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October 05

Events on October 05

1880 Death of Jacques Offenbach, French composer who wrote The Tales of Hoffman.

1908 Bulgaria declares its independence from Turkey.

1917 Sir Arthur Lee donates the country residence Chequers to the nation as a retreat for British prime ministers.

1930 The R-101 rigid airship crashes on the edge of a wood near Beauvais, France, killing 48 passengers including Air Minister Lord Thompson, who may well have contributed to the disaster by bringing luggage on board equivalent to the weight of about 24 people.

1989 The Moulin Rouge in Paris celebrates its centenary.

1994 50 members of the Solar Temple cult are found dead in Switzerland.

1999 A train crash near London’s Paddington station kills 31 people.

2011 Technology pioneer and co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs dies at the age of 56.

Famous Birthdays on October 05

Chevalier d’Éon 1728, French spy who conducted missions for his country disguised as a woman; a brilliant fencer, he gave exhibitions in London and was fatally wounded in 1810, when an autopsy revealed his masculinity.

Vaclav Havel 1936, Czech playwright and human rights spokesman who was jailed four times before the collapse of the Communist regime in December 1989, when he became the nation’s President.

Bob Geldof 1954, Irish pop musician who was lead singer with The Boomtown Rats and the instigator of Live Aid, an international pop concert to raise funds for famine relief; he received an honorary knighthood and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.

Kate Winslet 1975, English actress who has received six Oscar nominations, winning Best Actress for The Reader in 2008.

Quotes from Legendary

My opinion is that power should always be distrusted, in whatever hands it is placed.

- Sir William Jones, British jurist, in a letter, 1782.

Historical News on October 05


1952 Her majesty’s government has taken a significant step towards reviving the nation’s addiction to tea by removing it from the list of rationed commodities.

The British people’s burden remains great, however – meat, bacon (excluding cooked gammon), sugar, butter, margarine, cooking fats, cheese, eggs, sweets and chocolates are all still subject to strict rationing.

2000 Slobodan Milosevic has finally been swept from power as President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia amid gathering protests nearly two weeks after he failed to acknowledge defeat in the general elections of September 24.

Crowds stormed the parliament building and state owned television station in Belgrade in protest.

Finally Vojislav Koštunica has been able to claim the presidency.

Satanic Verses Banned

Satanic verses banned on October 05
Satanic verses banned

1988 Satanic Verses, the fourth novel by Salman Rushdie, was published in the UK on September 26, 1988.

Its mode is predominantly magical realist and, like his prior novels, reliant on contemporary events to provide the framework and backdrop to his narrative.

However, the depiction of various elements of Islamic faith have garnered a swift and roiling controversy in Muslim communities, prompting a number of leaders, religious and otherwise, to call for a ban on the book.

Today, the Government of India has banned the book, after being petitioned by Syed Shahabuddin, the editor of the monthly periodical Muslim India.

One can expect this to be the first in many such censorship moves over the world.

1998 The US Congressional committee is debating whether to begin impeachment proceedings against President Clinton over his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

It follows a report by Kenneth Starr which said there was evidence the President was guilty of abuse of power and witness-tampering.

Spain Tries French Dressing

1796 Spain signed the Treaty of San Ildefonso today, thus throwing in her lot with Revolutionary France.

Many Spaniards are hostile to the alliance.

The man most in favour of it is Manuel de Godoy, Spain’s prime minister and the lover of Charles IV’s lascivious wife, Maria Luisa.

He is convinced that Britain is an enemy of Spain.

By backing France, however, he is further weakening Spain’s dwindling imperial clout.

Spain will now be on the opposite side of the fence from her natural allies, the anti-Revolutionary coalitions engineered by Britain.

She will also lose her markets in America.

Flying Circus Ready For Take-Off

flying circus ready for take off on October 05
flying circus ready for take off

1969 A new 13-episode comedy show to be launched by the BBC on late-night television seems set to raise a few eyebrows:

Monty Python’s Flying Circus is the brainchild of a team of five Oxbridge graduates – John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin – and an American cartoonist, Terry Gilliam.

The style of the new “satire show” has its origins in the successful Thames Television children’s comedy programme Do Not Adjust Your Sets.

Few at the BBC seem to realize that Monty Python will not be like the old late-night satire shows.

The audience for the first two shows has been recruited from an old people’s home.

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