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November 01

Events on November 01

1793 The British anti-Catholic Lord George Gordon dies in Newgate Prison convicted of libelling Marie Antoinette – he stirred up the so-called Gordon Riots in 1790.

1814 Following Napoleon’s defeat, the European Congress opens in Vienna.

1922 The first radio licences go on sale in Britain – they cost 10s (50p/90 cents).

1950 US President Truman survives an assassination attempt as two Puerto Rican nationalists shoot their way into his private residence, killing one of his guards.

1954 Algerian nationalists begin a war of independence against the French.

1967 Rolling Stone magazine makes its debut – it is the first national rock’n’roll periodical in the US.

1972 American poet Ezra Pound dies in Venice aged 87.

1984 Rajiv Gandhi is sworn in as India’s premier.

1988 Batman’s faithful sidekick Robin is no more, dynamited to death by the Joker in edition No. 428 of DC Comics’ Batman following a readers’ poll which voted that he should go.

Famous Birthdays on November 01

Spencer Perceval 1762, British prime minister from 1809 who was assassinated in the House of Commons.

Benvenuto Cellini 1500, Italian sculptor and goldsmith who killed a rival goldsmith and was absolved by Pope Paul III.

Stephen Crane 1871, American author of The Red Badge of Courage, a remarkably realistic account of the American Civil War.

L.S. Lowry 1887, English painter of distinctive matchstick figures.

Gary Player 1935, South African golfer who has won all four of the world’s major golfing championships.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan 1973, Indian actress and winner of the Miss India and Miss World pageant titles in 1994.

Quotes from Legendary

The nuclear power station needs electronic devices such as those used at airports, but there is not even a machine to make passes for the staff.

- Yanko Yanev, Bulgarian Atomic Energy Committee chairman, 1991.

Quotes from Legendary

A lie can be half-way around the world before the truth has got its boots on.

- James Callaghan. British prime minister, 1976.

Historical News on November 01

Victoria Proclaimed India's Ruler

Victoria proclaimed India's ruler on November 01
Victoria proclaimed India's ruler

1858 The East India Company’s long reign over India came to an end today when the administration of the country passed to Queen Victoria.

Her Majesty announced a policy of non-interference with religious expression and the opening of higher administrative offices to qualified Indians.

Lord Canning, already Governor General, will be her Viceroy.

The East India Company, formed in 1600 to exploit trade with the East, has acted as an agent of British imperialism since the early 18th century, though abuses of power by shareholders were curbed by the Regulating Act (1773) and Pitt’s India Act (1784).

The Company’s influence has finally been broken by the violent and bloody-events of the Indian Mutiny, which developed from a revolt of Indian sepoys in Bengal into a widespread uprising against British rule in India.

Although British reconquest was completed with the relief of Lucknow in March of this year, reform was inevitable.

Earthquake Destroys Lisbon

1755 Severe earth tremors devastated the Portuguese city of Lisbon today, the Feast of All Saints.

Within 15 minutes two-thirds of the city was in ruins.

Those unfortunates who fled towards the sea to escape the falling buildings were drowned by a huge tsunami, or tidal wave.

Because it was a Sunday the cathedrals and churches were packed with worshippers, and many thousands lost their lives when the buildings collapsed.

As if this were not enough, towards evening the remains were engulfed by fire.

The estimated death toll stands somewhere between 30,000 and 60,000, but the true figure will probably never be known.

The European Union is Born

1993 From today, the EC will now be known as the European Union (EU) and a tight timetable for economic and monetary union will bring member states closer together.

The EU will take on new responsibilities for a common foreign and security policy on affairs such as asylum, immigration, terrorism and drugs.

The new terms were laid down in the Maastricht Treaty which followed many years of negotiations between the foreign and finance ministers of the EC member states.

Britain has opted out of the social chapter which concerns workers’ rights, but citizens in all 12 countries are now Europeans with rights to live and work in any other EU state.

Many countries have held a referendum to determine their entry into the EU.

The Danes rejected the treaty and will not be joining.

The French referendum gained only a marginal victory, and in Germany the treaties were referred to the constitutional courts, but were eventually voted in.

The treaties scraped through the British Parliament and, despite the rough ride, will finally come into force today.

1961 The Soviet Communist Party Congress’s “de-Stalinization” theme has had a dramatic result: during the night Stalin’s body was removed from the mausoleum in Red Square where it has lain next to Lenin’s since his death in 1953.

Even Stalingrad, one of the most resonant names from Russia’s struggle against the Nazis, has been renamed Volgograd.

Bilko Dead

Bilko dead on November 01
Bilko dead

1985 Comedian Phil Silvers died today aged 73.

His showbiz career started on the vaudeville stage, and his many films include Cover Girl, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and Buona Sera, Mrs Campbell.

He will be remembered worldwide for his role as Sergeant Bilko in the TV series You’ll Never Get Rich (later retitled The Phil Silvers Show) between 1955 and 1958.

The adventures of the crooked but lovable King of the Motor Pool and his sidekicks as they sought ever-more ingenious ways of subverting military authority (and making a buck) endeared him to millions, and are still popular today.

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