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October 24

Events on October 24

1537 The third wife of Henry VIII, Lady Jane Seymour, dies shortly after giving birth to a son.

1648 The Treaty of Westphalia is signed, ending the Thirty Years’ War.

1901 Mrs. Ann Edison Taylor remains unhurt after going over Niagara Falls in a padded barrel to help pay the mortgage.

1937 New Zealand aviator Jean Batten breaks the record, flying from Australia to England in Just five day, 18 hours and 18 minutes.

1957 Death of French fashion designer Christian Dior, who was responsible for the “New Look” after World War Two.

1987 Heavyweight boxing champion Frank Bruno knocks out Joe Bugner at White Hart Lane stadium in London and wins £7,50,000 ($13,80,000).

1989 Fake American television preacher Jim Bakker is sentenced to 45 years in jail and fined $5,00,000 (£2,72,000) for swindling his followers to the tune of millions.

2005 Rosa Parks, ‘the mother of the civil rights movement’ who refused to give up her bus seat to make room for a white passenger in 1955, died aged 92.

Famous Birthdays on October 24

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 1632, Dutch microscopist who was the first man to see bacteria.

Dame Sybil Thorndyke 1882, English actress who gave her finest performance as George Bernard Shaw’s Saint Joan.

Moss Hart 1904, American playwright and lyricist who wrote comedy hits, usually with George S. Kaufman, such as The Man who Came to Dinner.

Tito Gobbi 1915, Italian baritone whose most famous roles were as Mozart’s Don Giovanni and as Scarpia in Puccini’s Tosca.

Bill Wyman 1936, British bass guitarist and founder member of the Rolling Stones.

Quotes from Legendary

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor kind of business.

- Henry Ford. Today the New York stock exchange crashed, 1929.

Historical News on October 24

Hungarian Powder Keg About To Go Off

1956 The new Hungarian hardline leader, Erno Gero, seems to have succeeded in igniting the political powder keg put in his hands for safekeeping by the Soviet Union.

Yesterday thousands of Hungarians took to the streets to demonstrate against the reimposition of strict Communist control over their lives, Gero responded with a bruising speech that heightened tensions still further.

Taking their cue from Gero, the police fired into the crowds.

What was a peaceful demonstration has turned into a revolution, with the army Supporting the revolutionaries.

The return to power of the recently deposed Imre Nagy, whose relatively liberal regime awakened the Hungarian desire for greater freedom, looks like it is on the cards.

St Joseph and Sacramento on October 24
St Joseph and Sacramento

1861 The successful completion of the first transcontinental electric telegraph forced the closure of the Pony Express service between St Joseph and Sacramento.

The telegraph will be a boon to all citizens and business people east and west.

The military are also said to be interested in its uses at a tactical level in the battlefield.

Quisling Swings

1945 Vidkun Quisling, the former head of the “puppet” government established in Norway by the Germans in 1940, was executed at Akershus Fortress, Oslo, today, An ex-army officer, he joined the fascist Nasjonal Samling (National Union) Party in 1933.

He encouraged Hitler to invade Norway.

Once a pro-German government had been installed, he embarked on a campaign of converting the Church, schools and youth to National Socialism, a move which made him deeply unpopular with his fellow Norwegians.

Quisling was arrested after the liberation of Norway in May and charged with treason.

He was also held responsible for sending nearly 1,000 Jews to die in concentration camps.

Capone Cornered On Tax Charge

1931 The American legal system proved today that there is more than one way of skinning a cat.

The cat in question is notorious Chicago gangster Al Capone.

The 32-year-old New-Yorker has dominated organized crime for the past six years.

The famous St Valentine’s Day massacre two years ago was one of many inter-mob killings masterminded by Capone.

The law has finally managed to make a charge against Capone stick.

Today he received an 11-year sentence and an $80,000(£43,000) fine for tax evasion.

Washington Sniper Suspects Arrested

2002 Police in Frederick County, Maryland, have arrested two men in connection with the sniper shootings in Washington over the past three weeks.

They have been named as John Allen Muhammad, a 41-year-old Gulf War veteran, and his 17-year-old protege John Lee Malvo, The men were in possession of a car which had apparently been adapted for shooting from the tailgate.

Ten people ve been killed and three injured in the shooting spree, each with a single bullet while they went about their daily business.

There is still no obvious motive for the attacks.

Concorde Flies For The Last Time

Concorde flies for the last time on October 24
Concorde flies for the last time

2003 Concorde is making its final flights today, after 27 years of supersonic travel.

Celebrities will experience the last of three flights, as the plane completes the last leg of a return flight to New York carrying about 100 people, including actress Joan Collins and British broadcaster and frequent flyer Sir David Frost.

Thousands of people are expected to gather at Heathrow airport to see the three planes touch down, British Airways chief executive officer Rod Eddington said the company was feeling a “mixture of sadness and celebration” about the retirement of Concorde.

He said one of the reasons for retiring the plane was because economic conditions had meant the “vast majority” of Concorde’s regular customers had not been flying on the plane over the last two years.

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