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October 11

Events on October 11

1727 George II is crowned in London.

1737 An earthquake in eastern India kills 3,00,000 and destroys half of Calcutta, India.

1809 Death of Meriwether Lewis, American explorer who with William Clark found the overland route to the Pacific.

1871 The Great Fire of Chicago was finally extinguished.

1919 The first in-flight meals were served on board a Handley-Page flight from London to Paris at a cost of 3 shillings (15p/28 cents) each.

1961 Death of Leonard “Chico” Marx, piano-playing member of the Marx Brothers comedy team.

1968 Apollo 7 is launched, carrying US astronauts Walter Schirra, Don Eiselle and Walter Cunningham.

1976 The third wife and widow of Mao Tse-tung, Qiang Qing, is arrested in Berlin with three associates: the “Gang of Four” had attempted to seize power on Mao’s death.

1980 Soviet cosmonauts return to earth after a record 185 days in space in the craft Salyut 6.

Famous Birthdays on October 11

Sir George Williams 1821, English social reformer who founded the YMCA.

Eleanor Roosevelt 1884, American writer and civil rights campaigner who was married to US President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Friedrich Bergius 1884, German industrial chemist who invented a process to extract coal from oil.

François Mauriac 1885, French novelist, dramatist and critic who won the Nobel Prize in 1952.

Robert “Bobby” Charlton 1937, exEngland and Manchester United footballer, who in 1966 won the World Cup and was named European Player of the Year.

Amitabh Bachchan 1942, Indian actor popularly known as the “angry young man” of Indian cinema in the 1970s and one of the most influential actors in the history of Indian cinema.

Quotes from Legendary

Politicians can forgive almost anything in the way of abuse; they can forgive subversion, revolution, being contradicted, exposed as liars, even ridiculed, but they can never forgive being ignored.

- Auberon Waugh, British novelist and critic, 1981.

Quotes from Legendary

Tact consists in knowing how far we may go too far.

- Jean Cocteau, who died today, 1963.

Historical News on October 11

Edith And Jean - The Cocteau Twins

Edith and Jean the Cocteau twins on October 11
Edith and Jean the Cocteau twins

1963 France is today mourning the loss of Jean Cocteau and Edith Piaf.

Cocteau died in Paris, aged 74, Piaf in the south where she was convalescing after treatment for drug and alcohol abuse.

The two had been firm friends since 1940 when Piaf’s newly acquired star status gave her the entrée to move in the same artistic circles as Cocteau.

By this time he was almost a French institution, lionized for his artistic experiments in poetry, drama, fiction, drawing, design and film. Such was his admiration for Edith that he wrote a play for her, Le Bel Indifferent.

He described her as a star who burns in the nocturnal solitude of the sky over Paris”.

Algeria Stricken

1980 The Algerian city of El Asnam was hit by an earthquake of catastrophic proportions yesterday.

Algerian radio said that 80 per cent of the city was destroyed.

20,000 are feared dead. The first shock wave registered 7.5 on the Richter scale, and its ferocity broke monitoring equipment at the Swedish Seismological Institute in Uppsala.

The effects of the quake were felt in Valencia, Spain, causing cracks to open in a number of houses.

El Asnam (formerly Orleansville) had to be almost totally rebuilt after the last earthquake, in 1954, which damaged an area of 30 square miles (78 sq km).

The city stands on a section of an unstable fault zone stretching from Gabes, Tunisia to Agadir, Morocco. President Chadli Bendjedid has proclaimed a week’s national mourning.

Rough Trade

1834 Sir William Napier, Britain’s Chief Superintendent of Trade in China, died in Macao at the age of 48.

He had recently returned from Canton after a disastrous attempt to persuade the imperial government of China to trade directly with Britain rather than through the Hong merchants.

Angered Chinese viceroy Loo had no wish to alter established custom.

He ordered Napier to return to Macao, and when he refused, kept him in confinement.

He also called a halt to trade with Britain.

Within weeks Napier was dangerously ill, weakened by the heat, and by sheer anxiety, anger and frustration.

Jodrell Reaches For The Stars

1957 The world’s largest steerable radio-telescope went into operation at the Jodrell Observatory of the University of Manchester today.

The instrument, which has a 250-ft (81-m) diameter parabolic bowl, is mounted on a trunnion 180 ft (58 m) above ground level.

The telescope’s designer, Bernard Lovell, has completed his project in time for tracking the first Sputnik, which was launched a week ago.

Indeed, had it not been for the Russian “first”, Lovell’s project might have been halted because of spiralling costs.

Sonic wizardry October 11
Sonic wizardry

1987 The latest in sonic wizardry has been brought in to settle the long dispute over the existence of the Loch Ness monster.

Known affectionately as Nessie, it was first sighted by an unimpeachable source – St Columba – back in 565.

Since then there have been numerous claims of sightings, including photographic evidence.

Today’s trawl of the loch by some 24 boats fitted with sophisticated sonic detectors revealed a large moving object at a depth of around 180 ft (58 m).

A positive identification of the object has yet to be made, and the world’s press is eagerly awaiting the outcome.

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