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October 01

Events on October 01

1854 Postal stamps were introduced in India.

These lithographed stamps are of denominations of half anna and one anna.

1880 The Edison Lamp Works begin operations in New Jersey to manufacture the first electric light bulbs.

1903 European railways link with Russia.

1918 British officer T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) and the Arab forces of Emir Faisal capture Damascus from the Turks.

1936 The BBC began regular television broadcasts from Alexandra Palace in London.

1969 The sound barrier was broken by Concorde 001 for the first time, during a test flight in France.

1974 The Watergate trial begins.

1987 48-year-old surrogate grandmother Mrs Pat Anthony gives birth to triplets for her daughter Karen Ferriera-Jorge in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Famous Birthdays on October 01

Annie Besant 1847, English social reformer and theosophist who together with radical atheist Charles Bradlaugh promoted birth control, for which they were prosecuted.

Stanley Holloway 1890, English actor and entertainer who was Oscar-nominated for his role as Alfred Doolittle in the film My Fair Lady, a role he created for the original New York stage production.

Vladimir Horovitz 1904, Russian concert pianist with an enormous repertoire who once gave a series of 25 recitals which included more than 200 works.

Jimmy Carter 1924, American President and peanut farmer, who was instrumental in Israel and Egypt signing the Camp David agreement, ending hostilities between the two countries.

Julie Andrews 1935, British film and stage actress, famous for her roles in the musicals Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music.

Quotes from Legendary

It is my Royal and Imperial command that you ... exterminate first the treacherous English, and ... walk over General French's contemptible little Army.

- Wilhelm II, King of Prussia and Emperor of Germany, referring to the British Expeditionary Force, 1914.

Historical News on October 01

Siamese Catharsis

Siamese catharsis October 01
Siamese catharsis

1868 Mongkut, king of Siam, has died in Bangkok, aged 64.

In only 17 years as ruler he implemented sweeping political, economic and social changes with western help.

Mongkut’s decision to reverse centuries of isolation was formulated during the 27 years he spent as a Buddhist priest.

During this time he travelled widely and saw that radical steps were needed to solve the country’s problems.

Siam had one large and venerable commodity to offer the US in return for all their advice – elephants.

These, Mongkut thought, could be used in the development of the USA.

Siam’s experience of imperialism was soured last year when France forced him to relinquish his vassal state, Cambodia, and make it a French protectorate.

City Of The Angels Shaken And Stirred

1987 An earthquake rocked Los Angeles for 20 seconds this morning, killing seven people and injuring at least 100, 12 seriously.

The quake struck at 7.40, the height of the morning rush hour.

Traffic snarled up as freeways were closed due to structural damage.

Frightened office workers poured out of their skyscrapers and on to even more hazardous streets.

The area of the city worst hit was downtown Whittier, where some 50 businesses and 100 homes suffered extensive damage.

The earthquake registered 6.1 on the Richter scale and was felt 200 miles (321 km) away in Las Vegas.

It was the strongest tremor to hit the area since February 1971, when a quake in the Sylmar community in the San Fernando Valley resulted in 64 deaths.

General Francisco Franco Bahamonde on October 01
General Francisco Franco Bahamonde

1936 General Francisco Franco Bahamonde, 44, was today proclaimed “Chief of the Spanish State” by the nationalist military junta that is trying to seize power in Spain.

His elevation comes a month after the death in a plane crash of the former leader, General Sanjurjo.

The nationalists are looking for a speedy end to the chaos gripping the country – unlikely because the capital, Madrid, and the east of the country are firmly in control of government forces.

Controversial Leakey Dies

1972 The controversial archaeologist and anthropologist Louis Leakey died in London today, aged 69.

Leakey will be remembered for the discoveries of the 17,50,000-year-old Zinjanthropus fossil at Olduvai Gorge and the contemporaneous Homo habilis at Lake Natron in Tanzania between 1959 and 1964.

Leakey believed that Homo habilis was a human ancestor of man but Zinjanthropus was not.

This brought him into conflict with those scholars who classified Zinjanthropus as an Australopithecine, the fossil widely thought to be most closely related to man, and disputed the existence of a Homo habilis lineage.

Leakey’s wife, Mary, and their son, Richard, will continue his work piecing together the jigsaw of human evolution.

China to be Mao's Republic

1949 China has been proclaimed a People’s Republic under the leadership of Mao Tse-tung, as Chairman, and Chou-En-Lai, as prime minister.

The defeat of the Nationalist forces of Chiang Kai-shek leaves the Communists with a clear path for the implementation of their radical social and economic policies.

A few months ago the new leaders warned that the struggle ahead would be as difficult as the revolutionary armed struggle that is just coming to an end.

One of the primary objectives of Chairman Mao is the industrialization of his Republic, which he hopes will raise China to the status of a great power.

His ultimate goal of seeing the rise of Communism throughout the world will begin with the creation of a socialist society in China.

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