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Events on May 09

1657 Death of Pilgrim Father William Bradford, Governor of Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts.

1805 Death of German poet and playwright Friedrich Schiller.

1903 French Post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin dies at his home on the Polynesian island of Hiva Oa.

1904 Death of Sir Henry Morton Stanley, British explorer and journalist who was sent to Africa to find Dr Livingstone.

1911 The British parliament agrees to Home Rule for Ireland.

1918 British troops block the German army’s attack on Ostend, Belgium.

1926 American explorer Richard Byrd becomes the first person to fly over the North Pole.

1946 Victor Emmanuel III of Italy abdicates in favor of Prince Umberto.

1962 The Beatles signed a recording contract with EMI’s Parlophone label.

1972 Israeli troops storm a hijacked jet at Jerusalem, freeing 92 passengers held hostage by Palestinian Black September terrorists.

1978 The body of kidnapped Italian statesman Aldo Moro is found in a car in central Rome. He had been shot 11 times.

1991 William Kennedy Smith, nephew of Senator Edward Kennedy, is charged with sexual battery.

Famous Birthdays on May 09

John Brown 1800, American abolitionist.

J.M Barrie 1860, Scottish dramatist best-known for Peter Pan.

Gopal Krishna Gokhale 1866, Indian freedom fighter and political leader.

Panucho Gonzalez 1928, American tennis player who won the US men’s singles title eight times.

Glenda Jackson 1936, British actress whose films include the Oscar-winning Women in Love and A touch of Class.

Quotes from Legend

There aren’t any good, brave causes left. If the big bang does will be about as pointless and inglorious as stepping in front of a bus.

- John Osborne, from Look back in Anger.

Quotes from Legend

Yeah, some of them are about 10 minutes long, others five or six.

- Bob Dylan, asked to comment on his songs in an interview, 1965.

Historical News on May 09

Osborne’s Angry Reality

Osborne angry reality on May 09
Osborne angry reality

1956 Look Back in Anger, the first play about an angry young man by John Osborne, opened tonight in London to reviews that ranged from indignant through puzzled to dazzled.

The critics had lots of nasty things to say about Jimmy Porter, the play’s “hero”, but he’s not supposed to be likable, Jimmy is an educated working-class youth with a middle-class wife, and his bitter railings at the mindless manners, smug values, and entrenched class system bring them both to grief.

Heroes are obsolete in Jimmy’s grey welfare-state Britain.

Critic Kenneth Tynan said Jimmy represents post-war youth “as it really is”, and called it “the best young play of the decade”.

Singer Bob Dylan

90,000 tickets for Bob Dylan on May 09
90,000 Tickets for Bob Dylan

1978 All 90,000 tickets for Bob Dylan’s forthcoming performances at Earls Court in London were sold out in just eight hours today.

Dylan started a world tour in Japan in March, and the London show opens the European leg of the tour.

For this tour, Dylan has refashioned his 60s classics to make them suitable for an electric rock group and female chorus.

He has included tracks from an attractive new album, “Street Legal”, which is currently edging its way towards the UK charts.

Australia Opens Showcase Parliament

1988 Australia’s new Parliament House in Canberra was inaugurated today in a glittering ceremony attended by Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke and Queen Elizabeth II of England.

The House, which took over 10 years to build, has been planned as a showcase for Australian art with many specially commissioned works from Australia’s leading sculptors, painters, and craftspeople incorporated into the fabric of the building.

Most notable among these is a vast tapestry that dominates the Great Hall, covering the whole of the main wall.

The tapestry, reproduced from a painting by Australia’s premier artist, Arthur Boyd, was four years in the making by the Victorian Tapestry Workshop which followed with minute precision every nuance of color and change of the line of Boyd’s work.

The inauguration comes 87 years to the day since Australia’s first federal parliament met in Melbourne.

God’s Stand for Election

1991 Despite temperatures of 113degree F (45degree C), aging politician N.T. Rama Rao is drawing huge crowds at his campaign meetings in South India.

The adoring crowds don’t care about the weather, for in the minds of a great many voters Rao is an incarnation of God.

This is because Rao, a famous film star, often plays a god, usually Rama, an incarnation of Vishnu, one of the two main Hindu gods.

Riding the Rama ticket, Rao swept to power in the opposition Congress Party stronghold of Andhra Pradesh state eight years ago, becoming chief minister.

Poor performance lost him the job, but a string of hit movies later, his popularity is now vast.

Rao claims he is not seeking re-election but only wants to oust the Congress Party from the state.

Daring Theft of Crown Jewels

1671 An Irish adventurer, Colonel Thomas Blood, talked his way into the Tower of London tonight disguised as a priest.

He smuggled in several armed accomplices and they made off with the crown jewels.

They escaped from the Tower but were arrested soon afterward and are now in jail, awaiting the pleasure of the jewels rightful owner, His Royal Highness King Charles I.

Florence Mourns Brilliant Tyrant

1492 Lorenzo the Magnificent, Medici ruler of Florence, has died aged 43 after a 23-year reign of unequaled cultural brilliance.

Lorenzo, a poet himself, was the patron of a circle of influential philosophers and poets such as Pulci and Politician and artists such as Domenico Ghirlandaio, Fra Filippo Lippi, Andrea del Verrochio, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, plus musicians and architects all the great figures of the time.

Lorenzo was a tyrant, but a most refined one, and his city mourn him.

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