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October 22

Events on October 22

1652 The exiled boy-king, Louis XIV, returns to Paris.

1909 Elise Deroche became the first woman to fly solo.

1906 Death of the great French Post-Impressionist painter Paul Cézanne.

1910 Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen is found guilty of murdering his wife.

1934 The American gangster Charles Arthur “Pretty Boy” Floyd is killed by FBI agents.

1962 ANC leader Nelson Mandela goes on trial for treason in South Africa, pleading not guilty.

1975 Death of Arnold Toynbee, historian and philosopher whose Study of History explores patterns of growth and decay of civilizations.

1987 The first volume of the Gutenberg Bible fetches $5.39 million (£3.26 million) in New York auction rooms.

1987 A deer hunter discovers an unmanned aircraft in the branches of a tree in Star Lake, New York – it’s pilot had started its propeller 65 miles (104 km) away and it had taken off without him, eventually running out of fuel.

2008 India launches its first unmanned lunar mission, Chandrayaan 1.

Famous Birthdays on October 22

Franz Liszt 1811, Hungarian composer of Romantic music and creator of the symphonic poem, most popularly known for the Hungarian Rhapsodies.

Sarah Bernhardt 1844, French stage actress who was hugely successful and continued to perform after a stage accident caused the loss of a leg.

Joan Fontaine 1917, British actress who was initially typecast as a shy English rose but later made efforts to play sophisticated roles, winning an Oscar nomination for Rebecca and an Oscar for her role in The Constant Nymph.

Catherine Deneuve 1943, French actress whose films include Belle de Jour.

Carrie Fisher 1956, American screen actress and novelist, whose roles include that of Princess Leia in Star Wars and who wrote the books Postcards from the Edge and Surrender the Pink.

Quotes from Legendary

I dedicate this prize to all those who suffer in public and in private and who never give up dreaming.

- Ben Okri, Nigerian author of The Famished Road, on winning the Booker Prize, 1991.

Historical News on October 22

Eiffel High Fall

1797 Parisians were treated to a demonstration of parachute jumping today by 28-year-old Frenchman, André-Jacques Garnerin, a former Army officer.

Garnerin jumped from a height of about 3,200 ft (1,000 m) after ascending in a hot-air balloon.

He was assisted in the demonstration by his brother, Jean-BaptisteOlivier.

Although he is not its inventor, Garnerin has perfected the device to enable him to jump from greater heights than had been possible before.

His parachute is of white canvas and is approximately 23 ft (7 m) in diameter.

Pershing II on October 22
Pershing II

1983 The announcement by Washington that Pershing II and Cruise missiles are to be deployed in Europe has met with the largest anti-nuclear demonstrations ever seen, with rallies in Germany, Britain and Italy so far.

Kennedy Eyeballs Krushchev Over Cuba

1962 US President John F. Kennedy made his first major move in the showdown with the USSR over the building of ballistic missile sites in Cuba.

In a speech broadcast live to the American people the president said that he would take whatever steps were necessary to force the removal of offensive weapons and installations from Cuban soil.

Cuba will be placed under a naval “quarantine” – a blockade- until the Soviets remove them.

Kennedy also said that the launch of one of the missiles against any nation in the western hemisphere would be viewed by his administration as a declaration of war on America.

Flights by U-2 spy planes recently confirmed the presence of a ballistic missile at a launch site in Cuba, one of many shipped from the USSR during the past three months as part of Krushchev’s promise to defend the fledgling Communist state against further Bay of Pigs-type attacks by the US.

The Windsors Drop In On Hitler

1937 The Duke of Windsor, former heir to the British throne, and his wife, Wallis, rounded off their tour of Germany today with a visit to Adolf Hitler’s mountain eyrie at Berchtesgaden in Bavaria.

The Führer and all the top Nazi officials were there to meet the Windsors, who are said to be enthusiastic supporters of the Nazi regime.

The Nazi achievements which have particularly impressed the Duke are full employment and workers’ housing.

The unofficial tour has caused some consternation in British government circles.

The Duke had been advised to avoid such visits because of the adverse criticism they would attract.

He seems keen, however, to show that, his abdication notwithstanding, he is still a man of consequence.

1881 An experiment in concert giving was launched tonight in Boston’s Music Hall in the form of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, founded by banker Henry Lee Higginson.

He is determined to bring some élan to music-making in Boston, a city which ironically is said to be “dull as a symphony concert” in this sphere of the arts.

Higginson wants the orchestra to play the best music in the best way and give concerts to all who could pay a small price”.

Superspy Scrambles Out Of Scrubs To Freedom

Superspy scrambles out of scrubs to freedom on October 22
Superspy scrambles out of scrubs to freedom

1966 KGB master spy George Blake has escaped from the maximum security wing of Wormwood Scrubs prison in West London.

Blake, a former MI6 officer, had spied for the Russians for 12 years, revealing Britain’s spy ring in East Berlin to the KGB and also the location of the tunnel from where US and British intelligence agents tapped Warsaw Pact communications.

The sentence meted out to him in 1962 was the longest ever: 42 years, one year for each of the lives that Blake’s treachery is estimated to have cost.

Blake used a home-made rope ladder to scale the Scrubs’ high perimeter wall.

The media are pointing the finger at the KGB as his likely rescuers, although they can put forward no sound reason for Russian involvement in such a high-risk enterprise since the man is of no further use to them.

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