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Events on May 14

1796 British physician Edward Jenner carries out the first successful vaccination against smallpox.

1801 Pasha Yusuf Karamanli of Tripoli declares war on the US.

1804 Meriwether Lewis and William Clark set out from ST Louis to find an overland route to the Pacific.

1847 HMS Driver arrives at Spithead on the South coast of England, completing the first round the world voyage by a steamship.

1900 The second modern Olympic Games open in Paris and this time women are allowed to compete.

1948 Atlantic Records was founded in the USA by Ahmet Ertegun, son of the Turkish ambassador to the USA.

1955 The Easter bloc signs the Warsaw Pact.

1956 A British frogman disappears while bugging the underside of President Khrushchev’s warship in Portsmouth.

1968 French workers go on a one-day strike to support demonstrating students.

1987 A coup takes place in Fiji, aimed at curbing the influence of Indian migrants in government.

1990 Anti-Semitism resurfaces in France with the desecration of a Jewish grave at Carpentras cemetery.

Famous Birthdays on May 14

Otto Klemperer 1885, German conductor particularly renowned for his interpretations of Beethoven symphonies.

Mrinal Sen 1923, Bengali filmmaker Bhuvan Shome initiated the ‘New Cinema’ film movement in India.

Bobby Darin 1936, American pop singer who reached the charts with “Splish Splash” and “Mack the Knife”.

Quotes from Legend

Every director bites the hand that lays the golden egg.

- Sam Goldwyn, film producer, 1939.

Historical News on May 14

Fanatical Monk Stabs King

1610 France’s Good King Henry IV was murdered today as he rode in his carriage in Paris.

A Fanatical Catholic monk, Francois Ravaillae, jumped onto the carriage wheel when the coach stopped in the traffic and plunged a dagger into the King’s chest.

Ravaillae’s aim was to stop the King’s planned war against Catholic Spain and Austria.

Henry ended 50 years of religious war in France and won wide popularity through his reconstruction of the devastated country.

He is succeeded by his son, Louis XIII, who is eight.

Goldwyn Back in The Big Time

1939 Hollywood film producer Sam Goldwyn took control of United Artists today buying Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, and Douglas Fairbanks, who founded the movie corporation in 1919 with director D.W. Griffiths.

Goldwyn sold his interest in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) in 1924 and has since been an independent producer.

He is currently producing Wuthering Heights with director William Wyler.

A Polish immigrant, Goldwyn is famous for his unusual turns of phrase.

1973 Space exploration entered a new era today as the US space station for weeks on end.

Skylab is the converted third stage of a Saturn 5 rocket.

Israel Born in Fire

Israel born in fire on May 14
Israel born in fire

1948 With eight hours still to run before the British mandate in Palestine runs out, the torn nation’s 400,000 Jews today proclaimed the Zionist state of Israel and threw open the doors to Jewish immigrants, banned since 1944.

US President Harry Truman immediately recognized the Jewish state.

Meanwhile, the battle raged on between Jews and Arabs in a civil war that has claimed thousands of lives this year, and the Arab armies ranged around the new state prepared for invasion.

With Britain’s troops withdrawing, the 30,000 strong Jewish defense, Haganah, is on a full-scale war footing.

After centuries as a scattered, persecuted nation, the Jew’s determination is fearsome.

Mighty Nile Succumbs To Progress

Nile succumbs to progress on May 14
Nile succumbs to progress

1964 Egypt’s President Gamal Abdel Nasser and the Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev today pressed a button, a huge sand barrier exploded and the River Nile changed its course.

The river had to be diverted to build the next stage of the Aswan High Dam which is being funded by the USSR.

It will cost $1 billion, but the dam will turn nearly a million acres of desert into irrigated farmland and will double Egypt’s electricity output.

Work started four years ago and the huge wall 17 times the size of the Great Pyramid will be finished in 1970.

The dam will create a lake 6 miles (9.5 km) wide and 350 miles (503 km) long, displacing about 1,00,000 people and inundating many of the ancient sites of the Pharaohs.

Egypt has put the needs of the people before its historic remains.

However, an international appeal is raising funds to have the temples and tombs moved to safety.

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