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To know what happened today in history, famous events occurred, famous birthdays, death days, legend quotes, and historical news on November 06.

November 06

Events on November 06

1429 Henry VI is crowned King of England.

1656 Death of King John V of Portugal.

1813 Mexico is proclaimed independent from Spain. 

1924 Tory party leader Stanley Baldwin is elected prime minister of Britain.

1956 The construction of the Kariba High Dam on the Zambezi River begins. 

1975 The Sex Pistols play their first-ever gig amid scenes of mayhem at London’s St Martin’s College of Art: after ten minutes the college’s social secretary pulls the plug on them.

1984 A Dublin High Court judge freezes striking British mineworkers’ money after a High Court decision that the strike, now in its 35th week, is illegal and that the union must pay a fine in 14 days or have its assets seized.

2003 Michael Howard becomes the new Conservative party leader.

Famous Birthdays on November 06

James Gregory 1638, Scottish mathematician and astronomer who gave a description of the first practical reflecting telescope.

Adolphe Sax 1814, Belgian musical instrument maker and inventor of the saxophone.

John Philip Sousa 1854, American conductor and composer of marches known as the “March King” whose compositions include “The Stars and Stripes Forever”.

James A. Naismith 1861, American physical education director of the International YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts and inventor of basketball.

Sir John Alcock 1892, English aviator who in 1919 made the first non-stop flight across the Atlantic with Sir Arthur WhittenBrown.

Mike Nichols 1931, Germanborn American director who won an Oscar for The Graduate.

James Bowman 1941, English countertenor known for singing many of the castrati roles in Handel’s operas.

Quotes from Legendary

Every Communist must grasp the truth, "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun".

- Mao Tse-tung, Chinese Communist leader, 1938.

Historical News on November 06

German Inflation Soars

German inflation soars in November 06
German inflation soars

1923 The German mark reached the incredible figure of 4.2 trillion to the US dollar today, as against 4.2 to the dollar ten years ago.

Workers can be seen taking their wages home in wheelbarrows and crates, worthless Monopoly money in a country where a loaf of bread costs 200 million marks.

1991 Boris Yeltsin, President of the Russian Federation, today issued a decree banning the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) and the Russian CP, and nationalizing their property.

He said that the Party’s role in the failed coup of last August proved that the CPSU was not a legitimate political party but a “special mechanism for exercising political power”.

1987 Rail passengers have often wished that TV screens on station platforms would show something more interesting than train times.

Passengers on Patna station, India, today suddenly saw a pornographic movie on the screens.

The official explanation was that a “mistake” had occurred.

Tchaikovsky Dies

1893 Tchaikovsky, the most famous Russian composer of his age, died at the age of 53.

There are rumours that he died of cholera from drinking a glass of unboiled water, but it seems more likely that he committed suicide by poison, having been ordered to do so by a hastily convened Court of Honour of old classmates from the School of Jurisprudence, who were fearful of a scandal because of Tchaikovsky’s homosexual relationship with a member of the Imperial family.

His death came only six days after he conducted the first performance of his Pathétique symphony.

“I am a Russian, Russian, Russian to the marrow of my bones,” he wrote to his patroness Nadezhda von Meek, and this was apparent in every note he ever wrote: his symphonies, his concertos, his operas (most notably Eugene Onegin and The Queen of Spades, both after Pushkin), and of course his three great ballet suites, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker.

Although he had more than fulfilled the promise of his brilliant early years at the St Petersburg Conservatory, he died as he had lived, a tortured and frustrated man.

Raf's New Fighter

RAF's new fighter on November 06
RAF's new fighter

1935 The Hawker Hurricane, the RAF’s first monoplane fighter, flew for the first time today and inaugurated a new era in military aviation.

Heavily armed, with four machine-guns in each wing, it is claimed to be the fastest interceptor in the world, with a top speed of 325 mph (520 kph) at 20,000 ft (6,500 m).

Abraham Lincoln Triumphs in Elections

1860 Abraham Lincoln and his Republican running-mate Hannibal Hamlin triumphed over a split Democrat vote in today’s presidential elections, with official Democrat candidate Stephen A. Douglas receiving only 12 electoral votes to Lincoln’s 180.

The remainder were split between John C. Breckinridge, Southern Democrat (72) and John Bell, Constitutional Union Party (39).

The popular vote was another matter, however, Lincoln received nearly 2,00,000 votes less than the combined Democratic vote.

The key issue of the campaign was slavery, and Lincoln’s strong anti-slavery speech at the Cooper Union in New York in February made him front-runner for the Republican candidacy.

Lincoln challenged Douglas to debate the issue publicly, and the seven great Lincoln-Douglas debates the candidates conducted as they crisscrossed the country during the campaign enthralled the electorate.

Now that Lincoln is in the White House it is certain that the pro-slavery states will secede from the Union.

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