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November 09

Events on November 09

1794 The Russians enter Warsaw, ending the Polish rebellion.

1813 Victorious allies offer Napoleon peace terms at Frankfurt.

1922 The SS was formed in Germany.

1937 Ramsay MacDonald, formerly Britain’s first Labour prime minister but now despised by the party he nurtured and then betrayed, dies on a voyage to America

1940 Death of former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who advocated a policy of appeasement towards the fascist powers in Germany but was forced to abandon this policy after Hitler’s invasion of Czechoslovakia; Chamberlain had resigned as war prime minister in May this year.

1960 John Kennedy becomes US President.

1970 Death of the French President Charles de Gaulle.

Famous Birthdays on November 09

Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev 1818, Russian writer whose work includes the play A Month in the Country and the acclaimed novel Fathers and Sons.

Dr Herbert Thomas Kalmus 1881, American inventor of Technicolor.

Anthony Asquith 1902, British film director and producer whose films include The Millionairess

Katherine Hepburn 1909, American actress who won eight Oscar nominations and four Oscars for films which include Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, The Philadelphia Story and On Golden Pond.

Hedy Lamarr 1913, Austrianborn American actress who was billed as the most beautiful woman in the world and whose films include Samson and Delilah.

Ronald Harwood 1934, South African-born playwright, novelist and television writer and presenter best known for his award-winning play The Dresser which was made into a film.

Quotes from Legendary

Sire, vou no longer has an army.

- Wilhelm Groener, German general, to the Emperor Wilhelm Il of Germany, 1918.

Historical News on November 09

Night of Terror in Germany

Night of terror in germany on November 09
Night of terror in germany

1938 The Jewish community in Germany endured a night of terror when Nazi thugs went on the rampage, attacking Jewish businesses, synagogues and property.

36 people were killed during the night, and 20,000 arrested; more than 7,000 shops were looted and 267 synagogues burnt down.

Dr Goebbels, Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, claimed that the violence was a “spontaneous reaction” to the assassination in Paris of Ernst von Rath, a German diplomat, by a young Polish Jew.

There is no doubt, however, that the pogrom was carried out on the instructions of the Gestapo.

A chilling development was the involvement of the “respectable” middle classes; fashionable women clapped as Jews were beaten by youths welding lead piping.

So that the insurance companies are not bankrupted by state hooliganism, the Nazis have declared their intention to confiscate insurance payouts and return them to the insurers.

The huge amount of glass broken has led to the night being dubbed “Kristallnacht”; replacement glass will have to be imported and paid for in foreign currency.

“They should have killed more Jews and broken less glass,” grumbled Hermann Goering. “

Israel Admits Vanunu Capture

1986 Israel admitted today that Atomic Energy Commission worker Mordechai Vanunu, 31, is in “lawful detention” in Haifa, but denies that he was kidnapped from the UK by Mossad.

On October 5 the London Sunday Times printed his revelations about Israel’s nuclear arsenal at the plant at Dimona, backed up with his photographs.

The Sunday Mirror had printed a photograph of Vanunu on September 28, and by September 30 he had disappeared; he never collected the money due to him from The Sunday Times.

One theory has it that he was lured from London by a “mystery blonde”, presumably a Mossad agent; another that he was shipped to Israel as diplomatic baggage in a crate.

In any event, there is no record of anyone holding a passport in his name leaving the UK.

Bonaparte Takes Reins of Power

1799 30-year-old Corsican General Napoleon Bonaparte became France’s new leader today. After a night of confusion – during which at one point he fainted in the crush – he emerged as First Consul and de facto head of government, supported by his brothers Joseph and Lucien and by Talleyrand.

Bonaparte’s rise to the top has been rapid, aided in part by luck and in part by his skill in negotiating the rocks and shoals of Revolutionary politics.

He made his name by his daring defeat of the British fleet at the Revolt of Toulon in 1793; he was jailed as a terrorist after the fall of Robespierre but soon released; his defence of the Tuileries against the mob in 1795 – administering “the whiff of grapeshot”, as he put it – made him the hero of Paris.

His exploits in Italy and Egypt – despite the shattering of his fleet by Admiral Nelson at Aboukir Bay last year – made him world-famous and instinct told him that now was a good time to return to France from Egypt; with luck he got through the British blockade.

Ironically, Corsica was only ceded to France by Genoa in 1768; had Bonaparte been born a year earlier he would not be French.

1988 The Pentagon took the wraps off the Air Force’s new attack plane today.

A sinister, all-black aircraft, the Lockheed F-117A employs the latest stealth technology – radar-absorbent materials and a “faceted” surface that deflects radar signals at odd angles.

The aircraft’s key feature is that it can supposedly arrive undetected over a target.

The Light Dies For Dylan Thomas

The light dies for Dylan Thomas on November 09
The light dies for Dylan Thomas

1953 “Do not go gentle into that good night.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light,” wrote Dylan Thomas to his father.

Today at the Chelsea Hotel in New York, where he has been on a lecture tour, the flamboyant Welsh bard went raging into that good night at the age of 39, dying of pneumonia brought on by alcoholism.

His heavy drinking and wild living are legendary.

Thomas’s Collected Poems were published last year.

His verse drama for radio, Under Milk Wood, is to be broadcast by the BBC next year.

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