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Events on May 27

1564 Death of French Protestant reformer John Calvin.

1657 Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell refuses parliament’s offer of title of King of England.

1703 Russian tsar Peter the Great proclaims ST Petersburg the new capital of Russia.

1851 Adolf Anderssen of Germany wins the first chess International Master tournament, held in London.

1900 Belgium becomes the first country to elect a government by proportional representation.

1957 Buddy Holly and the Crickets released their first record.

1963 Jomo Kenyatta becomes the first prime minister of Kenya.

1977 Punk band the Sex Pistols release the single “God Save the Queen” in the UK.

1988 In Canada, a man was acquitted of murdering his mother because he was sleepwalking.

He drove to her home, hit her with an iron bar and then stabbed her.

1994 Novelist Alexander Solzhenitsyn returns to Russia after 20 years in exile.

Famous Birthdays on May 27

James “Wild Bill” Hickok 1837, American frontiersman and US marshal.

Amelia Bloomer 1818, American women’s rights campaigner who invented the loose trousers gathered at the ankle and wore a shorter skirt which gained the name “bloomers”.

Isadora Duncan 1878, American dancer who pioneered a new style which greatly influenced modern dance.

Vincent Price 1911, American actor who starred in numerous horror movies.

Sam Snead 1912, American golfer who won 135 tournaments between 1936 and 1965.

Henry Kissinger 1923, German born US secretary of state who shared the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973 with Le Duc Tho for his part in ending the Vietnam War.

Quotes from Legend

There is no art which one government sooner learns of another than that of draining money from the pockets of the people.

- Adam Smith, pioneering economist, 1776.

Historical News on May 27

Whole Lotta Trouble Going on For Jerry

whole lotta trouble goin on for jerry on May 27
Whole lotta trouble goin on for jerry

1958 Southern rock star Jerry Lee Lewis has a whole lotta of trouble going on.

“The Killer” has been in the hot seat ever since his Bible school kicked him out because of the way he played the piano at prayer meetings when he abandoned the preacher’s daughter he’d married when he was 16 and took to playing in rough Southern bars.

Then a bunch of good ol’ boys insisted that he marry their sister Jane, never mind the preacher’s daughter, and the following month he divorced the first wife while the second bore him a son.

Meanwhile, his electrifying brand of piano rock was getting somewhere.

He recorded “Whole Lotta Shakin” Goin on which sold six million copies and “Great Balls of Fire”, which sold a million in 10 days.

Last week he arrived in London to start a tour, and reporters discovered the young girl with him was not only his cousin but his third wife, Myra, aged only 13.

That’s not too young for a Southern bride, but widespread public outrage forced the tour to close after only two concerts.

“The killer” is apparently baffled okay, it was bigamy at first, but he then divorced Jane last month.

The young couple flew back to the US today.

Japan Sinks Russian Fleet

1905 Japan has won a great naval victory, annihilating the Russian Baltic fleet sent to relieve Port Arthur.

Only three of the 38 Russian ships escaped from the straits of Tsushima in the Sea of Japan, while Japanese Admiral Togo Heihachiro’s fleet lost just three torpedo boats.

Togo outmaneuvered the Russians and sank all four Russian capital ships including Admiral Nakhimov, reputed to have been carrying $2,000 million in gold and platinum.

The Baltic fleet set sail 18 months ago for Vladivostok.

It was too late to save Port Arthur, which surrendered to Japan on January 2 after a seven-month siege.

On March 10 the Japanese routed the 2,00,000 man Russian army at Mukden.

A humiliated Russia now has no choice but to concede defeat.

Virtuoso’s Final Bow

1840 The illustrious Italian violinist Niccolo Paganini went to his Maker today though opinion is divided on just which maker that might be.

Many are convinced that the Devil himself played Paganini’s violin for him.

His skill was sheer wizardry, he could give stunning performances on only one string and his music and dark good looks mesmerized audiences, not least people’s wives and daughters.

He died in Nice aged 58 and surely went to heaven.

Kremlin Triggers Shopping Frenzy

Kremlin triggers shopping frenzy on May 27
Kremlin triggers shopping frenzy

1990 The Kremlin announced its new economic package today and provoked an unprecedented shopping frenzy in the Soviet Union.

Hordes of panic buyers emptied shops of everything, and many left empty-handed.

The reforms mean the traditional food subsidies will be phased out to create what the Kremlin calls a “regulated market economy”.

Meat prices and sugar will double and bread will cost three times as much.

But the new package is not law until parliament approves it, and there may be a referendum.

Communists Take Shanghai

1949 After a month-long siege, the communist Chinese took Shanghai today with hardly a shot fired.

The remnants of Chiang Kai-shek’s routed Nationalist army are retreating towards Canton in the south and it is only a matter of time before communist leader Mao Tse-tung’s victory is complete.

Two years ago the Nationalists outnumbered the communist forces three to one and had vastly superior firepower, yet even with these advantages, they were no match for Mao’s guerrillas.

Last year United States general David Barr reported to Washington that the Nationalists had “the world’s worst leadership” and that there was “widespread corruption and dishonesty throughout the armed forces”.

Large numbers of Nationalists defected to the communist side, which conversely consists of motivated, disciplined, and well-led men and they have the additional support of China’s peasants.

Heavy US backing for the Nationalists could not counter this.

The Communist rule now stretches from Berlin to Shanghai.

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