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Events on May 05

1760 The first hanging takes place at Tyburn, at the north-east edge of Hyde Park, London, when Earl Ferrer pays the penalty for murdering his valet.

1865 The first train robbery was carried out, in Ohio.

1920 Bartolomeo Vanzetti and Nicola Sacco are arrested in New York City for possession of anarchist literature.

1930 Mahatma Gandhi is arrested and imprisoned without trial for protesting against the Salt Law. As a result, there is a ‘hartal’ (strike) all across India.

1949 Death of Count Maurice Maeterlinck, Belgian poet and leading dramatist of the Symbolist movement who wrote The Blue Bird.

1955 The post-war occupation of Germany officially ends as the Allied High Commissioners meet for the last time in Berlin and Germany regains sovereignty, with the country split into two parts, East and West.

1963 Britain’s first satellite is launched from Vander burg air base, California.

1967 Scott Mackenzie’s flower power anthem “San Francisco” enters the US singles charts.

1972 Death of the Rev Gary Davis, blind blues guitarist.

1988 Japanese television broadcasts the first transmission from the summit of Mount Everest.

Famous Birthdays on May 05

Soren Kierkegaard 1813, Danish philosopher and prolific writer whose influence was seen in 20th-century existentialism.

Karl Marx 1818, German philosopher, economist and revolutionary, author of Das Kapital.

Tyrone Power 1913, American actor whose many films include The Mark of Zorro, Alexander’s Ragtime Band and The Sun Also Rises.

Michael Palin 1943, British comedian, actor and writer who first became known as a member of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Quotes from Legend

I used to say of him that his presence on the field made the difference of 40,000 men.

- Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, on Napoleon, who died in exile on St Helena today, 1821.

Historical News on May 05

Crusaders Flee Fallen Stronghold

1291 Egypt’s Mamelukes overwhelmed the last Christian stronghold in the Holy Land today.

Sultan Qalawun’s army battered the Crusader fortress port of Acre into submission.

Giant catapults lobbed bombs over the walls while engineers burrowed under them and then blew them up with gunpowder.

As the Egyptian troops poured in, crusaders fled to the port, fighting for places in the few remaining boats to escape to Christian Cyprus.

Most were captured. The sultan attacked Acre because the crusaders had broken a truce and slaughtered every Muslim in the town.

He has sent his captives 1,000 Christian knights, their foot soldiers, women, and children to the slave market at Damascus.

1961 Alan B. Shepard today became the first American in space.

His tiny Mercury spacecraft, Freedom 7, blasted off from Cape Canaveral atop a Red-stone rocket for a 15-minute sub-orbital flight, reaching an altitude of 116 miles (186 km) before a splashdown 303 miles (488 km) downrange.

The US is still well behind the Soviets: on April 12 Russian Yuri Gagarin blasted into orbit for 108 minutes and circled the Earth before landing safely.

Napoleon is Dead

Napoleon is dead on May 05
Napoleon is dead on May 05

1821 Napoleon Bonaparte died today in exile on the remote British island of St Helena.

He was 51. The military genius known as “The Little Corporal”, Emperor of France and conqueror of Europe, could not survive more than six years in such a restricted person.

“There is no more oil in the lamp,” he told Montholon, his secretary, late last year, III since then, he fell into a coma today and died a few hours later.

In France he is widely revered, the legend underpinned by the memoirs he wrote in exile.

His British captors had no hand in his death – though they did everything to make his life a misery, plaguing him with petty restrictions even during his illness.

Napoleon had lost the three great loves of his life.

France, power, and his empress.

He rejected her in 1810 because she had not given him a male heir.

She died seven years ago, but today, the last word Napoleon spoke was “Josephine”.

Paris Riots Swell

Paris riots swell on May 05
Paris riots swell on May 05

1968 Paris was torn violence today as 30,000 students ripped up the streets to make barricades and student “commando squads” clashed with riot police, answering the police tear gas grenades with a hail of bricks and Molotov cocktails.

Six hundred and fifty students were injured, and 350 police.

The first demonstrations, six weeks ago, were anti-American, but student arrests prompted student leader “Danny the Red” Cohn-Bendit to stage a mass sit-in at the university.

Two days ago the riot police broke it up, bringing accusations of police brutality and today’s riots.

Tonight the city awaits the mass demonstration planned at the Arc de Triomphe for tomorrow morning.

It is unlikely to remain peaceful.

Meanwhile, millions of dissatisfied workers are said to be moving towards support for the left-wing students.

Sas Dares to Storm Embassy

1980 As millions watched live on television, commandos of Britain’s secret Special Air Services stormed the Iranian Embassy in London’s fashionable Knightsbridge to break a six-day terrorist siege.

The gang was demanding the release of political prisoners in Iran.

The commandos attacked without hesitation after the terrorists started to shoot hostages.

The commandos killed four of the five gunmen and freed 19 surviving hostages.

The embassy building was gutted.

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