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Events on May 08

1873 Death of the English economist, philosopher and reformer John Stuart Mill.

1849 In the first international yacht race, Bermudan boat Pearl beat the American Brenda.

1880 Death of French novelist Gustave Flaubert, author of Madame Bovary, Salammbô and La Tentation de Saint Antoine.

1921 Sweden abolishes the death penalty.

1924 Afrikaans became the official language of South Africa.

1945 Street parties are held all over Britain as VE Day is celebrated, marking the end of World War II in Europe.

1947 Department store magnate Harry Gordon Selfridge dies, leaving only £1,544.

1955 Hiroshima victims arrive in the USA for plastic surgery.

1959 Dalai Lama is barred from campaigning for Tibetan independence in India. India wants to maintain friendly relations with Communist China.

1961 Former British diplomat George Blake is Jailed for 42 years for spying for the Soviets.

1977 Dutch art dealer Peter Menten goes on trial in Amsterdam, charged with murdering Polish Jews in 1941 for financial gain.

1990 Estonia adopts its 1938 constitution and affirms independence.

Famous Birthdays on May 08

Henri Dunant 1828, Swiss philosopher who was the inspiration behind the founding of the Red Cross.

Harry S. Truman 1884, American President who ordered the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Sonny Liston 1932, American heavyweight boxing champion.

Sir David Attenborough 1926, English broadcaster and naturalist who has been the face and voice of the BBC’s natural history programming for over 50 years.

Quotes from Legend

I have got an infamous army, very weak and ill-equipped, and a very inexperienced staff.

- The Duke of Wellington, in a letter to Lord Stewart at the beginning of the Waterloo campaign today 1815.

Historical News on May 08

Peasant Girl Recaptures Orleans

Peasant girl recaptures Orleans on May 08
Peasant girl recaptures Orleans on May 08

1429 Franee’s warrior maiden, Joan of Arc, today led the Dauphin’s troops to victory over the English laying siege to Orleans.

Clad in full amour, the inspired and inspirational peasant girl drove the Earl of Salisbury and his 5,000 men back over the Loire.

The English knight’s goal is yet more French land, while Joan’s army fought with the religious fervor of crusaders which is what they are.

Since she was 13, Joan has heard holy “voices” giving her the mission to rid France of the English.

Today, still in her amour, Joan gave thanks to God for her victory, which turns the tide against the enemies from across the Channel.

Alex Ferguson Calls Time After 26 Years

2013 Alex Ferguson, the most successful club manager in British football history, has retired after 26 years in charge of Manchester United.

He won 25 trophies in his time at Old Trafford, including 13 league titles and two Champions Leagues.

Known for his fiery temper and intense competitive streak, Ferguson oversaw a number of winning Manchester United sides, and managed high-profile players such as David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney.

His successor has the massive challenge of continuing the club’s success with Ferguson’s shadow looming from the director’s box, where he will take up a role of ambassador.

Ferguson leaves the club in a great position, with Manchester United lifting their record 20th league trophy at his last home game in charge.

1902 The town of St Pierre on the Caribbean island of Martinique was obliterated within minutes today as the nearby Mt Peele volcano erupted unexpectedly.

Only two of the 30,000 inhabitants have survived.

The volcano had shown increased signs of activity.

Quotes from Legend

Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country.

- Margaret Thatcher, 1979.

Nazi Criminals go Unchallenged in UK

1991 A British government investigation shortly after World War II identified dozens of Nazi war criminals living in Britain but no action was taken and the report was kept secret for 40 years.

It detailed SS men, members of death squads and notoriously cruel and perverse death camp doctors among the 2,00,000 post war East European immigrants to Britain.

But the investigation, run by M15 intelligence men, was not looking for Nazis but for Communist sympathizers and potential Communist agents.

The report came to light in the wake of the new War Criminals Act which became law this week.

Home Secretary Kenneth Baker is expected to give the M15 report to a police team at London’s Scotland Yard which has already started investigating war criminals in Britain.

1200 Lost As U-Boat Sinks Lusitania

Irishmen avenge the Lusitania on May 08
Irishmen avenge the Lusitania

1915 The Cunard transatlantic liner Lusitania was sunk today off Ireland by German torpedoes when a U-boat stuck without warning.

Of the 1924 people aboard, 1,200 are feared drowned, including at least 50 infants.

The U-boat fired two torpedoes, and the huge ship, queen of the Cunard fleet, sank in 20 minutes.

There is widespread outrage at the attack, particularly in neutral America 120 of those missing are Americans, and they include associates of President Woodrow Wilson.

When war broke out in Europe last August Americans, almost to a man, wanted nothing to do with it, and the President vowed to keep the US neutral.

But US shipping has been harassed and in February the Germans threw a U-boat blockade around Britain, declaring all vessels fair game to torpedoes.

Today the Germans said the Lusitania was carrying munitions, and that they had advertised in New York newspapers warning Americans not to sail on her.

But public sympathy is strongly against them, and President Wilson has sent a furious protest to Germany, demanding reparations and an instant halt to unrestricted submarine attacks.


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