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October 02

Events on October 02

322 BCE The great Greek philosopher Aristotle dies of a stomach illness.

1780 British officer John André, who negotiated with the treacherous American revolutionary General Benedict Arnold for the surrender of West Point, is executed as a spy.

1803 Death of Samuel Adams, American statesman and one of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence.

1925 London’s first almost entirely enclosed red double-decker buses begin service.

1935 Italian forces invade Abyssinia – Mussolini’s bombers have already pounded border towns.

1940 Child evacuees sailing to Canada in the Empress of Britain come under attack from a German submarine – most of the 634 crew and passengers are rescued.

1950 A new cartoon strip by Charles M. Schulz called Peanuts appears, featuring Charlie Brown.

1987 Death of Sir Peter Medawar, biologist and Nobel prize-winner.

2003 J.M. Coetzee wins the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Famous Birthdays on October 02

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi 1869, Indian leader who used satyagraha and civil disobedience in his non-violent campaign for Indian independence.

Lal Bahadur Shastri 1904, Indian freedom fighter and India’s second prime minister.

Cordell Hull 1871, American statesman, diplomat and secretary to Franklin D. Roosevelt who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1945.

Roy Campbell 1901, South African poet whose vigorous and often aggressively satirical work includes The Flaming Terrapin and his Light on a Dark Horse.

Graham Greene 1904, British novelist, playwright, short story writer and Times journalist whose novels include Our Man in Havana and Brighton Rock, which was made into a film.

Quotes from Legendary

There are many reasons why novelists write, but they all have one thing in common - a need to create an alternative world.

- John Fowles, British novelist, 1977.

Historical News on October 02

French Strengthen Hand At Spanish Court

French strengthen hand at spanish court on October 02
French strengthen hand at spanish court

1700 The death was announced today of the Spanish king, Charles II.

He was 39.

Alarm bells will have rung in England, Austria and Holland with the announcement that before his death, Charles, who leaves no heir, named Philip, Duke of Anjou, as his successor.

Two years ago the nations with an interest in the succession agreed that Joseph Ferdinand, the electoral prince of Bavaria, should get the crown.

Spanish territory would be ceded to pay off the rival French and Austrian claimants – Philip, the second grandson of Louis XIV, and Archduke Charles, the second son of the Hapsburg emperor Leopold I.

This ingenious plan went awry when Joseph Ferdinand inconveniently predeceased Charles, leaving the physically and mentally handicapped Spanish monarch susceptible to the blandishments of the French party at his court.

War looks inevitable.

Texans Up In Arms Against Mexico

1835 Texan-Americans today struck the first blow for an independent Texas by staging an armed uprising against the centralist government of Antonio de Santa Anna in the town of Gonzales, 67 miles (108 km) east of San Antonio.

American immigrants, with their slaves, first settled here in 1825 when Texas was largely undeveloped and there was little interference from the Mexican government.

Santa Anna’s bid to change Mexico from a federation of states into a centralized system with himself as undisputed head is popular with the army but has little support among the general population, especially the Texan Americans who have a great deal to lose from Santa Anna’s policy.

The situation may prove to be a heaven-sent opportunity for America to expand westwards.

Aids Hits Screen Hunk

AIDS hits screen hunk on October 02
AIDS hits screen hunk

1985 Screen star Rock Hudson died at his Beverly Hills mansion early today.

Ten months ago the 59-year-old star had told the world that he was dying of AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).

Pushed as the all-American boy in the 50s, Hudson quickly established himself as a Hollywood heart-throb. However, the public image of Rock Hudson bore no resemblance to reality.

The Hollywood publicity machine helped him to hide his homosexuality.

Hudson spent the last two years of his life denying his illness and refusing to believe that it would prove fatal.

News of Rock Hudson’s death hit the media barely 40 minutes after it occurred.

A horde of photographers was at the scene before the mortuary van had departed with the body which was to be immediately cremated – Rock had not wanted a funeral.

Tatters of Papal Power

1870 The meeting of the Vatican Council in Rome, the first general assembly of the Church of Rome for 300 years, is drawing to a close amid mounting criticism at home and abroad.

Of the decrees issued by the Council during its 10-month sitting, the one relating to papal infallibility on matters of faith and morals has raised most hackles.

Secular governments fear that this will lead to clerical interference in politics.

The papacy has lost all territorial power since Italian forces invaded Rome.

The Papal States no longer exist and Rome is set to become the capital of a united Italy.

The pope, Pius IX, regards himself as a virtual prisoner in his own palace, but will continue to wield what little power he has left.

1931 Tea tycoon and yachtsman Sir Thomas Lipton died in London at 81.

Glasgow-born Sir Thomas, a grocer, expanded and sought a cost-effective way of supplying his shops: he bought tea, coffee and cocoa plantations in Ceylon and farms, bakeries and bacon-curing establishments in England.

The one success which eluded him was victory in the America’s Cup yacht race.

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