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November 08

Events on November 08

1793 In France the revolutionary government let the public see the royal art collection in the Louvre for the first time.

1827 The Canton Register, the first English language newspaper in the Far East, starts publication in Guangzhou.

1939 Seven people are killed and more than 60 injured when a bomb explodes in Munich shortly after Hitler has left after his traditional speech on the anniversary of his abortive Beer Hall putsch – many suspect it was a propaganda ploy.

1974 London’s Covent Garden ceases to be the location of the city’s famous flower and vegetable market, leaving the site to be rejuvenated.

1987 A man serving 17 years for murder in a California prison decides to sue a juror for $24 million (£13 million) for sleeping through most of his trial and contributing towards what he claims was an incorrect conviction.

1988 Republican candidate George Bush wins the US presidential elections comfortably, carrying 40 states against only ten for his Democratic opponent, Michael Dukakis.

1989 In Virginia, Douglas Wilder became the first black state governor in the US.

Famous Birthdays on November 08

Edmond Halley 1656, English astronomer and mathematician who was the first to realize that comets do not appear randomly, and who is best known for identifying the comet named after him.

Christiaan Barnard 1922, South African surgeon and heart transplant pioneer.

Margaret Mitchell 1900, American author of Gone with the Wind, her only book.

Gordon Ramsey 1966, Scottish chef who has been awarded 12 Michelin stars but is probably most famous for his reality TV shows and fiery temper.

Quotes from Legendary

I know it does make people happy, but to me it is just like having a cup of tea.

- Cynthia Payne, London housewife, after her acquittal in the "sex-for-luncheon vouchers" prostitution case, 1987.

Historical News on November 08

First Black Senator Elected

First black senator elected on November 08
First black senator elected

1966 Former Massachusetts Attorney General Edward Brooke became the first black senator in US history today, elected to the Senate with a majority of more than 5,00,000.

Born in Washington DC in 1919, Brooke took his BSc at Howard University in 1941, and his LIB at Boston in 1949, in between winning a Bronze Star with the Infantry in Italy in World War II.

He served as Chairman of the Boston Finance Commission from 1960 to 1962.

Elected as Attorney General in 1962, he was re-elected in 1964 by the largest majority in State history, and during his term of office indicted more than a hundred officials, private citizens and corporations on graft and bribery charges.

"Lucky" Lucan Disappears After Murder

1974 Scotland Yard have enlisted the aid of Interpol in their search for Lord Lucan, known to his friends in the gambling community as “Lucky” Lucan.

They wish to interview him in connection with the murder of the family nanny, Sandra Rivett.

At 9.45 yesterday evening his wife, the Countess of Lucan, staggered in her nightdress into the Plumber’s Arms near the family home in Belgravia, bleeding from head wounds.

She shouted, “Help me! Help me! I’ve just escaped from a murderer …

He’s murdered the nanny.”

Roosevelt Landslide

1932 Franklin Delano Roosevelt was swept into the White House by a landslide today, carrying 42 out of 48 states against sitting Republican president Herbert Hoover.

Although partially paralysed by polio, Roosevelt ran an energetic campaign, forcing Hoover to defend a record of bankruptcies, bank closures and unemployment.

In his “New Deal”, Roosevelt promised to boost public spending on railways, roads, utilities and farming; to regulate banks and stock markets; and to provide unemployment insurance for all.

“No American will starve,” is his claim.

Allies Land in North Africa

1942 Early this morning four divisions of Allied troops, under the overall command of Lieutenant-General Eisenhower, landed on the coast of French North Africa in the largest combined operation of the War so far, codenamed Operation Torch.

A convoy of more than 500 ships, protected by 350 ships of the Royal Navy and fighter squadrons of the Royal Air Force, made landfall at several points.

Resistance from Vichy French defenders faded after General Eisenhower secured the cooperation of Marshal Pétain’s deputy François Derlan, who was in Algiers.

The First Army, under General Anderson, is now moving eastward to confront the Germans, and will join the Eighth Army under General Montgomery, now heading west after victory at El Alamein.

John Milton Dies

1674 The poet John Milton died of gout at his home in London today.

He was 66.

Born in 1608 in Cheapside, he was educated at St Paul’s School and Christ’s College, Cambridge.

A painful period of separation from his first wife prompted him to publish a pamphlet advocating the desirability of divorce on grounds of incompatibility of mind and spirit; he consequently spent the 1640s and ’50s mired in controversy.

By 1651 he was almost blind, and was aided by Andrew Marvell in his work as translator to the Council of State.

The restoration of Charles Il in 1660 saw him no longer in government employment, giving him time to write his greatest work: Paradise Lost, completed in 1667.

Milton is to be buried beside his father in St Giles’s, Cripplegate.

Remembrance Day Blast Kills 11

Remembrance day blast kills 11 on November 08
Remembrance day blast kills 11

1987 A huge bomb went off today in Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, as marchers were gathering for a Remembrance Day parade.

The bomb, which had been placed in a disused school, claimed the lives of 11 people, including 3 married couples, and injured 63, some critically.

The IRA admitted responsibility for placing the device, but blamed the British army for triggering the explosion with a high-frequency scanning device.

Gordon Wilson, 60, was buried in the wreckage with his daughter Marie, a nurse, who died.

The distraught father still had the generosity to say of her killers, “I shall pray for those people tonight and every night.”

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