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October 06

Events on October 06

1536 English reformer and Bible translator William Tyndale is strangled and burnt at the stake at Vivarde near Brussels on the orders of Henry VIII.

1807 Sir Humphrey Davy discovers a new metal, and names it potassium.

1860 The Franco-British force captures Peking.

1891 Death of Irish nationalist politician Charles Stewart Parnell, described as the “uncrowned king” of Ireland.

1892 Death of Alfred, Lord Tennyson, great English poet who won the Chancellor’s medal for English as a young man with the poem “Timbuctoo”, and later wrote the famous “The Charge of the Light Brigade”.

1902 A 2,000-mile (3,200-km) railway line running from Cape Town in South Africa to Beira, Mozambique, is completed.

1927 The first independent film processing laboratory in India, Atmanand Laboratory, is set up by Narayanrao, also known as Dhanjibhai K. Desai.

1928 Chang Kai-shek is China’s new President.

1941 Two men with the unfortunate names of Willburn and Frizzel go to the electric chair in Florida.

1968 British drivers Jackie Stewart, Graham Hill and John Surtees came first, second and third in the US Grand Prix.

Famous Birthdays on October 06

Jenny Lind 1820, Swedish operatic soprano dubbed the “Swedish Nightingale”.

Le Corbusier 1887, French architect born in Switzerland who promoted the idea of the house as “a habitable machine” and was commissioned at home and abroad to devise town planning schemes.

Thor Heyerdahl 1914, Norwegian explorer and anthropologist who led a 5,000-mile (8,000-km) expedition on the raft Kon-tiki from the western coast of South America to the islands east of Tahiti.

Quotes from Legendary

You ain't heard nothin' yet, folks. A line from the film The Jazz Singer, the first picture with sound, which hit the screen today, 1927.

Historical News on October 06

You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet

You ain't heard nothin yet on October 06
You ain't heard nothin yet

1927 New York is abuzz with the latest entertainment phenomenon – a film with sound, called a “talkie”.

Warner Brothers premiered their revolutionary film, The Jazz Singer, at the Warner Theatre tonight.

The omens are good for the company, which has taken a considerable risk in pioneering talkies and in particular the Vitaphone sound process.

The star of The Jazz Singer is the hugely popular stage entertainer, Al Jolson.

People are expected to come in droves to hear him sing on film and speak a couple of lines of dialogue.

Warner Brothers hope to release their first all-talking film next year.

The film industry is hoping that talkies will revive its flagging fortunes.

Vip Victim Of Rubber War

1951 The British High Commissioner in Malaya, Sir Henry Gurney, was killed today in an ambush by Communist terrorists in the Pahang Hills.

The assassination is the most serious incident so far in a year that has seen a marked increase in casualties among the security forces.

The Chinese Communists are fighting on two fronts in the fledgeling Malay Federation.

Attacks on the security forces are supplemented by an economic war in which rubber trees are slashed and plantation workers intimidated.

These tactics are already bearing fruit in that rubber output has decreased.

According to the British authorities only a small number of terrorists are involved in the unrest, but the terrorists are very well organized.

A long campaign to flush them out is envisaged.

Camp David Avenged

Camp David avenged on October 06
Camp David avenged

1981 The President of Egypt, Anwar Sadat, was assassinated today while attending the military parade marking the anniversary of Egyptian successes in the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

Sadat, 62, was rushed to the Maadi Armed Forces Hospital, south of Cairo, but died soon after arrival.

Sadat and other ministers were watching a fly-past when men dressed as soldiers opened fire with grenades and automatic weapons from a truck that had stalled in front of the reviewing stand.

Seven other senior Egyptian officials and guests were also killed.

Sadat’s signing of the Camp David treaty with Israel in 1979 won him a host of enemies in the Arab world.

Chief among these was the exiled opposition leader Lieutenant General Saad El-Shazli, who is thought to have masterminded the killing.

Byzantine Basil Blinds Bulgarians

1014 The Byzantine emperor Basil II has brought his country’s 28-year-war with Bulgaria to an end with an act of unprecedented savagery.

Tsar Samuel’s defeated army of 15,000 men has been blinded.

One eye has been left to each 100th man to ensure that the army finds its way back to the Tsar.

Meanwhile, the whisker-twirling Basil will be looking for further lands to incorporate into his already vast empire.

Sicily, now in the hands of the Arabs, is next on his list of military conquests.

Arabs Attack As Israel Prays

1973 One of the holiest days in the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur (“Day of Atonement”), has turned into one of the bloodiest.

As Israelis were beginning Yom Kippur (when past sins are atoned for through fasting and prayer), a joint Egyptian-Syrian invasion force was attacking their country on two fronts.

After initial confusion, the Israeli defence force has been mobilized.

The Arabs are unlikely to win this latest round of hostilities on the battlefield, such is Israel’s military superiority.

The wily Egyptian leader Anwar Sadat believes that a bloody nose might persuade Israel to negotiate seriously over the Arab territory lost during the 1967 Six-Day War.

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