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Events on May 07

1663 The Theatre Royal in Drury Lane opens with a performance of The Humorous Lieutenant by Francis Beaumount and John Fletcher.

1823 In spite of his deafness, Beethoven conducted the first performance of his “Ninth Symphony”.

1832 Greece is declared an independent kingdom under British, French and Russian protection.

1847 The American Medical Association was founded.

1907 The first electric tramway service in Bombay, India, commences from the Municipal Office to Crawford market.

1918 A peace treaty between Romania and the Central Powers is ratified.

1926 The voting age for British women is lowered from 30 to 21.

1942 Japanese and American naval forces engage in the Coral Sea.

1943 Allied forces capture Tunis from the Germans.

2010 Conservative party leader David Cameron forms the first coalition government in the UK since World War II.

Famous Birthdays on May 07

Robert Browning 1812, English poet who found popular success with works such as “The Last Duchess”.

Johannes Brahms 1833, German composer who wrote piano and violin concertos, four symphonies, choral works and chamber music.

Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky 1840, Russian composer chiefly known for his ballets Swan Lake and The Nutcracker.

Rabindranath Tagore 1861, Indian novelist, poet, painter and freedom fighter.

Gray Cooper 1901, American actor and heartthrob who won Oscars for Sergeant York and High Noon.

Eva Peron 1919, Actress, wife of Argentine President Juan Peron and popular “Spiritual Leader”.

Quotes from Legend

I let down my friends, I let down my country, I let down our system of government.

- Richard Nixon, speaking today, 1977.

Historical News on May 07

Scientist can Clone Abe Lincoln’s Genes

1991 A team of geneticists at Johns Hopkins University was given permission today to clone genes from the remains of US President Abraham Lincoln, assassinated in 1865.

They will work with bloodstains, bone chips, and samples of his hair still preserved.

Lincoln is thought to have inherited Marfan’s syndrome, characterized by tallness, long arms, and a weak heart.

The scientists want to test whether Lincoln really had it.

Watergate Pulitzer for Woodstein

Won the Pulitzer prize to Bob Woodward and carl Bernstein on May 07
Won the Pulitzer prize to Bob Woodward and carl Bernstein

1973 With US President Richard M. Nixon under increasing pressure to admit a White House cover-up, the Washington Post today won the Pulitzer Prize for the work of investigative reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein scandal.

Woodward and Berstein now are widely known as “Woodstein” has been relentless in unraveling the tangle of deceit behind the illegal break-in and wire-tapping at the Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate complex in Washington last June by Nixon re-election campaign members.

A White House investigation concluded that administration officials were not involved, and six months after the break-in Nixon was re-elected in a historic landslide.

But his credibility has been damaged as new revelations pushed the suspicion of complicity ever higher, right to the desk in the Oval Office where it was once said: “The buck stops here.”

A week ago, with his most senior aides resigning and facing indictment, Nixon again denied involvement.

In ten days the Senate starts its hearings on the affair.

Nazis Surrender

Nazi Germany surrender on May 07
Nazi Germany surrender on May 07

1945 Nazi Germany surrendered to the Allies early this morning and the war in Europe ended.

German chief-of-staff General Alfred Jodl signed the instrument of unconditional surrender at 2.40 AM and delivered his nation “into the victor’s hands, for better or worse”, as he remarked.

Jodl was met by Britain’s General Suslapatov at General Eisenhower’s headquarters, a small schoolhouse in Rheims, northern France.

The Nazis have collapsed in the last two weeks as the Allies advanced on all sides.

Adolf Hitler killed himself a week ago as his once-mighty war machine was swept away.

Mussolini was shot two days earlier and a million German troops in Italy and Austria surrendered the next day, followed by the German armies in Holland, Denmark, north Germany, and Norway.

Europe lies shattered, but the Nazi horror is over, and victory in the East is only a matter of time.

Quotes from Legend

I was the seventh of nine children When you come from that far down you have to struggle to survive.

- Robert Kennedy

1888 An ex-bank clerk named George Eastman, 34, put a new kind of camera on the American market today with the sales pitch: “You press the button, we do the rest.”

Eastman’s Kodak camera is a simple black box with a viewer, a lens, a lever for the film, and a button.

It comes preloaded with enough of Eastman’s new fast, flexible film for 100 pictures.

French Indo-China Hopes Dashed

1954 “We will not surrender,” French General de Castries told army headquarters in Hanoi as Viet Minh insurgents overran the besieged fortress of Dien Bien Phu today.

But almost the entire garrison of 16,000 men has been killed.

The victory of the communist forces today marks the end of France’s hopes of retaining her colonies in Indochina after eight years of war.

The next step is the negotiating table.

Meanwhile, President Eisenhower has announced that the US would join in “united action” to prevent a communist takeover in Southeast Asia.

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