explorer to see Lake Victoria and who, on a later expedition, identified it as the source of the Nile.

Alice Liddell 1852. English inspiration for Alice in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Audrey Hepburn 1929, Belgian-born actress whose most notable films were Roman Holiday, War and Peace. Funny Face and Wait Until Dark.

Tammy Wynette 1942, American country and western singer best known for her song “Stand By Your Man”.

Quotes from Legend

When dissent turns to violence it invites tragedy.

- Richard M. Nixon, US President, commenting on the shooting of rioting students at Kent State University today, 1970.

Historical News on May 04

Indo-Pak Relations Turn Sour

India Pakistan relations turn sour on May 04
India Pakistan relations turn sour on May 04

1999 Despite relative calm between India and Pakistan since the 1971 Indo-Pak War, Lesions have been escalating due to separatist activities in Kashmir.

As a result of the diplomatic efforts of both governments to maintain peace the Lahore Declaration of 1999 was signed earlier this year promising a bilateral solution to the Kashmir conflict.

However, it is alleged that Pakistani Armed Forces have been training and arming troops for an insurgent attack into the Indian Territory.

Yesterday an attack was reported by local shepherds in the Kargil region of the Jammu and Kashmir army placing patrols along the Line of Control.

Vietnam Protesters Killed at Kent State

Vietnam protesters killed at Kent state on May 04
Vietnam protesters killed at Kent state on May 04

1970 US National Guardsmen shot and killed State University in Ohio today.

The dead students, two men, and two women were taking part in a massed antiwar protest when the soldiers fired into the unarmed crowd.

Nine students were wounded.

Two more students were shot dead at Jackson State University. Mississippi.

The killing followed three days of student rioting in which the National Guard used bayonets, teargas, and finally bullets.

Thousands of students came out today in defiance of a state ban on all public meetings.

The nationwide campus demonstrations erupted after President Richard Nixon sent US troops into Cambodia last week.

1982 A British destroyer, HMS Sheffield, has been sunk in the Falklands War, with 22 crewmen killed and many burned.

Sheffield was hit without warning by an Exocet missile launched from 20 miles (32 km) away by an Argentinian Air Force fighter-bomber not seen on the shop’s radar.

The Royal Navy has no defense against Exocets.

Both missile and fighter are French-made.

Maggie Jubilant

1979 Britain’s first woman prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, moved into 10 Downing Street today after a resounding election win that gives her Conservative government a majority of 43 seats in parliament.

A jubilant Thatcher said she felt an “aura of calm”.

Married to a businessman and the Mother of two, she is a grocer’s daughter.

She espouses a monetarist economic policy.

She took the reins of the Conservative Party in 1975 after ousting Edward Heath.

Today she promised a complete transformation of Britain’s economic and industrial climate.

Thatcher is planning a war on inflation, privatization of the nationalized industries, and a curb on trade union power.

“Hands off”, the Trades Union Council warned her tonight.

But Thatcher-watchers say it is unwise to underestimate her.

Maoris Strike Back

1863 A 23-year running conflict in New Zealand erupted today in a pitched battle between Maoris and British settlers at Taranaki.

A Maori leader, Rewi Maniapoto, has been urging his people to rise up and kill Westerners, and three weeks ago a war party attacked and killed eight British soldiers.

There are growing signs of a widespread rebellion.

The Maoris accuse the settlers of cheating them out of their land.

The settlement has spread rapidly despite the Treaty of Waitangi, which enshrined Maori rights in 1840, and conflict has spread with it.

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