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Events on May 28

1805 Death of Luigi Boccherini, Italian cellist and prolific composer.

1891 The first world weightlifting championships were held at the Cafe Monico in Piccadilly, London.

1937 Death of Alfred Adler, Austrian psychiatrist whose theories introduced the concept of the inferiority complex.

1940 The Belgian army surrenders to the Nazis.

1967 The 65 year-old British yachtsman Francis Chichester receives a hero’s welcome when he arrives in Plymouth 119 days after setting out on a solo round-the-world trip.

1972 The Duke of Windsor, English king who abdicated to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson, dies in Paris.

1982 Barcelona football club buys Argentine from Argentines Juniors for a record ₤5 million.

1985 Thousands drown as a cyclone hits Bangladesh.

Famous Birthdays on May 28

Joseph Guillotine 1738, French physician and revolutionary who developed the machine of execution which was so heavily used during the Reign of Terror.

William Pitt (the Younger) 1759, English statesman who became prime minister at the age of 24, the youngest British prime minister ever.

Thomas Moore 1779, Irish poet who found great success with Irish Melodies and the oriental romance Lalla Rookh, he was responsible, with the publisher John Murray, for burning Lord Byron’s memoirs after his death.

Vinayak “Veer” Damodar Savarkar 1883, Indian freedom fighter, social reformer, poet and writer.

Ian Fleming 1908, British novelist who created James Bond.

Patrick White 1912, Australian novelist who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1973.

Kylie Minogue 1968, Australian actress and pop singer.

Quotes from Legend

No, my dear, it is I who am surprised you are merely astonished.

- Noah Webster, American lexicographer, to his wife, who had found him embracing the maid. Webster died today, 1843.

Historical News on May 28

Teenager Lands Plane in Red Square

Teenager lands plane in red square on May 28
Teenager lands plane in red square

1987 A west German teenager’s prank caused a worldwide mirth today and seriously embarrassed the Soviet Union.

Mathias Rust, 19, flew his light Cessna plane from Helsinki to Moscow, buzzed the Kremlin, and landed in Red Square evading the entire Soviet air defense system.

He alighted to sign autographs for astonished Moscow passers-by before being taken away by bemused policemen.

Extremely unamused are the hard men in the Kremlin, who are unlikely simply to dock Mathias’s pocket money.

The young prankster is in deep trouble.

Dutch Hold Back North Sea’s Tide

1932 Dutch engineers completed the world’s biggest dam today, a major victory in their 800-year battle to push back the sea.

The new dam wall, or dike, is 18 miles (29 km) long and turns the Zuider Zee into a vast freshwater lake, called the Ijsselmeer.

The dam cuts off Amsterdam from the sea, and ships must now use the 14-mile (22-km) deep-water North Sea Canal, completed in 1876.

The dam will eventually provide cramped Holland with 5,00,000 acres (2,00,000 hectares) of reclaimed land.

It is a slow process, flooded land is diked, pumped dry, then leached with fresh water to remove the salt and treated with gypsum before it can be used and land will be below sea level, needing continuous pumping.

Holland’s thousands of windmills maintain the complex system of water levels, though they are steadily being replaced with motor-driven pumps.

1990 IRA gunmen shot dead two Australian tourists in Holland today mistaking them for British soldiers.

The IRA has admitted responsibility for the killings. Stephen Melrose and Nick Spanos, both lawyers, had stopped their British-registered car in Roermond, near the German border, planning to spend the night there, when a car pulled up and two men opened fire with machine guns.

Paris Commune Drowns in Blood

1871 The Paris Commune collapsed today after a two-month siege, brutally suppressed by government troops in a week of bitter street-by-street fighting which has left 33,000 killed and part of the city in ruins.

The communes at Lyons and Marseilles have already collapsed and the movement is dead.

Backed by the National Guard, the communards set up a revolutionary municipal government in Paris in protest at the humiliating peace terms imposed by the victorious Prussian army, which had besieged the city for four months.

The national government at Versailles then besieged the city in their turn.

The Versailles troops stormed in when the communards abandoned a fort defending the west of the city.

Maiden Voyage Steals Headlines

Maiden voyage steals headlines on May 28
Maiden voyage steals headlines

1990 The yacht Maiden, skippered by Tracy Edwards, arrived in Southampton today to finish the Whitbread Round the World Race, the first yacht to do so with an all-woman crew.

New Zealand yachts took the first three places.

Steinlager 2, captained by Peter Blake, came in first with a time of 128 days and 9 hours, winning all six legs of the 32,000-nautical mile race, but it was Maiden That caused a sensation.

The race is held every four years.

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