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September 01

Events on September 01

1557 Death of Jacques Cartier, French explorer of North America.

1666 Death of Franz Hals, Dutch portrait painter.

1830 The poem “Mary Had a Little Lamb” is published by Sarah J. Hales in Boston.

1920 The French create the state of Lebanon, naming Beirut as the capital.

1923 A massive earthquake in Japan killed more than 3,00,000, devastating Tokyo and Yokohama.

1948 Chairman Mao set up a provisional government in China.

1951 The Anzus Treaty, a mutual defence treaty between Australia, New Zealand and the United States, is signed.

1947 The Indian Government establishes IST (Indian Standard Time) as the official time for the entire country.

1967 Death of English poet Siegfried Sassoon, famous for his brutally realistic war poems.

1969 Libyan Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi seized power after the monarchy was overthrown.

1996 Footballer David Beckham earns his first senior cap in a game against Moldova.

Famous Birthdays on September 01

Amilcare Ponchielli 1834. Italian composer of the opera La Gioconda.

Sir Roger Casement 1864, Irish nationalist and British diplomat, sentenced to death by the British after he attempted to arrange for Irish World War One prisoners in Germany to take part with him in a Republican rebellion.

Edgar Rice Burroughs 1875, American novelist who created the fictional character Tarzan in Tarzan of the Apes and many sequels, but who never visited Tarzan’s native Africa.

Rocky Marciano 1923, American heavyweight boxer who became world champion in 1952 and remained undefeated in 49 professional fights.

Gloria Estefan 1957, Cuban American singer, known as the “Queen of Latin Pop”.

Quotes from Legend

It is impossible to win gracefully at chess. No man has yet said "Mate!" in a voice which failed to sound to his opponent bitter, boastful and malicious.

- A.A. Milne, English author, 1919.

Historical News on September 01

Sun King Eclipsed

Sun king eclipsed on September 01
Sun king eclipsed

1715 France’s Sun King. Louis XIV, died today at 77.

Louis succeeded to the throne at the age of four and ruled France for 13 years.

longer than any other monareh.

His reign was absolute, brilliant and bloody.

He was only 23 when he seized full control.

A cultural extravaganza blossomed for 20 years at Louis’ magnificent palace at Versailles.

accompanied by an economic boom and French domination of the world stage.

However, Louis’ brutal suppression of the Protestant Huguenots was a disaster.

And a long succession of wars subsequently sapped France’s strength.

In his final years his health was failing, and his second wife, Madame de Maintenon, had persuaded him that his sufferings were God’s punishment for the blood he had spilled all over Europe.

On his deathbed he counselled his five-year-old heir Louis IV to avoid wars and extravagance.

Blind, Deaf and Dumb But Brilliant

1904 A young woman who has been both blind and deaf since the age of two graduated from college today, with honours.

Helen Keller, 24, now holds a doctor’s degree from Radcliffe College in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

When she was an infant a brain fever left her in a silent, dark world.

She was confined to hysterics, screams and tantrums until an inspired teacher, Anne Mansfield Macy, helped her to read braille and write using a special typewriter.

Two years ago Helen published her autobiography, The Story of My Life – but her story is far from over.

1833 A 23-year-old printer published the first edition of a new kind of newspaper in New York today.

The New York Sun is a daily, half the size of the big news sheets (much easier to read on a crowded streetcar), and is a fraction of the price of all other New York papers.

Written and typeset by proprietor Benjamin Day himself – the Sun’s four pages are packed with articles calculated for popular appeal rather than merely to inform.

Day has hit on an innovative way of selling the newspaper, employing boys to hawk it on the streets.

Fischer Reels in Title

1972 Bobby Fischer became the first American world chess champion today.

The temperamental 29-year- old boy wonder from Brooklyn finally triumphed over defending champion Boris Spassky of the USSR after a marathon two-month struggle, which also established Fischer as one of the world’s unreasonable people.

Fischer, who was US champion at 14 and an international grandmaster at 15, sailed undefeated through the qualifying matches to face Spassky, and then argued with the champion over petty details for months before agreeing to play:

The showdown in Reykjavik in Iceland drew avid media attention – Fischer’s constant tantrums made riveting viewing.

The two men played in an atmosphere boiling with resentment, yet the chess was brilliant.

Germany Invades Poland

germany invades poland on September 01
germany invades poland

1939 Adolf Hitler hurled more than a million German troops into Poland today, smashing the Polish defences in a move which has committed the Allies to war.

The Poles met the massive armoured onslaught with gallantry but with little else – they even mounted a cavalry charge against the intimidating barrage of Nazi tanks.

France and Britain – both treaty-bound to defend Poland are fully mobilized.

Hitler had tried to make a deal with Britain over Poland, but his offers were rejected.

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