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November 03

Events on November 03

1706 15,000 people died as the town of Abruzzo in Italy was destroyed by an earthquake.

1839 An expeditionary force begins to be assembled after deteriorating relations between Britain and China over the opium trade have led to war.

1903 Panama proclaims its independence from Colombia.

1926 Death of Annie Oakley, the legendary American shooter with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.¬†

1942 British field marshall Bernard Law Montgomery’s troops break through commander of the Afrika Corps Erwin Rommel’s front line in Africa and capture 9,000 prisoners.

1954 Death of the French painter and sculptor Henri Matisse.

1984 The Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is cremated.

1985 Two French agents in New Zealand plead guilty to sinking the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior and to the manslaughter of the photographer on board.

1988 Indian armed forces launch operations to help the Maldives fight against the 150 seaborne invaders who stormed the capital Male to overthrow the democratically elected government.

1992 Bill Clinton, the 46-year old Governor of Arkansas, is elected President of the United States of America, winning a decisive victory in the presidential election and defeating the existing President George Bush.

Famous Birthdays on November 03

Karl Baedeker 1801, German publisher famous for his guide books.

Vincenzo Bellini 1801, Italian opera composer whose work includes Norma and La Sonnambula.

Alfredo Stroessner 1912, Paraguayan dictator.

Amartya Sen 1933, Indian economist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1998.

Quotes from Legendary

Russians and Italians sing like birds, with enormous pleasure and excitement. The English are locked more inside. Every Englishman has in his heart a Chubb lock

- Mstislav Rostropovich, 1991,

Historical News on November 03

North Sea Oil Starts to Flow

1975 The Queen today officially opened the world’s first underwater pipeline, which will bring 4,00,000 barrels of North Sea oil ashore each day at Grangemouth Refinery on the Firth of Forth in Scotland.

Oil was first discovered in the North Sea in the mid-1960s, although the first major oilfield, Ekofisk, was not discovered until 1969.

The task of extracting the oil and bringing it ashore has been extremely demanding, with unpredictable weather and currents, and depths of water up to 495 ft (160 m).

The global oil crisis of 1974-5 has increased the urgency of the project, and the UK is aiming to be self-sufficient in oil by 1980.

Russian Dog in Space

Russian dog in space on November 03
Russian dog in space

1957 The Soviet satellite Sputnik 2 was fired into orbit today with a dog called Laika on board.

The satellite, which is much more visible from Earth than its predecessor Sputnik 1, will carry out a variety of scientific tasks, including the study of ultraviolet radiation and cosmic rays.

Laika is sealed in a cylindrical cabin containing a food store, air conditioner, and various devices for measuring her vital signs.

Her cardiac and respiratory rates normalized satisfactorily after the stress of acceleration into space, although the process took three times as long as it would have done on Earth.

Sadly, in spite of her importance to science, it will not be possible to bring Laika home.

Japanese Will Attack

1941 US ambassador to Tokyo Joseph Grew today cabled the State Department in Washington warning yet again that a Japanese attack on a United States position is imminent.

He believes that the decision to go to war will be taken in the next few days.

He says that the Japanese “might resort with dangerous and dramatic suddenness to measures which might make war with the United States inevitable.”

He continued, “It would be shortsighted for US policy to be based on the belief that Japanese preparations are no more than sabre-rattling.

Grant is 18th US President

Grant is 18th US President on October 03
Grant is 18th US President

1868 General Ulysses Simpson Grant, Commander In-Chief of the Union armies in the Civil War, was elected President of the United States today on the Republican ticket.

He received 214 electoral college votes to the 80 of his Democratic opponent Horatio Seymour.

Grant’s aggressive tactics in the early battles of the Civil War earned him the nickname of “Unconditional Surrender” Grant.

His inadequate preparations almost lost him the Battle of Shiloh, and he was criticized for his apparent indifference to heavy loss of life, but his victories at Chattanooga and Appomattox, and the subsequent Confederate surrender, proved the correctness of his strategic thinking.

Before this year Grant had been unconcerned with politics (he has voted only once in his life – for a Democrat), but his unanimous nomination by the Republican convention persuaded him to stand.

The impressive margin of his victory in the subsequent campaign came despite his refusal to make any speeches.

1870 The photographing of every prisoner in England and Wales was made compulsory today.

A photograph was first used on a wanted poster in 1861 with some success, and it is anticipated that this so-called “Rogues’ Gallery” will help the police in the apprehension of criminals.

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