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Events on May 10

1911 Britain announces that paper money is to be legal tender to stave off an economic crisis.

1818 Death of Paul Revere, who made the famous ride from Charlestown to Lexington to warn militiamen of the approach of English troops.

1849 Katsushika Hokusai, the great printmaker legendary for his pictures of “the floating world” dies at 89, asking for “yet another decade”.

1857 Sepoys of the British East India Company’s army in Meerut launch a revolt against the British in India.

1933 The Nazis begin burning books by “ungermane” writers.

1941 Hitler’s deputy, Rudolph Hess, flies to Scotland to attempt peace talks but is imprisoned by the British.

1971 Pop group Jethro Tull played a gig in Denver in a cloud of tear gas after police fired canisters of the gas into the audience.

1977 Death of American film star Joan Crawford.

1981 Francois Mitterrand became President of France on his third attempt.

1990 Robert Maxwell launched the first European newspaper called The European.

Famous Birthdays on May 10

John Wilkes Booth 1838, American assassin who ended the life of Abraham Lincoln.

Dimitri Tomkins 1894, Russian composer who emigrated to the USA and wrote numerous film scores, notably High Noon, The High and the Mighty and Gunfight at the OK Corral.

Fred Astaire 1899, American actor, dancer and singer much loved for movies such as Flying Down to Rio, Top Hat and Follow the Fleet.

Paul “Bono” Hewson 1960, Irish musician with the band U2, and also a tireless campaigner for African humanitarian issues.

Quotes from Legend

Let he who is without sin jail the first Stone.

Protest poster as Rolling Stones members appears in court on drugs charges, 1967.

Historical News on May 10

1967 Mick Jagger and Keith Richard of The Rolling Stones appeared in court in Chichester today to face drug charges.

They were released on bail of £1,000 each and will stand trial by jury at a later date.

Meanwhile, a third Rolling Stone, guitarist Brian Jones, was arrested today when his London apartment was raided by police.

Jones will also face drug charges.

Mandela Sworn in

1994 Leader of the African National Congress party, Nelson Mandela, has been sworn in as the first president of a multiracial South Africa.

The ceremony took place in Pretoria after an overwhelming victory in last month’s elections.

22 Killed in War of Words

1849 Troops tired into a rioting crowd in New York City today, killing 22 and injuring 56.

The crowd had gathered outside the Astor Place Opera House to reveal British actor Charles Macready, who has openly scorned the vulgarity of Americans and American life.

The mob was armed with clubs, paving stones, and bricks.

Stonewall Shot by His Own Troops

Stonewall Jackson is dead on May 10
Stonewall Jackson is dead

1863 The brilliant commander in the Confederate army General T.J. “Stonewall” Jackson is dead.

Shot accidentally by his own troops eight days ago after inflicting a crushing defeat upon the Union army at Chancellorsville in northern Virginia, he developed pneumonia as a result of his wounds and died today.

He was 39, stonewall Jackson graduated from West Point, distinguished himself in the Mexican War, and taught for 10 years at the Virginia Military Institute.

He joined the Confederates in 1861.

As their outnumbered forces fell back at the battle of Bull Run that July, Jackson stood firm “like a stone wall”, said General Barnard Bee winning the day for the South, and his nickname.

Consistently successful in battle.

Jackson’s death is a great loss to the South.

Churchill Will Fight

Winston Churchill will fight on May 10
Winston Churchill will fight

1940 Following furious arguments in Parliament over military bungling in Norway, Winston Churchill has replaced Neville Chamberlain as British prime minister and is forming an all-party war government.

Meanwhile, news came that Adolf Hitler’s troops had stormed Holland and Belgium.

If Belgium falls, the Maginot Line, the main British defence, will be broken.

In Westminster today rebel Tory MPs refused to back Chamberlain unless the opposition Labour and Liberal Parties were brought into an emergency government, but Labour refused to serve under Chamberlain, pre-war champion of appeasement with Hitler.

Chamberlain then resigned in favour of Lord Halifax, the foreign secretary.

But Labour MPs rejected Halifax in favour of Churchill.

With Britain in dire peril, he promised his people nothing but “blood, toil, tears and sweat”.

US Railroad Links East and West

1869 The east and west coasts of the US were linked today by a transcontinental railroad.

Brands played and crowds of railwaymen cheered as the Central Pacific Railroad from the west, and the Union Pacific Railroad from the east, met in Utah.

Telegraph messages flashed news of the link-up across the nation as the Governor of California brought a sledgehammer down on the final railway spike, made of gold and missed.

The 1,7776 miles (2,858 km) track has taken three years of digging, bridge-building, and tunneling to be completed.

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