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October 29

Events on October 29

1863 Swiss philanthropist Jean Henri Dunant founded The Red Cross.

1886 Champion English jockey Fred Archer rode the last of his races at Newmarket, retiring after 16 years and 2746 wins.

1927 The tomb of Genghis Khan is discovered by Russian archaeologist Peter Kozlov.

1956 Israeli forces cross into the Sinai Peninsula, pushing towards the Suez Canal.

1964 Tanganyika and Zanzibar unite to form Tanzania.

1985 Nine-times Derby winner Lester Piggot ends his horse racing career at Nottingham.

1987 Multi-adaptable boxer Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns wins the world middle-heavyweight title – he has now won a world title at four different weights.

1998 The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, set up to investigate the causes and results of Apartheid, reports after two years of hearings.

1998 Death of Ted Hughes, Poet Laureate for 14 years, whose last collection, Birthday Letters, was written after he knew he was dying of cancer.

Famous Birthdays on October 29

James Boswell 1780, Scottish writer and biographer of Samuel Johnson.

Jean Giradoux 1882, French author, diplomat and playwright whose work includes the play Amphitryon and a satire of 20thcentury society, The Madwoman of Chaillot.

Fanny Brice 1891, American Broadway star whose life story was immortalized in the musical Funny Girl.

Joseph Goebbels 1897, German Nazi propaganda chief who poisoned himself when the Allies entered Berlin.

Richard Dreyfus 1949, American film star who won an Oscar for his part in The Goodbye Girl and whose other films include American Graffiti and Jaws.

Quotes from Legendary

It's not the bullet with my name on it that worries me. It's the one that says "to whom it may concern".

- Resident in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 1991.

Quotes from Legendary

I will make you shorter by a head.

- Queen Elizabeth I, from Chamberlin's Sayings of Queen Elizabeth.

Historical News on October 29

New York Banks Try To Stem Wall Street Panic

New York banks try to stem wall street panic on October 29
New York banks try to stem wall street panic

1929 The crisis of confidence that has hit the New York Stock Market during the past few days reached epic proportions today.

By the end of trading 1,64,10,030 sales had taken place, driving the Dow Jones index down rapidly a further 43 points and wiping out the unprecedented stock market gains of the past year.

Investment trusts have suffered most.

Financial leaders had hoped that by pooling resources they could arrest the decline.

Yesterday, however, four days after their collective effort, prices began to slide steeply again. Out-of-town banks are estimated to have withdrawn over $2 billion (£1 billion) from Wall Street.

The nerves of the New York banks are strengthening.

They have increased their lending by some $1 billion (£540 billion) to prevent a money panic.

Dingo Baby Verdict

1982 Lindy Chamberlain, the mother who claimed that her baby daughter had been snatched by a dingo, was found guilty of murder by a court in Darwin today.

Mrs Chamberlain, 34, who is expecting her fourth baby, was sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour.

Her husband, Michael, a Seventh Day Adventist pastor, was found guilty of being an accessory after the murder and helping her dispose of baby Azaria’s body.

A murder charge was brought after British forensic expert Professor James Cameron examined the torn and bloody jumpsuit recovered seven days after Azaria’s disappearance in 1980.

He concluded from this evidence that the baby’s throat had been cut. At the trial itself scientific opinion on key parts of the evidence was divided.

A consensus could not even be established regarding the likely behaviour of a dingo.

No motive for the murder was established by the prosecution. No body was found.

The “Dingo Baby Murder Mystery” looks set to run and run.

Tide of Fortune Turns For Raleigh

1618 Sir Walter Raleigh, the English adventurer and writer, was executed for treason in the Tower of London today.

He was 54.

Raleigh came to prominence during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, whose favourite he became.

Lucrative monopolies, properties and influential posts ebbed and flowed with the tide of her affection.

When the possessive Elizabeth discovered that Raleigh had secretly married she cast him and his wife into the Tower.

He succeeded in buying their release and returned to adventuring overseas.

His aggressive policies towards Spain led the newly crowned James I to believe that Raleigh was plotting to overthrow him.

The death sentence was lifted at the eleventh hour and he was released without a pardon.

It was invoked two years later after his return, empty-handed, from a gold- finding expedition to Guiana.

While Raleigh had lain ill with the fever a Spanish settlement had been burnt on the orders of his lieutenant.

Nothing could save him this time.

Hurricane Sandy Causes Devastation

2012 Hurricane Sandy stormed up the US east coast from the Caribbean today, causing millions of dollars worth of damage and further increasing the death toll.

In total 133 people have been killed by the Category 3 storm, and the material damage has made it the second costliest in US history behind Katrina in 2005.

Especially hard hit were the islands of Cuba and Haiti, but the storm also swamped Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.

President Obama has called the storm “heartbreaking for the nations.”

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