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October 30

Events on October 30

1485 King Henry VII establishes the Yeoman of the Guard.

1823 Death of Edmund Cartwright, whose invention of the power loom contributed to the Industrial Revolution.

1905 Under pressure from striking workers and oppressed peasants and hoping to avoid a revolution, the Tsar of Russia agrees in his October manifesto to grant civil liberties and elections.

1911 Advised by the regent Prince Chun, China’s boy emperor Pu Yi grants a constitution to combat growing support for the rebel republican army of Sun Yat-sen.

1925 15-year-old office boy William Taynton is the first person to be captured on television, by John Logie Baird at his workshop in London:

1974 Muhammad Ali knocks out George Foreman in the eighth round in Kinshasa to regain his title as world heavyweight boxing champion.

1979 Death of British aircraft designer Sir Barnes Neville Wallis, whose invention of “bouncing bombs” played a key part in World War Two.

2009 French cultural anthropologist Claude LeviStrauss dies, aged 100.

Famous Birthdays on October 30

John Adams 1735, American statesman and second President who signed the Declaration of Independence and negotiated the end of the War of American Independence.

Richard Brinsley Sheridan 1751, Irish-born dramatist whose plays include School for Scandal and The Critic.

Alfred Sisley 1840, French Impressionist painter of English parentage who was described by Renoir as “a delightful human being who could never resist a petticoat”.

Homi J. Bhabha 1909, Indian physicist known as the “father of the Indian nuclear programme”.

Quotes from Legendary

Tragedy is if I cut my finger. Comedy is if I walk into an open Sewer and die.

- Mel Brooks, US film director, 1978.

Historical News on October 30

Orson: The Man Who Panicked America

Orson the man who panicked America on October 30
Orson the man who panicked America

1938 23-year old actor director succeeded in taking millions of Americans arrone the narrow line that divides fact from fiction tonight with his rapping radio dramatization of H.G. Wells’ sci-fi thriller, The War of the Worlds.

Despite several reminders that the CBS presentation by Ornon Wells and the Mercury Playasa was pure fantasy and that New Jersey was not really invaded by giant green men from Mars, thousands of New Yorkers panicked.

Police switchboards were parked with anxious callers seeking information and advice, and roads and churches were jammed by people desperate to escape the clutches of the menacing Martians.

Communist Critic Killed

1984 The body of the kidnapped pro-Solidarity priest, Father Jerzy Popieluszko, was found by police frogmen in Wloclawek Reservoir in northern Poland today.

Father Popieluszko, who was famed for his outspoken criticism of Communism, disappeared 12 days ago while driving between his parish in Warsaw and the city of Torun.

Three secret police officers have already been charged with abducting the popular 37-year-old priest, but the Polish government has admitted that other, more important people must have ordered the killing.

Hardline opponents of Prime Minister Wojciech Jaruzelski are thought to be the most likely culprits.

At Last Women Can Study

1838 Oberlin Collegiate Institute in Lorain County, Ohio, has become the first college in the United States to open its doors to women students.

The Institute trains both ministers and teachers for work in the West.

The town and college of Oberlin were founded five years ago by the Rev. John L. Shipherd, a Presbyterian minister, and Philo P. Steward, a former missionary to the Choctaw Indians.

They chose the name Oberlin to honour the Lutheran pastor, educator and philanthropist Johann Friedrich Oberlin, who died 12 years ago after a life dedicated to improving the standards of living and education among his Alsatian parishioners.

1918 Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Lawrence (“Lawrence of Arabia”) shocked King George V today by refusing to receive from him the Order of the Bath and the Distinguished Service Order.

Lawrence, 28, is deeply disillusioned with the outcome of the recently ended hostilities in Palestine, where instead of realizing his dream of an Arab nation, he witnessed the Arabs! seemingly incurable factionalism and a carve-up of the region by the French and British.

Wed-In Bells Ring For 13,000 Moonies

Wed in bells ring for 13,000 Moonies on October 30
Wed in bells ring for 13,000 Moonies

1988 The head of the Unification Church, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, today presided over one of the biggest mass wedding ceremonies in history at Yongin in South Korea.

In the appropriate setting of a production-line factory, the identically clothed brides and grooms paraded before their Moonie master.

The 6,516 couples had all been personally matched by the controversial cult leader.

In some cases the two sides of Moon’s ready-matched equation were meeting for the first time.

The newly-weds will spend the next 40 days getting to know each other – and, in a few instances, each other’s language – before being allowed to consummate their vows.

The Moonies’ last wed-in was held six years ago, when 5,837 couples tied the knot.

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